Wednesday , November 25 2020
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White House announces it will not comply with impeachment inquiry

The White House has sent a letter to the House Democrats saying it will not participate in the impeachment inquiry into President Trump. Former Department of Justice prosecutor James Trusty and the FOX Business ‘Bulls & Bears’ panel share their insight.

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  1. @1:12 uhh no offense dude but the judiciary IS the other branch of government. like, that's their whole purpose.

  2. Sooo trump is obviously guilty then? I am done with trump, this is stupid

  3. Democrat's abuse of power in full display.
    The serpent it's follower's fighting against KING President, and the KING ALWAYS WIN'S over Lucifer, fallen angel's, dragon and it's horn's, Jezebel, beast, false prophet, anti-Christ.


  5. It is nice to point out that pelosi made an unconstitutional decision, she is always talking about her constitutional duty but that never means she abides by the constitution.

  6. Great news. Thanks president Trump

  7. Well done, Donald! We have no time for these investigation fantasies. Keep up the good work for the Americans!
    Leave the conspiracy theorists in their bubble. Remember two years of Mueller and this mindblowing report… lol

  8. If the Untouchable seperated Government with it's own rules an laws for the protection of their Deap State Freemasons an their New York banker benefactors first an Formost, as well give the middle finger to the House of Representatives to protect the FBI's FREE access to the monies inside the IRS cash box with impunity as well the use of their FAKE agents who are not even close to being an American in anyway shape or form, an the voters could give a SH*T what kind of Government that they have as long as they get some FREE stuff from the FBI Socialists United in Nutralising everyone who gets in their way of the FBI"s NWO "United we stand Brotherhood" Who is left that does not want to be a FBI porn star on their dirty FBI monthly porn magazine ?????

  9. Jeez for once great questions asked!

  10. i sure am tired of hearing democrats say that this is going to be just like Nixon. they threw that out the window from the start. first there was a crime, then an investigation, which led to talk of impeachment.
    the democrats started off saying we are going to impeach him, searched for a charge, want to investigate their victim, assuming guilt and use anything they can dig up to try and prosecute him. why can the congress operate on a presumption of guilt, then set out to prosecute the man without evidence? then condemn him in public for not helping to illegally prosecute himself? then one of our congressmen gets caught tampering with a witness, and he tried to lie his way out of it.. shame on you Mr. schiff. not to mention having anti Semites as congress people and openly defending them for being so. im sorry ,america but we need to be thinking about recalling our congress people en mass. this is wrong , its immoral , illegal and unconstitutional. we should expect more of our congress than this.

  11. You can't stop the trump train …trump 2020


  13. Hey Pelocy have another drink and maybe a Valium to come down your twisted nerves. ShitSchiff is delusional. Totally break rules, lies all the time, change rules when ever. American are very angry of your propaganda

  14. There's a process. The house has to build the case before they can vote on it. Then, impeachment moves to the Senate, who will need 67 votes to terminate the presidency. Let's keep this in perspective people… That means 20 Republicans have to be convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that Trump is guilty of impeachable offences. If the process is fair, then the truth will be revealed. Just as every American citizen in the legal system… Even President Trump is innocent until proven guilty. Wish everyone would calm down and let the established process work.

  15. Get rid of politicians world wide….Allow the best person do the job and if corrupt or cannot do the job they get fired….Run the country as a Company….

  16. I say we investigate everyone in government

  17. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ No criminal complies with the law.
    Why are there fools that expect this Dumold tRump administration to comply?

  18. Well not hard to tell if it goes to the courts that the White House is on the right side. Pretty cut and dried there!

  19. The Dems and their friends in the msm are busy shaping a faulty perception about President Trump. People on the left won't think for themselves. That's the only reason the Dems and media have been able to keep pushing their bs. Democrat voters let those who they accept as authority figures control their thinking, feelings, and how they act. It's called "external locus of control" in psychological terms. The CIA would be proud. Oh, wait.

  20. Why is this news? It’d be news if they did lol

  21. It's called Obstruction of Justice.

  22. There has been no vote. This is not a legitimate impeachment inquiry and therefore cooperation is not required. A legitimate inquiry allows BOTH sides to present a case and call witnesses. Dems don’t want that because their corruption will be brought out along with proof that there are no grounds for impeachment.

  23. DRASTIC TIMES CALL FOR DRASTIC MEASURES……..Where members of the Trump Administration are ignoring subpoenas, Congress must rapidly start using its INHERENT CONTEMPT POWERS to enforce their subpoenas…….1) Individual Defendants who are not wealthy can be hit with fines of $20K, $30K, $50K or more PER WEEK until they comply with the subpoena. 2) Individual Defendants who are wealthy should be arrested by the Congress Sargent in Arms and JAILED until they comply with the subpoena!

  24. I'm embarrassed for the Democratic Party lol..Republicans have a great head on their shoulders-( Mr.presidentTrump;)

  25. Look at the people come out of the woodwork to voice their support of the Prez. Although some vids do have this it i becoming noticeable of the support of his ramping up.

  26. Gosh a lawless Whitehouse refuses to comply with law's and co-equal branches of government. And is against the functionality of the nation. ……. No you don't say…


  28. We are behind you Mr President 100%

  29. Don't cooperate with Dems that lie with no shame. Zero evidence; just accusations.

  30. Good it was time to call their bluff.

  31. Two middle fingers flying high to the Dems…

  32. I am so proud of the REPUBLICAN S ARE STANDING WITH OUR PRESIDENT. START STANDING UP THE THESE DEMOCRATS. IT LOOK LIKE ALL IT IS THEM AGAINST THE PRESIDENT. WE NEED TO BE A FAIR FIGHT. I AM SICK OF THEM GOING AFTER THE PRESIDENT. HE NEEDS ALL OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY TOO. THE DEMOCRATS. ARE NOT BEING FAIR. THEY ARE DIRTY, LYING, AND THEY HATE HIM. I DON'T UNDERSTAND BECAUSE WE ALL ARE AMERICANS. IF WE DIDN'T win we would have to respect any other President regardless. But the DEMS have this hatred to him, that they are willing to get him out of office any means necessary . They are willing to lie, steal, cheat, disgrace, embarrasse , , WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ! We are the ones that put them in office. I want an GOVERMENT I CAN TRUST AND KNOW WE ARE FIRST THAN ANYONE ELSE.

  33. Good thing..don't give in to these rotten democrats who like to craft up boggus crud about russian collusion & now ukraniane trash & we cant forget them stagging a mental whack chrisy ford that claims she was violated by Kavenaugh, democrats will not stop crafting up lies after lies to oust Trump & anyone else who doent follow along with their twisted deranged agenda they should all be rounded up & deported to a third world country where they all belong…

  34. WH should've said: We'll cooperate when you bring a vote before the House — and impeachment is confirmed.

  35. Pelosi is not the president. He has the power. President dont habe to answer to the house in everything just because their prior leader did.

  36. If your in the middle class, or not in the top %1 YOU ARE CRAZY AS HELL to vote for these republican. THESE CURRENT ONES. They're doing NOTHING but screwing you over, and taking your money. If you can't see that this whole election was a OBVIOUS scam…you are THE SHEEP.

  37. DEMOCRATS comply of leaving the white house forever.

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