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What I’m Wearing:
Cable knit vest – https://apprl.com/al/69lL/
(US) Cable knit vest – https://apprl.com/al/69lr/
Earrings – https://bit.ly/2KNU9iH
Necklace – https://bit.ly/2KNU9iH
Jeans (similar) – https://bit.ly/2MkXmGZ
Shearling slides – https://bit.ly/3nKjZS0
(US) Shearling slides – https://bit.ly/2MuSLSQ
Knit trousers – https://bit.ly/366kWya
Matching knit top – https://bit.ly/3sVtUrP

L’Oreal Colour Riche Shine (642) – https://amzn.to/3qStyQT
(US) L’Oreal Colour Riche Shine (642) – https://amzn.to/3odpgC4

Cable knit vest – https://apprl.com/al/69lL/
(US) Cable knit vest – https://apprl.com/al/69lr/
Novelty button cardigan – https://apprl.com/al/69lj/
(US) Novelty button cardigan – https://apprl.com/al/69ls/
Knitted wrap dress – https://apprl.com/al/69lm/
(US) Knitted wrap dress – https://apprl.com/al/69lt/
Puff sleeve top – https://apprl.com/al/69ln/
(US) Puff sleeve top – https://apprl.com/al/69lu/
Squareneck top – https://apprl.com/al/69lq/
(US) Squareneck top – https://apprl.com/al/69lv/
Ralph Lauren Fleece – https://bit.ly/2MrvzVe
Valentino boots – https://bit.ly/36ClxHg
Prada boots (similar) – https://bit.ly/3sAiKsr
Black leggings – https://bit.ly/37wBYqf
Senreve cardigan – https://bit.ly/3bkhqlc
Gucci belt – https://bit.ly/3hOShAS
(US) Gucci belt – https://bit.ly/2LAvuyD
Seen On Her cardigan – https://bit.ly/3f5dlmL
Needle & Thread cardigan – https://bit.ly/3sT7mYZ

Veggie tart recipe – https://www.instagram.com/p/CKgbV-dHb9q/

Dyson V11 Outsize – https://bit.ly/3ccb1Lf
(US) Dyson V11 Outsize – https://bit.ly/39jLIVL
Dyson charging dok – https://bit.ly/36dXUWg

Passo To Go – https://bit.ly/3qTL33n

❤ My Camera Equipment Etc – https://amzn.to/3bETKdk

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Fashion Mumblr Presets – https://bit.ly/2FXVG28


❤ Camera that I filmed this video on – http://bit.ly/2S48HsH
❤ I also use this camera for smooth shots – http://bit.ly/2BlXDkF
❤ I use this camera for the *pro* looking shots – http://bit.ly/2HVcRTi


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  1. The balloon sleeve cream jumper would look lovely with a skirt or black leather leggings abd boots xx

  2. I have forgotten how to dress too. I also find that once you’re used to comfortable trousers its horrible to wear tight fitting jeans that just push the tummy area.

  3. Who else is clicking on Josie's videos immediately? 😀

  4. aaaww, I love your "What´s new in my wardrobe" sections 🙂 it´s so pretty! 🙂 Love your videos 🙂

  5. The poder room, clearly one side wallpaper, the other painted. Imagin you infront of the mirrow and behind you wallpaper, it reflexs, you barly can see yourself, only flowers, right.

  6. I have an important question regarding turtlenecks or shirts in general. How do you not get stains from sweating? Or how do you prevent that someone sees your sweat on the shirt? Whenever I wear a shirt you can always see sweat even though I don't sweat much

  7. So, the new generation calls it jumper west, lol, when I was young, fiftysix now, It was totaly in, hip, and it was called Pull Over hehe. I must say, west actualy is not correct, because a west has buttons or a zipper, right. So Pull Over fotos it.

  8. A lot of comments on this video didn't pass the vibe check and are just pretty mean

  9. I have to say I was convinced you have a cleaner coming to your house to do all the hoovering. Wow.. I just don't know how you manage it all, Josie. I'm in awe💫

  10. I don’t think the cut of that particular vest is right.. it’s too big at the shoulders and sides, which is emphasising the masculine traits of the item. 🙂

  11. Love square (and sweetheart) neck tops, also love the cardigan with the beautiful buttons, you look great in both of them. Dexie & Dickie are just adorable 💜💜💜

  12. Hi Josie,this pearl necklace looks 😍 is it still available?

  13. The reason the cable knit vest sweater is making you uncomfortable is because the scale of the cabling is too large for the delicacy of your frame and your features.

