Tuesday , October 27 2020
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Whistleblower complaint pits Trump against Biden in war of words

RNC committeewoman for California Harmeet Dhillon discusses why Trump is at a war of words with Biden over a phone call to Ukraine.

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  2. And they criticize Bernie's hair and his cracked voice while confusing social democracy for communism like uneducated idiots. Sanders has a HUGE ground force this time in ALL states folks. Don't pay no attention to the internet. I will be laughing when Bernie debates the bloated orange numb skull before winning next year. This is fun to watch old Joe get ruined 2019.

  3. drain that swamp until we have 7.6Bn dictators / governments on this planet…

  4. When did a whistle blower who has no direct knowledge become a credible source? Isn't second or third hand information in a Court of Law called" Hearsay"?

  5. As Our President works every day for the American People, for Free.

  6. Eohoo and fienstien grapes dry upp 99999oooooooooooolol lol lol lol

  7. Looking forward to the primaries to see Biden fade and fall flat on his face. We will see a Warren Sanders showdown. Can't wait to see Trump battle it out with the FAKE, Spitting Bull native Lizzy Warren… from the Slap A Hoe Tribe.

    Biden will not be the last man standing.

  8. Someone explain the famous 'Trump curse' to the lost souls!
    For the love of God!!!!!

  9. Now get Gavin Newsome Recalled from California Governership, Sign that Recall Petition People of California. Help yourself from this disaster of a Governor. Free yourselves from this tyranny.

  10. They always seem to get felled by their own monumental "Hubris", and their big fat mouths in the end.
    Just add a little maniacal power hunger, and Hillary's your Uncle, Joe.

  11. No one knows who the Whistleblower is no one knows what the Whistleblower looks like the media claims Buffalo play anything. Meanwhile there's a taped conversation proving Joe Biden guilty as all heck 100% about this whole Ukrainian mess. There is an actual tape recording this is Joe Biden is guilty. And just a reminder this whole Ukrainian mess started 6 years ago during the Obama Administration

  12. Democrats full of hatred and spreading lies

  13. Democrats and their Wiley Coyote moments are enough to fill a whole parliamentary calendar. Jessica Tarlov is publicly taking a bath in cognitive dissonance. Joe Biden is a senescent, old crook. Forget Biden's crime; question Trump's legitimate concerns about those crimes.

  14. King Solomon once said one time when he was preaching he said that sometimes a foolish man is considered wise when he keeps his mouth shut.

  15. Remind Joe Biden that his old buddy Obama is the one that told Putin that he would have more leighway after the election on a hot mic!!!!! Corruption to equal no other!!!!

  16. DEMs have become spiteful, socialist haters and dividers, who wont even support our own borders nor law enforcement. They never solve any problems. President Trump has "grown" into the job quite nicely, has lots of energy and a good head on his shoulders.  He is indefatigable  and pragmatic. The right person for the job at this time.

  17. Jarrett – this is TEXTBOOK democrat (psychological) projectionism! The left has been doing that for what – a decade?

  18. The whistle-blower is probably a hoax what should be investigated is Biden and the one who launched the whistle blower should be investigated too

  19. Yeah. Investigate as well the past of your president. We are doing it already and are shocked, that he is sitting in the W.H.. ( related to the mafia, represented for decades from Roy Cohn, a mafia lawyer, who admitted that he was involved
    with the pedophile ring of the CIA, related for years with Epstein celebrating very peculiar parties, etc.etc.). Isn't it a shame, that we have to do your work.

  20. Pedobiden we are not done with you yet. Hypocrite. And stay away from children you creep……the whistle is HUNTER the cocain head.
    As usual demon evil democrats will screw themselve one more time. Thank you for that judge who see right from wrong.😇

  21. How do we not know this isn't the dnc leaking a story about trump so trump destroy's biden just so the democrats can say see we don't turn on our own and at the same time they get rid of him just like they did with sanders for hillary then get the candidate they really want in the lead.

  22. "Credible outlet" 😂🤣😅 none of these outlets are credible…


  24. Treasonous Trump at it again. Such a conman

  25. He is doing the write thing. If you see something wrong say something.

  26. 4:00 too bad Fox doesn’t have real reporters…😂😂😂

  27. 2:45 Rhetorical is used wrong….it is a “legitimate”question.😧🤭🤔🤯😒🤓🧐🤨😂😂😂

  28. The Democrats owe Trump another term in office, they are getting ridiculous.

  29. You folks do know Hannity is not a news show correct? From the amount of people quoting him it's no wonder you folks don't know what is really going on in the world. I have never seen so many people willing to be lemmings.

  30. ALL obama's admin WERE CORRUPT , so you just need to look closely and more will come to light for other member's , plus still waiting for susan rice to be questioned , check their bank account's and see if they have other secret account's?

  31. The real whistle blower is kamala, ask old willy…He will confirm it!

  32. We must end the liberal press all channels this propaganda machine must be destroyed forever.
    Total boycott and computer attack on the media and the big tech companies

  33. Biden Biden Son the media are working to together as a complete crime to commit. Cover it up and keep it buried
    So I would arrest all involved in this matter. Democrats liberals need to be arrested and prosecuted now

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