Thursday , October 29 2020
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White House addresses coronavirus outbreak Tuesday | USA Today

The coronavirus task force provides an update on the outbreak.

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  1. I hope Trump does send us money i could use it cause we're broke an can't even get food, it's a struggle just to eat we could use the money to get food an stuff we need! So trump hope your being real about this.

  2. That lady was blinking Morse code while Trump was talking. What was she trying to say?

  3. Despite what they are saying testing is still not available for most Americans who need it. The CDC along with private labs have been able to provide results for only 23,000 tests. By the way, where is Mr. CDC?

  4. Dr. Fauci comes on at 1:00:00 – the only guy who we should be listinening to!

  5. Did he just spell out HIPPA? lmao… I've never heard it spelled out before, just pronounced

  6. I counted over 25 people in that small room an they want me to avoid groups of 10, plus shutting everything down that consists of groups of people… FU!

  7. Koreans should rule the world!

  8. Luckily I don't live in America

  9. I work for a restaurant and we had to close, how am I supposed to pay my bills and rent now?? Anyone else dealing with this?

    The despicable, despotic, criminal Chinese Communist Party is ratcheting up threats against the West, with a particularly nasty warning about access to life-saving drugs aimed at the United States.

    In an article in Xinhua, the state-run media agency that's largely considered the mouthpiece of the party, Beijing bragged about its handling of COVID-19, a virus that originated in the city of Wuhan and has spread quickly around the world, killing nearly 5,000 people and infecting thousands more. The article also claimed that China could impose pharmaceutical export controls which would plunge America into "the mighty sea of coronavirus." THIS IS WHY YOU DON’T EXPORT YOUR MANUFACTURING BASE TO CHINA

  11. Coronavirus is a lie . America made this lie to get benefits from it in several ways.

    I don’t care about your opinion.

  12. God help us in this condition

  13. Society will be a wasteland soon with Caravans of misery lining the roads

  14. Why are they so obsessed with hearing trump talk? Find the doctors that are supposed to be working on a cure and press them.

  15. All I heard was Great,successful,fantastic,beautiful,
    tremendous,very very good,the big ones,

  16. Looks like I'm goin to work… Hopefully know body spreads the virus to me

  17. Dude over 1k new cases, wtf are they doing to stop it.

    They need to close the borders with Canada asap

  18. At least less planes and ships are used. better for environment!

  19. Watch YT video: “Woman Says Coronavirus Patients Cremated Alive | NTD”

  20. Notice how we never get to hear from the virus.

  21. We are tremendous big in Japan ooOKEäey ! Alphaville

  22. I wonder why they never come out all at once 🤔 I’m sure there’s a good reason but it’s just funny because they have to stand there all awkward waiting.

  23. Not to worry the Coronavirus won't last long……….It was made in China.

  24. Chloroquine a better, safer and way cheaper than a vaccine.

  25. Why's he wearing a grey tie?

  26. Wish I got a £1 for every time he’s says ‘like never before’. It drives me crazy. For a stable genius he has such a small vocabulary .

  27. This is all small potatoes compared to the news that Tom Brady is leaving the Patriots 😭😭

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