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Whistleblower ready to testify, two-thirds of Americans call Trump’s actions a “serious problem”

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  1. 200,000,000 like in that neighborhood of two thirds of Americans ? Because I won't make up a statistic , but a hell of a lot view the mainstream media as problematic and partisan generating stories with no foundation ,and then trying to generate the foundation with borderline insane facts and fantasy statistics .No whistleblower needed.

  2. They will kill the whistle blower and call it an accident or a suicide. Better keep himself well hidden

  3. I wou say 3/4s of Amiricans think ABC's board of directors hate America.

  4. My God ABC. Is your board of directors made up of Chinese officials?

  5. I think the President is doing a wonderful job!

  6. What a JOKE! The NWO wants him out so they can finish the capstone on their pyramid!

  7. If god wants mr president Donald💕💞❤ Trump no one can make him look bad even oaxaca women look💕💞❤ worse approving abortion killing of their Mexican babies hipocritas they do not like mr president Donald Trump and they are more unfair in judgement day those babies will cause all those criminal moms worse then a convict in jail💕💞❤

  8. Does any other suspected criminal get to meet his accuser. I dont think so, probably the 1st time would be in court. I realize he is in the WH, but does EVERY law have to be broken for trump. Shouldnt be.

  9. The democrats have nothing,and are so desperate to take down trump.this will backfire and bring the blue elites much grief. Whomever is pulling the strings is not very bright!!

  10. Traitor trump didn't meet with his accuser in the Mueller case , so he doesn't deserve or warrant a meeting with whistleblower ,, traitor trump and his corrupt lying WH cronies and the GOP know the end is closer than 2020 ,, jail the traitors

  11. 85 percent of people polled Said trump was an asset hole and a dickhead, while 15 percent said at least we got a tax cut.

  12. Propaganda liers! Treason=death! Bye bye!

  13. I wasn't a part of the poll but you have to be a fucking retard or just a retarded racist to still back this president up.

  14. Oh really?! Only 2/3rds? So everyone else is busy?

  15. It's ~ Sue Gordon ~ She served as principle Deputy Director of National Intelligence until August 15, 2019.
    She is a staunch Democrat and outspoken voice against Trump. She is the Spy who leaked these complaints, she will go to jail. She is not a whistle blower, what she leaked was illegal. Now Pay me !!

  16. What are your community standards. I don't what they are.

  17. Here's the PERFECT song for Trump, Rudy, and all of Trump's brown nosing politicians.

  18. I wonder what two-thirds of "America" they polled?????

  19. That’s because the poles are skewed! Only half of Americans are that ignorant. “President” Trump is not the traitor/criminal that Obama and Biden are. President Trump will put this treasonous attempt to rest like he did ALL other accusations and go on to win in 2020, followed by a President Pence in 2024 and 2028! God bless America and damn the traitors of the swamp!

  20. Witch hunts are synonymous with power. Trump is triumphant in truth.

  21. No one asked my opinion. How can you say two thirds? Assuming much 😏

  22. 2 of 3? How you know it? Fake! lol hahaha

  23. Journalism is dead. Kaput. Finished.

  24. Trump needs to be behind a wall for the rest of his life ! We can no longer endure this IDIOT!

  25. Yeah two thirds of all Americans think that. Just blatantly lie and make up polls of shit.

  26. 2/3rd of americans were not polled on this issue…a lie from the start…..time to hold the media responsible for their lies…

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