Tuesday , August 3 2021
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What’s Next For Jeffrey Epstein Case After Accused Sex Trafficker’s Death | NBC Nightly News

Jeffrey Epstein was charged last month with federal sex trafficking charges. His death marks the end of the criminal case against him, but the U.S. Attorney said the investigation remains ongoing. Epstein’s associates could become focal points, experts say, and victims could file civil lawsuits against the financier’s estate.» Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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What’s Next For Jeffrey Epstein Case After Accused Sex Trafficker’s Death | NBC Nightly News


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  1. 😂😂😂 subscribe??! Your funny.

  2. Minute I hear this death story. Sileneced.
    They operate in groups…
    Reported hanging .. cover up…
    He was found unconscious.. not found hanging original report…

  3. I told you 3 days ago, the shooting were police officers were shooted is the smoke and mirrors from the powerful implicated in Epstein "suicide" case.

  4. What's next? They bury the dead kid fker I suppose


    TRUMP 2020

  6. Judging by the higher power our creator because he was judged and silenced by his pears on earth that didn’t want him to talk or by the guilt and shame that finally caught up with him and caused him to commit suicide. Which one, we may never know.

  7. & DESTROY his bank accts

  8. We need to see his dead body, live tv🤷, i dont believe it. I need to see the dead body.

  9. Arrest Clinton! He's a PEDOPHILE.

  10. This is all about money one girl said she kept going back for weeks now she just regrets doing so now she clims a victim

  11. This has been a demonstration,that if you have enough money.You can commit whatever perverse sexual act and or murder that you desire.Victims be damned,stick your justice where the sun dont shine.

  12. The silencing of the governments key witness Jeffrey Epstein, has reshaped the long term transparency and purview of the case, to include the investigation of espionage and extortion of our political, media and business leaders, over decades of our history.

  13. expect more mass shootings to cover this up

  14. Who gives a crap. It’s over.


  16. They have the list of names.

  17. During his 13 month prison stint he spent 16 hours a day on “work release “ at his west palm beach office thanks to Alexander Acosta

  18. They already sold the jets and the helicopter

  19. suicide on suicide watch in new york ha! he paid a lot people off and bought an island somewhere in the phillippines where there's 7000 plus little islands.


    Slippery Bill traveled on his private jet over 20 times. Nothing to see here.


  22. Let me guess make him the fall guy and fill in as much evidence away from Clinton (25 flights to his island) to Trump one picture taken and hosting him at Mir-a-Lago 🙄

  23. If he was powerful enough to blackmail incredibly wealthy people – Who was powerful enough to disable the cameras and have him whacked in his own cell while the whole world watches for answers.

  24. Suicide, you say? Who would ever have imagined? Didn't see that one coming A travesty for his victims to be sure; still 45's best man, Barr, will soon be directing the FBI to launch a thorough, transparent investigation of what happened. And won't it be a relief to hear his full report–sorry, redacted report–indicating that we should all move on–just a few minor mistakes in prison protocol but otherwise, nothing untoward–the fact is t that Epstein simply preferred the grim reaper rather than face his accusers. Trump, Clinton, darling Prince Andrew et al will then be able to safely return to their problematic lifestyles. Oh, thank you, Lord, thank you–you will have saved these honorable men from public humiliation and worse. For God so loves the powerful, the monied, the infamous.

  25. Miami Herald investigative reporter Julie K. Brown talks about Jeffrey Epstein's suicide and what it means for his victims and the case going forward…


  26. The Miami Herald Superb Investigative Journalism About Jeffrey Epstein's Elite Pedophile Ring…


  27. Yeah, I think we all know that this video is nothing more than an advertisement for the Hitman …

  28. He's not dead. When the media jumps on a story like this one, you know that it's fake.

  29. Could be still alive in secret location singing like a bird.

  30. Mess with the Clinton's.
    Get suicided.
    Simple maths.

  31. Jeffrey Epstein had information on Donald Trump and now he's dead … in a federal detention center under the control of Donald Trump's Department of Justice and Donald Trump's Attorney General William Barr.

  32. He was “ Dead Man Walking “.
    Now, madam Maxwell is next . She is now “ Dead Woman Walking “ ! 😀 😀 😀
    Just watch !


  34. We need answers, and Barr is not going to give them to us if he's in charge of investigating this.

  35. At first a part of me was happy that he is dead. Bud sadly lots of people are going to walk free because he isn't around.

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