  14. Hiya Josie please return the vest jumper it doesn't look good and tbh it looks really old fashioned, but that's just my opinion 😊

  15. Bonjour i love your secret-room near the closet and your plan of décoration let me to recommend you or to suggest the beautiful chineese wall paper so chic so élégant the Garden roses from Lee Jofa are so amazing i would like to rethank you Madame for to share with us the link about furniture of your bedsites table and your beautiful bed from Versailles collection for to do our shopping forgive me if i commit a mistakes because i m not good in english i wish if you translate bellow in french writing like chineese youtubeurse for to understand what you say and to cancel the misunderstanding because your vidéos sont vraiment très intéressante et vraiment bénéfique et on trouve de Magnifique objets articles et aussi des conseils a partagé Merci et bonne continuation

  16. Did not think the sleeveless pullover at the beginning was you at all – too masculine and I also didn't like the long cardigan because of the hip pockets. The end outfit two piece was gorgeous. Love the new Dyson. Spooky that you heard noises again.

  17. in shot 17:26 the first jumper you see in the closet with the pearl as a zipper. do we know where she got it from? and the white cami she was wearing do we know what brand that is ?

  18. Solar Powered puppy 🤣🤣🤣 so funny!

  19. You could wear a paper bag sack and make it look so stylish & be so beautiful !! Love all your new knits – I would have to keep the sweater with the beautiful buttons for sure.

  20. I would get that chic lounge set you wore while vacuuming in every color available. It’s gorgeous.

  21. Ohhhhhh, I think you’ve discovered a ghost in the house! 😱

  22. 2 words to describe this vlog (cozy vibes) also i gotta say you suuuure love knitwear i think the the title knitwear queen is quite appropriate.😊

  23. Return the cardigan since it was giving you so much trouble hahaha

  24. L'Oréal Colour Riche 642 is my "everyday" lipstick, and I adore it!

  25. You always make my evening that’s for always sharing

  26. I am so glad to see that coffee table gone from the drawing room. 😊

  27. I feel th same about pearls, so classy and glam! Definitely always in style.

  28. Literally Lydia inspired room

  29. The sweater vest just doesn't seem your style and you don't look like you are comfortable in it. It's too sporty for your lady like style. After you finish with all of Downton Abbey, if you'd like to see Michelle Dockery in a completely different program, see if you can find Good Behavior. She is WONDERFUL in that and the role is very different. Her American accent is great!

  30. Sorry Josie but the Gucci leggings looked tacky and ridiculous, the rest looked nice 🙂

  31. Love the window seat cushion. Some type of carpet on your stairs might make them safer. I have carpet down the center of mine with the wood showing on both sides and It helps with safety as well as making them quieter.

  32. yes wallpaper on every wall! you'll want it in the background when you take mirror selfies. especially if its gucci. 😅

  33. I really like the sweater with the jewel buttons. It would be a shame to send it back. The dysun looks like something I need to look in to. I need a cordless vacc. I keep one on the main floor and then one on the 2nd floor so I am not hauling them up and down the stairs. I have an old hairy tom cat and need to vacc daily. Your pizza looked yummy. I made pizza today also. There is a women's clothing company called TALBOTS here in the US and they are showing different pieces of clothing with the cutest little doggies like yours. I thought of you immediately when I saw the items. You ought to check them out. I really like the fabric you chose for your window seat in your dressing room. We had lots of snow and wind here all day….enjoy those blue skys!

  34. Love those doggies so much. Love your sweaters as well. I think a pink rug in your wardrobe room will make it even more beautiful n cozy.
    I agree I don't think the best sweaters suit you.
    I do think they look masculine and that definitely doesn't suit you. Be safe and well🥰

  35. Josie, is your hair turning pink?? 🥰❤️

  36. Aren't you really into sustainability? Pearl jewelry is terrible for the environment and it's literally a piece of a dead animal hanging from your ear

  37. Fun fact, the zipper pulls on the Ralph Lauren fleece can be used as emergency hair ties!!!

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