Saturday , November 28 2020
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Whitaker: Impeachment probe is going to end with 'cherry-picked facts'

Former Acting U.S. Attorney General Matthew Whitaker speaks on President Trump and the impeachment inquiry.

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  1. The democrat party as usual is trying to bypass the normal checks and balances the same ones they would’ve insisted on.
    There are no crimes whatsoever or an inquiry without a vote in the house. This is political theatre for the corrupt leftist media but this theatre runs 24/7 on misinformation.

  2. Dems have to try something now because come 2020 the republicans take back the house and control of congress.

  3. Impeach The HOUSE!😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤

  4. Trump Betrayed it and murdered Kurdish people 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

  5. The American People do not Trust…

    The Traditional Media
    The Social Media
    The Current Judiciary System
    The Congressional Democrats
    The Legislative System – "Under the Influence" – of Nancy Pelosi. K

  6. So Proper Procedures is to…

    1. Vote on Impeachment
    2. Record each Vote of every member of Congress. K

  7. Former South Korean President Kim Dae-jung Receives Nobel Peace Prize. Korean media continued to broadcast for months, saying that the Korean President paid the Nobel Prize officials for the Nobel Peace Prize.This ridiculous lie is what people believe after months of media coverage. The reason is that both Korean broadcasters and newspapers are given support from Japan. Half of South Korean politicians make Korean financial law special for Japanese spies

  8. Come on Democrats please Force us to use our second amendment rights

  9. Were all watching and listening😂 keep it up fools! Keep picking on my president and it’s going to be a landslide

  10. Can the American people see this the Democrats are the ones trying to influence the election they are the real ones doing the collusion and obstruction on and on give it up Hillary

  11. "cherry picked facts".
    So, they ARE facts?

  12. American people should stand together and not just vote but demand the democrats out completely we don't want them we don't need them.

  13. Trump should call Polosi bluff. Job vs job. Drain the swamp.

  14. Why don't the dems just claim president trump has WMD's. It worked before.

  15. While doing nothing the Democrats can't wait to go on vacation. Potus Trump elect is working on the safety border wall, economy is thriving and it looks bad for Biden and son who robbed the China deal and Ukraine was so corrupt Sicko Joe leveraged 1 billion dollars to get a prosecutor fired so his kid could make 100000 dollars for a energy cush job with baristas. Now who is the criminal? Not Potus Trump he can't call a fellow leader without treason being called…it's a set up. Peace Potus Trump elect

  16. Are you sure you want to call them facts ???

  17. its called a Coup_d'état….we see it…,,won't tolerate it

  18. Trump supporter could not find good defense so after 3 week they are attacking the investigation. Well the American people r not stupid they can see through fox news

  19. God Bless President Trump!!…all the way!

  20. i wish the doj would do their job. enforce the law or get out of the way

  21. for christsakes Lou, get a glass of water before go on the air

  22. None dare call it conspiracy and in this blindness allow subversion and a manipulation of so called "cherry picked facts" to a state (deep) of lawlessness? If the spineless in DC cannot muster the courage to defend our constitution and duly elected President from this unprecedented coups, step aside. The Constitution provides remedies in our Bill of Rights. I refer to LEGAL RIGHTS afforded under the 2nd amendment. The leftists behind this coups had better tread very very softly. Does anyone have any doubts now about why these same leftist traitors want a gun grab? They want a bunch of knife wielding idiots at their gunfight. The left's actions are their invitations.

  23. A question, can the President "sue" Congress?

  24. Americans are aware that Democrats don't care about the American people they are clearly working to get President Trump out of office with absolutely no evidence of wrong doing

  25. I think not taking a vote and giving due process will change a few minds, that is if people beleive in due process. Innocent until proven guilty. The President isnt even getting the basic constitutional right of getting to defend himself. Not taking a vote for the dems is the same as saying they want impeachment. Just a yea or nay isnt going to change my mind. The dems need to go and the constitution needs to prevail.


  27. Live Whitaker, bright young man! He would a done the job, just as well as Barr or better.

  28. If you are still a democrat in 2020 don't be buthurt when Trump is re elected because Trump is 2020 MAGA

  29. Its going to end with his impeachment… taring his reputation and legacy … DESTROYING his chances for a Nobel Peace Prize like Obama received… shamed for life!

  30. Who wants a president that constantly creates, then drags all these distractions with him wherever he goes. 3 AM tweet storms against some obscure actor to kissing up to dictators. Trump's "style"makes the US weak.

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