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WHATS NEW IN MY WARDROBE // Reiss, River Island, Ted Baker and More // Fashion Mumblr

WHATS NEW IN MY WARDROBE – A Mixed Haul from Reiss, River Island, Ted Baker, NET-A-PORTER and more as well as how I’ll be styling my new purchases!







❤ What I Wore ❤

Pink Jumper –


❤ What I Featured ❤

White Embellished dress –
Pink velvet shoes (IN SALE)-
Aspinal trunk bag –
Aspinal black bag – (similar)
Reiss Camel Coat –
Reiss Camel suede skirt –
See by Chloe Wedge sandals –
Camel Coat –
Cream bell sleeve jumper –
Pink suede jacket –
Pink boots –
Trench coat –
Nicholas Kirkwood pink mules –
Nicholas Kirkwood mules –
Ted Baker white jumper –
Ted Baker pink pleated skirt –
Ted Baker tartan print coat –
Ted Baker grey bow detail bag –
Ted Baker velvet pink shoes –
White roll neck jumper –
Kate Spade Black and Gold skirt –
Kate Spade black trousers –
Kate Spade pink skirt –
Topshop khaki coat –
Reiss Khaki coat –
Topshop blue skirt –



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  1. So would you say the Reiss brand is something that is quality, that will last you years? I've seen that brand when looking for specific items but that is not a brand that is sold in my area and I do not see man reviews of them as investment items

  2. What size is your ted Baker dress?

  3. Oh and chose camel colour as I'm always in black coats when I used to buy from next etc
    I'm going to buy it in black and maybe grey too and maybe get one in a shorter length one too

  4. Hi hun I went shopping yesterday with my husband and he bought me a ted baker coat in camel 🙂 beige colour . Love it its my Christmas present but not allowed it till Christmas Day 😡😭. Anyhow we went to house of Fraser first and went to the diff consessions anyhow came across ted baker wasn't looking for anything or a coat in particular we saw all the pretty dresses etc and he said would I like a dress but I didn't want to be looking for a dress anyhow I clapped my eyes on the ted baker coats amazing anyhow I wasn't sure and remembered on this video about saying not to rush try a few etc went over to reiss shop and went in not great customer service tried on a few coats diff sizes diff colours sizing etc and I didn't like any of them size ten was too big in the double breasted long coats then the lady got me a 8 in them and I didn't like they just didn't suit me any of them which I thought was so weird . Customer service was pants in reiss and um glad I didn't throw my money at that shop . One coat was size ten in a wrap coat or button up i cannot rember and it was too tight lol 😂 wasn't meant to be . Anyhow my husband said let's go back to ted baker he took me to ted b and then went off shopping with our son whilst I took my time over what coat I wanted and what size style and colour anyhow excellent customer service from two men mainly one really 🙂 made me feel special and feel myself and we had a laugh 😂 he made me laugh I made him laugh he held my coats whilst trying them on he helped me put them on too customer service was amazing the first time and second time I went there 🙂 to go n get my coat tbh I didn't know if I can pull off a coat a proper coat anyhow I can 🙂 and I'm after diff colours now lol 😂. Thank you for your coat video love it 🙂 I'm really happy with my ted baker coat didn't do my homework before I bought it and it has 5 star when I read up when I got home . Cashmere and wool and some other material I think 🙂 so I'm happy . I also didn't want to buy a coat that the colour or it went out of trend quickly as was expensive to me the man had said they bought out similar last year n year before just changed slightly like the diff lining colour etc so I'm happy 🙂 very happy I cannot wait to wear it just worried about it getting wet !x I'm so excited I found a forever coat . Insteadof spending out every other year for one being I don't own a coat a winter coat and when I did buy coats they wouldn't last go out of trend or break ! I'm v happy

  5. Pleasee do a makeup tutorial for this look, i lovee ♥♥ its so ladylike and matured

  6. Yay I bought the and other stories pink feather strap gorgeous shoes thank you Josie I actually love you 😍❤️👍❤️👍❤️

  7. You have a serious obsession with coats 😁😁

  8. i love river island trench, i order one , thanks you 🙂

  9. LOVE the trench coat: reminds me of the traditional impenetrable, does it not? So enamored with everything Tory Burch- her brand, her success story, her personal style…she's tiptop! 😉

  10. Josie! That top you are wearing is the most gorgeous colour for you!!! Wear it more!! You light up my life :).

  11. I love your Reiss suede skirt and your RI trench and camel coat. I ordered the Amber overcoat in a blush colour and skirt in a blush shade (both from Topshop) to hopefully to create a similar look and also ordered a big chunky cable knit from RI. I love the RI trench so fingers crossed!! I was gutted to see the RI mules in tan are totally sold out sob sob!!! oxo

  12. I absolutely love your style! These videos are great, I love looking into peoples wardrobes, it's such a personal touch 🙂 x

  13. missed a lot of your videos ^^. A big like before watching. Lots of LOVE

  14. Those Chloé wedges are an absolute dream!! 🌸🎀💖

  15. Love seeing more of your lovely style! Such amazing taste!

  16. Josie…what a fabulous vídeo…I loved everything although I have a totally diferent style..but as I mencioned before on another comment, you made me try some more feminine styles…such as dresses and shirts with more floral prints that I can incorporate in my monocromatic wardrobe…
    I'm all for shoes…I have too many..but who can resist them? We can change a plain outfit just by wearing diferent shoes…and those pink ones with that brooch detail..oh my God!!! It's sooooo my style too. Well done Josie. Keep doing what you do! Xoxo from Portugal!! ( P.S.: I'm showing your vlogs and insta to my friends….they've got to subscribe you too!! 😙)

  17. 'See by Chloe' is a lot cheaper in price than 'Chloe'. So the price you mentioned is about right

  18. Love the video, love the honesty, follow you on all platforms…..not stalking honest 🙂

  19. This is the best video so far for me! ❤️


  21. Hi Josie,
    I love your videos ! but I would like more GRWM and more makeup tutorials.😊
    Caroline (from Paris )

  22. This bright pink sweater looks really good on you, nice color for you

  23. This would be so nice on you.….0…….163.EXA3OqzA5-E#imgdii=2iWIh5OrBhvGEM:&imgrc=yBAeVINVV50DjM:

  24. You look so great in a pop of bright color.

  25. Really love that colour's sweater on you it makes glow Josie! Thank you for all the great ideas! 😍👍

  26. love your style and your hair color ❤

  27. Josie your last few videos have been such high quality. They’re always good, but these have been amazing!! I feel like you truly have your own style and are nailing what I didn’t know I wanted to see but do – looooved your how to find your style video as well. May rewatch that now x

  28. I want so much the Ted Baker Tartan coat!

  29. I had the flu last week and spent the majority of my days on YouTube watching your videos. I also was watching Freddy my love videos. It did not occur to me until yesterday that you were two different people lol. I guess I was more out of it last week than I realized. Lol I really enjoy your videos. Thanks for sharing.

  30. Ох елки-палки какая-же ты красивая 😍

  31. I love your videos! You and i have the same style! Im so so girly!
    Can you please do a video on low end dupes from your wardrobe? I look for things that you wear because i find you very stylish and classic. I go to my ebay and look for peices as well. Im loving the Ted Baker stuff ya mention!

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