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Whiparound crew discusses an active trade deadline | MLB WHIPAROUND

J.P. Morosi and Mark Sweeney give their comments on all the trade deadline activity.

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Whiparound crew discusses an active trade deadline | MLB WHIPAROUND

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  1. What are your predictions for the MLB Trade?

  2. Yankees would never get MadBum, he probably wouldn’t shave…

  3. What risk did the Dodgers take? These analyst are full retards. Why would you give up 2 prospects for Vasquez? They are in a roll right now even with the bullpen at times doing bad. The offense has its ups and downs. They are leading in Errors. Joc Pederson is a slump. The Dodgers did the right thing and kept may. Hill should be back soon thats four starting pitchers with Kershaw, Ryu,Buehler and Ryu.

  4. Nobody wanted to deal with the dodgers or Yankees why would anybody wanna make them stronger come on now

  5. Yankees for the third straight year got one upped and upstaged by the Houston Astros. As a yankee fan I wont be suprised at all when we get swept in the ALCS by them if we make it that far

  6. Funny how the media says there’s lots of disappointment in LA because of the non trade. Idk anyone here who is s legit fan that’s upset. We are upset however in Dave Roberts still being manager and the moves our office made getting darvish and machado. We lost with them. The guys YOU THE MEDIA said we needed. You’re a joke. You don’t watch our team every night like we do. We know our team. You don’t.

  7. Really proud of the dodgers for their non moves. The last two years we did exactly what the media wanted and got the two guys we supposedly needed to win. What happened? They were the prime reasons we lost. Media doesn’t know anything about the teams we watch everyday

  8. Sox missed out but they need to develop farm

  9. Whip around? The lack of originality is cringeworthy

  10. So glad the dodgers didn't trade there prospect

  11. Yankees administration sucks ever since Steinbrenners kids took over as owners we have not won much and made us look weak in front of the red sox sale the team please and cashman should retire

  12. Cashman wasn’t all in and not aggressive in trying to win a World Series championship in 2019. His lack of effort could mean a disappointing season for the Yankees and fans. One World Series championship in the last 9 seasons. While the Astros have become the a juggernaut and great chance to win another championship. The Bosox have Three WS championships in the 21 century. Cashman should be fire 🔥

  13. Dodgers are trusting in the bullpen to turn it around this postseason

  14. I don't know the romance in between Cashman and Steinbrenner son. Cashman need to go, it's time for a change.

  15. You don't understand people the Yankees are like that bully in high school no one wanted to deal with them


  16. The Yankees and Cashman dropped the ball on many occasions in recent years to grab the best available pitchers. They either didn't try hard enough, wouldn't offer enough, didn't like the pitcher enough, thought they didnt need a pitcher, or lost out on the trade for not giving the best deal. Either way, their pitching staff is horrible. If they would have been able to come through at least one or two times their staff would probably be fine. Instead it's one of the worst in baseball. And certainly not capable of hanging with anyone in a postseason series where you need at least 3 dominate pitchers rotating. The Astros and Dodgers are set up the best. Boston has a good staff, the Twins are going to be tough regardless, Tampa Bay has a better staff too. All of these teams the Yankees can beat, but do not match up well at all when it comes to a 5 or 7 game series in October. I think Cashman does a decent job and has been far more careful and cautious with spending post George Steinbrenner, but the team hes come up with is mostly built to win a division, beat up on the team that are weaker, pad their wins and lead in the standings, but dont have what it takes to be great through October.

  17. Why did the Marlins trade Zac Gallen? Makes no sense

  18. Imagine being the Yankees and being this cautious

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