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Where is Hurricane Dorian located? Watch live feed | USA TODAY

Historic Hurricane Dorian continues its unrelenting advance on the U.S. coast, days after devastating parts of the Bahamas.
LIVE VIDEO courtesy of Earthcam. www.earthcam.com

RELATED: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qtjszxDR6D4

The National Hurricane Center warned the center of the storm “will continue to move close to the coast of South Carolina through the day, and then move near or over the coast of North Carolina (Thursday night) and Friday.”

“It is the water that kills people,” South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster said. “Water is the real danger. And it’s clear that we are going to have a lot of water.”

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  1. I’ve seen worse at Revere beach but thank god my son evacuated to Charlotte just the same!

  2. Just talked to dude from portugal said this is pussy surf.. I said come swim my niggah… come on in… get yo self some pussy surf bro…

  3. kool , a 12 inch rise in the ocean,everyone be s careful if on a paddle boat

  4. is this a whirlwind or something?

  5. is this a whirlwind or something?

  6. Hey I'm early,sry that doesn't matter but wow looks really bad I can't say I know much on hurricanes cause I'm in AZ but that looks real harsh.

  7. I’m in South Carolina visiting family can’t wait to go home to California 😔

  8. Its good. I can sleep in this sound.

  9. I live there but it’s not causing that much damage

  10. Just got off the phone with a fan from London he said he would be swimming in this rn! I told em this isn't a joke neither is life.. Honestly but while I'm being honest RIP to the ones who lost their life to Dorian and all the other people who lost their Life's in other hurricanes 🌠

  11. Wow..the tidal waves are getting stronger.. This is what reporters should use and improvise from the studio rather than put their lives at risk and stand in the ocean when the wind and waves could harm them.
    #I'm BORED… I'll check back in later when something happens

    Thanks for the likes

  12. How tall will that water be when it come up?

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