Whistleblower says US has found ‘nonhuman’ pilots during UFO hearing | USA TODAY

David Grusch, an ex-Pentagon officer, testified that the U.S. recovered a crashed craft with “nonhuman pilots.”

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Three witnesses, all former military members, are testifying before the House Oversight Committee’s national security subcommittee regarding their apparent firsthand knowledge of how the federal government has handled reported of strange encounters documented by pilots and civilians alike.

Their testimony comes as members of congress are pushing for greater transparency from military and intelligence agencies regarding credible reports of sightings of craft moving in ways that known human technology cannot.

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  1. In other words, "Still got nothing."

  2. Ufo aircraft uses time dialation technology to moment, speedy run.
    They know hidden matter in air like gravity?

  3. I believe in the existence of UAPs, however Mr. Grusch brings nothing to the table but second-hand anecdotes. "I know a guy." His
    testimony would largely be thrown out of a Court as hearsay. Also, he seems to enjoy the attention and
    adoration connected to his celebrity.

  4. The fact that only Govt of America is interested in this issue , the rest of the world doesn't even care , just seems so stupid. If this is a threat to the human race the entire world should join hands to combat the ufo or what ever you believe it is.

  5. This guys is a joke. Again 0 evidence of anything he says 😂😂😂

  6. Only in America. As usual. Idiot nation.

  7. J
    ust crap talking, where is the REAL PROOF, show it to the world , this is just , I HEAR THIS AND THAT, SOMEONE TOLD ME, ALL THAT CRAP TALKING, BRING UP THE REAL PROOF

  8. Then those who pray to their God of choice is actually praying to Aliens…

  9. Why is it that suppsoed aliens always crash in America

  10. If the government says there are aliens, then there are no aliens

  11. This is called a diversion, whenever there's sensitive issues, real controversies in the government they resort to this.

  12. This is all a lie project blue beam I’m telling you!

  13. 0:26 What?? PLEASE speak properly. This is extremely important!

  14. How do we even know THIS is real and not produced by AI? I'm looking very closely at the lips to check it's natural human movement and get absolute confirmation that what I'm hearing is actually being said. Can't believe anything any more!!

  15. He's the alien👽I mean just stare at him for a couple of seconds you'll see.

  16. My dad works with aliens. He is a waiter

  17. If this is true a select group of humans, yet again, stole somebody's property to profit from it. We learned nothing.

  18. What's happening, all this talk about aliens suddenly

  19. Yea sure. I have been hearing these stories for 50 years. Still waiting to see some actual evidence….

  20. You would think that aliens are immortal what a disappointment 😐

  21. Why Aliens always come to USA….. Even in the movies they prefer USA 🤡

  22. Provide proof or you are lying!

    I met a non human pilot once. We couldn't communicate but I could tell from looking into it's huge eyes that it was a being far, far, far more intelligent and civilized than humans. It seemed a lot kinder than humans too. I tried speaking to it. It seemed to understand and it always replied with sort of buzzing sounds. I offered to shake hands but it was always moving really fast to avoid any physical contact. Clearly it was disgusted by humans. I'm not offended in any way though as we really are disgusting, violent, evil brutes in comparison. I really mean it when I say evil because we choose what we do, it's not just unthinking animal instinct.

    Anyway, the pilot looked like this:🪰

  24. if this is the level of stupid sh*t the government is willing to use to distract us then im scared to death for the destruction that they have coming our way

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  26. We Are In Our Last Days Project Blue Beam Is Real !! y’all Better tap in

  27. It’s fake 😂 don’t believe them . If they want to attack some country they will put the blame on alien

  28. Yeah, "non-human biologics" like monkeys, rats, plants or seeds or other earthly biologics that we'd place on test flights…..

  29. The government is very much like the story “the boy who cried wolf” now even if they are telling the truth we don’t believe them because they lie about everything

  30. Our Government is run by Transvestite Titty Lizards.😂