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WHAT'S NEW IN ZARA // Summer – Autumn Transitional Haul // Fashion Mumblr

WHAT’S NEW IN ZARA // Summer – Autumn Transitional Haul
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I’m wearing:
Dress –
Earrings –
Necklace –

Floral shorts –
White top – not online
Floral blouse – not online
Asymmetric dress –
Pearl headband –
Padded headband –
Pearl earrings –
Plissé jumpsuit –
Peach dress –
Crop top –
Drop earrings –
Puff sleeve top –
Rust skirt –

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  1. I have that cherry blossom blouse and it’s beautiful, but I agree, it would be even better if it weren’t shiny ☺️

  2. Lovin the videos!❤️ Keep it up, great work! You got a new watcher!😍 I make similar stuff, if you could come check it out that'd be awesome!👌

  3. Great job Josie because you don’t bore me and I love your ZARA suggestions.

  4. What's the song at the end of the video?

  5. Your videos are terrific. Just wanted you to know Net-a-Porter is pronounced "net-a-Port-tay," as in the French–a play on words, as in their restaurant, "Pret-a-Por-tay." You can google it & hear it! Thanks

  6. Love the dress you are wearing, and all pearl accessories. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Hi, Where did you get the mirror?

  8. Hi Jose what size did you pick up in the leopard print dress you’re wearing?

  9. Josie I like you but strongly not recommend zara!!

  10. I wonder what dhe does with tge cloth so the year has 365days
    No hate just wondering

  11. Wow what a beautiful haul. The natural pearl earrings 😍💖

  12. I m doing mini hauls that are super affordable

  13. Hi Josie – I love love your videos and I’ve been so happy to see you moving more towards sustainability and eco friendly living! Although of course I know that YouTube and fashion and hauls is your job and your livelihood, I really think that you should boycott, or at least not do hauls from, Zara. They’re one of the most unsustainable and unethical fast fashion brands out there and just spell devastation for the planet. Please no Zara hauls in the future! I’m sure most of your fan base would hardly notice them going x

  14. zara? 'trendy' pieces I guess but only some are classic + fit nicely. y'all stop supporting the guy who owns "Inditex" (fashion group that owns zara/pullandbear/bershka/stradivarius/oysho). smh🌫️ . u bought like the whole store:( think if u really need all this stuff. what about sustainability and buying few pieces that will actually last? 🙁

  15. The dress you are wearing is so smart and very flattering on you. Love your style.

  16. Always lovely kisses from Italy ❤️

  17. You all the time deserve "like " ❤❤

  18. Love this video! Could you please post the product code to the jumpsuit on the tag? As the link you’ve placed isn’t the right one and i absolutely adore it x

  19. I'll join you in the Pearl earrings/ headband accessories selection! They are so elegant and one looks like a Princess wearing them! My fave on this video is the White puff sleeve top with the Long Nutmeg tone skirt; I agree it would satisfy Travel considerations to Foreign Hemispheres ( and provide a certain carefree attitude) as well! Some of the above the knee dresses are Not very comfortable when you are seated !

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