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White House announces Syria troop withdrawal l ABC News

The Trump administration is withdrawing troops from a key part of Syria as Turkey plans to invade.

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  1. The Kurds in Northern Syria are the Communist branch of the Kurds and are not the same Kurds that have helped us in Iraq and other middle East areas. They want to establish a communist state in Syria. The media are either uninformed or in agreement with this group (It wouldn't surprise me which of these are true). Now isn't it smart to pull out rather than help the communist group win, establish a communist state in Syria, and then align with Russia and China. I hope that the conservatives criticizing the move are just uninformed.

  2. Trump is listening to those international bankers(Rothchilds).


  4. So turkey will crush the Kurds, but can’t keep isis locked up?

  5. What is going on these days.
    Seems like the whole world and it's morals have gone wacky.
    Only God can set it all strait again.

  6. Obama put 3 trillion dollars in Syria and Afghanistan

    We need army back we are not global police

  7. Onc again Trump keeping his CAMPAIGN PROMISE!!!!!!!

  8. Our president make mistake. Turkey 🇹🇷 is a traitors nato. Wake up America turkey 🦃 have switch side to Putin and our president let the traitors nato run ypj and ypg. Pkk different communists regime. America don’t abandoned them how guys abandon bin laden. Not very smart


  10. Fuck Turkey, this is a devil's country throughout its history had done only genocides and killings.
    This invasion is not about fighting ISIS its about serving USA, same country which they spit all the time in Turkey.
    Siria will win!
    Turkish mongoloids don't know what's piece only because all they do is destroy

  11. Not our problem!!! Let the middle Easters deal with it!!

  12. That's why US cant be trusted.
    Kurds have sacrificed 15 thousand life to defeat isis in Syria along.
    Now Trump giving Green Light to Erdoshit a terrorist in suit Who supports isis and Islamists to take over Rojava Syria.
    Kurds should release 70 thousand isis members Who are in Kurdish prison into Europe and US.
    Now its your responsibility.
    No friends but The Mountains
    The Revolution continues ✌️

  13. Remember when the US had to fight the Taliban all by itself. Without intel. Without local translators. Without coalition support? …ya don't remember that?… you will…

  14. Wow, now US people would have some more money to spend on their in packet. What a drain these war have on the Americans

  15. As a Turk who voted for Main opposition Party(CHP) I think Erdogan is not following a bad policy here. I mostly disagree on his policies, but I don't wanna see a suicide bomber attack on the news anymore. I want peace in my country, and a buffer zone is the only way to do this.
    As always people talking about shit they don't have a fu*** clue about. I am gonna try to correct some bs that you might witness under this comment section, here it goes:

    1-To people saying that Turkey will release ISIS prisoners who were captured by Coalition/SDF: Turkey recognizes ISIS as a TERRORIST ORGANIZATION who killed hundred of Turkish Citizens during 2015-2018. We were literally seeing news of a f*cking jihadist blowing himself to pieces in the middle of İstanbul. There were just so many suicide bomber in Turkey before the Operation Euphrates Shield. (Which created a little buffer zone between Syria and Turkey.)

    2-To people saying Turkey coordinated with ISIS because CIA said so: CIA already apologized for these claims and these claims were denied several times by Turkey as well. Right before CIA claimed this, ISIS actually declared war on turkey and posted several declarations of suicide bombings if turkey were to acutally cut of the river/water supplies. (Which turkey cut without hesitation.)

    3-To people saying US is backstabbing Kurds and helping Turkey: That's what diplomacy is about you don't have eternal friends you have eternal INTERESTS. You are not choosing a weak and new proxy over a old and powerful ally. Kurds don't hold a strait, they don't hold NATO's second most powerfull army. They don't possess It is just romantism of socialism that kurds were to acutally form a government in Northern Syria/Iraq. (Just because they are Socialist hundreds of Leftist Romantic Westerners flocked to SDF/PKK just to be blown away in an air raid.)

    4-To people who claims that Turkey will ethnically cleanse Manbij and Northeast Syria:
    these people are the worst/most ignorant. First of all why? why the f*ck would we do that? we are not in 1942, world wouldn't let a country do genocides, it will completely shatter a countries image to do such a horrific thing. Second do you know how many kurds live in Turkey? 12 Million. If Turkey would really hate the kurds we wouldn't start ''cleansing'' them from the NE Syria which is a place we really don't care about. Also places under turkish occupation right now are clearly more stable than the rest of syria and there are several campaigns to help arabs/kurds in North Syria.(In Turkey too, you can help any immigrant easily by donating on phone.)

    5-To people who thinks kurds actually cleaned syria from ISIS: ISIS was ended by a Coalition of Western Countries including US, France, Turkey, Germany and many others, Assad Regime, FSA, SDF and many other parties in syria. So kurds didn't cleared ISIS. They were actually on the brink of losing before coalition showed up. Assad did the most of the job, and coalition did the other half with air raids kurds also did help but what I'm saying is they are just a proxy, so that US/EU/Turkish soldiers don't have to suffer casualties.

    6-To the hypocrites who says ''Turkey has no right to be in Syria.'':
    Oh is it? Then what is your country doing there? Especially Americans in this thread say bs like that but the thing is you guys are the last people on Earth to call us 'interventionist'.You are 2000 miles away from Syria, they are f*cking right next to us. Every bomb you drop brings a hundred refugee to Europe and a couple thousands to us. Did you know Turkey houses more Syrian Refugees than all of Europe combined? Of course not. Why would you?

    7-I don't get why Europeans/Americans love SDF that much. They are a sideshow of PKK who has been an officially recognized terror organization by US and most UN countries. PKK is waging guerilla warfare against Turkey for Decades and suddenly US started to supply YPG who is the syrian wing of PKK with weapons(even including FGM javelins which are used against slow-air targets or tanks/APC's which are not in the arsenal of the ISIS). So you supply a terror organization with weapons that are not needed against ISIS at all I can't find the motive here other than using against Turkey your NATO ally (there was a video of PKK fighters shooting a Turkish Leopard last year) . I live in Istanbul and All my kurdish friends hate PKK for how they are a tribalistic, volatile and primitive terror organization and are ashamed of them. You guys know jacksh*t about what is happening in Middle East? do all kurds want independence? You guys think every Turk is a Kurd-hater, pro-Erdoganist. Which is absolutely not the case.

  16. About damned time. This took balls of steel to buck the Washington war machine. Washington hates him anyway, so why the hell not? One more promise kept.

  17. Out of the Middle East. The Federal Govt can not be trusted with your sons & daughters' lives.

  18. Comment what you think will happen, no politics purely military operations talk. I think Turkey will slaughter the Kurds due to their Air Force.

  19. Thank you President Trump!
    To hell with the war pigs in Washington!

  20. ABC is Pro-War
    The People are Anti-War
    This is good

  21. This just shows trump don’t care impeachment

  22. Wow! The whole world going to shit because 150 US soldiers are leaving!

    Oh the bullshit! Keeps flowing from the well-oiled machine!

  23. Yes! Ofcourse! You are complicit in making the Kurds the political harlots of the region.

    What would be next for the US's list accomplishments you think?

  24. How do you like Trump now you dumbass Republicans? Are you tired of winning yet?

  25. Liberals and conservative idiots think we should fight the entire Turkish army with 100 people? For kurdish COMMUNIST terrorists? Brainwashed know nothing turds.

  26. How stupid can our so called president get! 🥴👎

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