Tuesday , August 11 2020
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White House addresses new food stamp rule: The best welfare program is a job

The Trump administration will roll out a new work mandate for those who have SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) benefits, also known as food stamps.

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  1. The local churches and charity needs to stop going global and focus on their commu cities that's what's supposed to happen

  2. Most people need to be trained at any new job

  3. Adults with no kids ever got food stamps until recent years amd they need to undo it
    Unless they change it people cant get jobs and be on food stamps at the same time

  4. Man I can't believe it my friends that sit home all day and relax on taxpayers X they're scattering right now they're saying what's going on free food no more get them Donald Trump get them

  5. Many people who are collecting but they are able to work and have never worked a day in this country and they are still complaining witnessed that in NYC as a physician. The system needs fixing so the right people get the help more important is job training so they do not rely on society for handouts.

  6. I hope this change will reduce crime and improve people’s health as well.

  7. I went to college and made less with a job than my ex friend on welfare with two kids at 19.

  8. Sterilize them after 1 child. Limit benefits for able bodied to 1 year.

  9. So trump give all his rich friends big tax breaks and cut food stamp for the poor i feel bad for the poor peoples, we got to get this hartless, hateful,soulless baster out of office. Vote vote vote. And he can take his Republicans yes boys with him..

  10. This is an excellent idea.  But it will fail if it expects a welfare person to go from lounging around all day to holding a full-time job.  I hope the program cuts a welfare recipient’s monthly ‘benefit’ DOWN to only the amount needed to keep him & his dependents safe & healthy – No Frills.  If he wants “frills” then he can Earn them as fast as he is willing and capable. Have jobs ready for him on a daily & half-day basis. He chooses what days to work, & for how long.  The more he works, the more $$$ added to his austere welfare check.

  11. The reason the liberals are against it is that an independent worker is less likely to vote for socialism which almost always leads to communism.

  12. No more pro TV watching & cigarette smoking……

  13. This dude needs to learn to brush his teeth before he tells us what to do. Maybe he should listen to his mother.

  14. Next they need to do a survey of those govt workers that dont do crap and get paid. The same for state jobs.

  15. Correction: The best welfare program is becoming a CEO or politician. Let's talk about the cost of this though. Food stamps cost our government roughly 5 billion a year. The new welfare Trump had to put CORPORATE farmers on is 16 billion a year. (Yes, big farmers. Not the family farms in Iowa).

  16. I know many people and out in the public who are young and they admit they do not want to work. They laugh between each other saying that they rather have more kids instead of working. I am a college student who wakes up at 6 AM everyday and work to pay bills. I have been in car accidents, had surgeries, and I still go to work just so I can make my payments.

  17. Get the able bodied people working! If someone is physically or metal challenged that’s one thing,
    everyone else find a job or the local governments appoint jobs that need to be done. Cleaning the streets, filling potholes, helping the elderly and so on.
    So many people can use help and there are so many that can fill those exalt needs.
    Seems simply to me.

  18. Yeah it's called Work Forced in Tx.

  19. think he should have waited to after the election to implement this any poor inter city vote just went out the window could have turned a few hundred thousand welfare rats

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