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WHAT'S NEW IN MY WARDROBE // May 2019 // Fashion Mumblr

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Daisy ring –
Zig zag ring –
Pearl hoops –
Circle necklace –
Cubic zirconia studs –
Rose bracelet –

Reiss dress –
Reiss cross top –
Reiss pink dress –
Prada bag –
Chloe sandals –
Chloe C bag –
Zimmermann shorts –
Maje playsuit –
Maje dress – sold out online!
H&M floral dress –
Nasty Gal dress –
Chicwish dress –
Topshop dress –
Topshop skirt –
Topshop mules –

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  1. I intensely dislike those Chloe sandals. They are so old fashioned and clumpy. Granny shoes.

  2. I don't understand how can you wear this h&m dress, it's totally see-through

  3. I’m glad you kept the Prada bag. It’s lovely and so you! X

  4. How does she have so much money for all this, I feel like she is always doing a what new in my wardrobe video ??? Lol

  5. I love all your cloths ur real elegant!!

  6. I love that she doesn’t have any ads.

  7. I tried to use the pandora code but it didn’t work. I guess it’s only for the uk website.

  8. Definitely keep the Prada bag it's beautiful classic timeless not trendy it looks like you I think it'll last for years to come great choice well worth the investment 😊❤️

  9. Wow that prada bag is hugely over priced, its nothing special, zara/mango do some lovely similar bags for a fraction of the price

  10. I think you should keep the pink bag

  11. That particular Prada bag is very trendy. Send it back.

  12. I think the bucket bag may go out of style. I would return it.

  13. Another amazing video! I adore the Prada bag 👜 the color is very neutral and it’s very much in style. Only you can answer if it’s worth the price ?? 🤗🥰💕

  14. Josie i love all the outfits!Much love from USA! i am originally from Cefalonia!!!!! happy to hearyou always visit our beautiful island!hope you enjoy!

  15. Where did you get your phonecase from i love ittt and love the prada bag

  16. You are indecisive about the Prada bag. Don’t keep it. What if this style goes out over the next couple of years. Too much money, lol. X

  17. Keep the bag it's nice to see something different and you can wear it in spring and summer

  18. The Prada bag is gorgeous

  19. I love that chic wish dress!!

  20. Hi Josie, I like this haul very much, especially the floral dresses! I just have a remark on the giveaway thing, I think you should host giveaways for your channel subscribers as well, I don’t have an instagram account but am your long faithful subscriber here and I am sure I am not the only one without an instagram account but who watches and eagerly awaits your videos. It makes me sad that we are excluded from the giveaways just because of lacking of instagram account (I am not planning on making one). Other than that keep on rocking. Love from Germany 💖p.s. the necklace you are wearing, what is it called, I cannot find it, in your description is only the circle necklace? Thanks!

  21. The Josie15 discount for Pandora didn't work. Keep the bag. YOLO

  22. I think send the straw Prada bag back as it's not that dissimilar to your other straw Prada which you do love. This one you don't seem to love so much.

  23. Prada basket bag is absolutely gorges

  24. A wicker bag and stick a badge called Prada on and it costs a ridiculous price lol. Wouldn’t buy it, it’s only a wicker made bag.

  25. I think that if you no sure send it the Prada bag back and buy one that you can use all year kisses

  26. You mentioned you were going to link the Phillips steamer, and you didn’t,

  27. The Prada bag is lovely but it is a basket bag ..and u are not sure about it ..u should keep a bag that u can use year after year ..basically classic.
    I loveee the chloe bag ❣️😘

  28. The Prada purse screams picnic basket to me your chloe bag is much prettier.

  29. The Prada bag is stunning, but I don’t think this trend is worth that much money!!

  30. Obessed with the Reiss dress!

  31. Although the Prada bag is pretty it looks a little bit clunky for my taste . I love the Reiss dresses though X

  32. White…looks….snowhite…

  33. Ooooo
    Nice dress😍😍😍
    You look angel😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇

  34. The link for the Chloe sandals takes me to the Prada bag instead!

  35. Don’t like the Prada bag too much

  36. I love your jewelries; so pretty & so my style! Your new wardrobe items are so chic and beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  37. gorgeous outfits, Josie! 🙂

  38. Plz keep the prada bag josie its really pretty and i think its gonna stay on trend for many years 😄😃

  39. Dear Josie, the Prada bag is not worth keeping. Wicker is not their signature material. Saffiano leather is. So the value will drop quickly, although it is a beautiful bag. This is my opinion. The decision is yours. Love your style ❤️

  40. I have that dress from Chic Wish ! Taking it to Baton Rouge 😉

  41. SOOOO sad that the PANDORA discount code is only valid in the UK and the PANDORA eSTORE only delivers to addresses within the UK 🇬🇧😭
    whatsoever – the most important thing is that your videos are available in Austria 🇦🇹 You're doing such a great job ♥️🥰

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