Monday , April 19 2021
Home / News / White House Confirms Osama Bin Laden's Son Hamza Killed In U.S. Operation | NBC Nightly News

White House Confirms Osama Bin Laden's Son Hamza Killed In U.S. Operation | NBC Nightly News

Hamza bin Laden was killed in a U.S. counterrorism operation, the White House said in a statement. There is little known about his death, with officials saying it was some time in the last two years.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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White House Confirms Osama Bin Laden’s Son Hamza Killed In U.S. Operation | NBC Nightly News


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  1. They killed him in the past two years… yet the news is out now? What a shock.

  2. Like father like son..I'm sure Osama never died. Just a bunch of bs..can't wait to see real footage

  3. He most likely was planning attacks on innocent people. And dumbasses are defending him. What has our great nation of America become?

  4. Bastilles day is a great movie

  5. Trump is killing innocent children and teenagers for extra fame.

  6. I hope they blowed the top of his wee brain out.

  7. Rather a feminine looking little guy. May he rest in pieces.

  8. Outstanding 👍 death to Islam everywhere 🖕

  9. The White House confirms? Since when can you believe anything emitting from the White House except the smell of something rotten.

  10. Bin Ladens are Saudis. The lies. The corruption. Americans already want Trump gone. starting a war for Saudi oil will make it us hate him even more. Think about it Trump is so desperate now that he will want to have Americans killed for Saudi oil. It's like Trump is owned by the Saudis. Remember the lies of Bush.

  11. That’s messed up . He’s still a human being

  12. People in the comment section protecting a man who have been part of Al Qaeda… You are all disgraces, the world is a better place without him.

  13. Blah blah sycophantic propaganda blah blah.

  14. Lol is this Trump trying to show that he equates Obama? Coz apparently Hamza wasn't even doing anything, just his family name.

  15. Was he killed at the same place where his Father was killed?
    I mean Pakistan?

  16. World is a better place without him.

  17. Can we trust this news? I really trust nothing coming from this administration. If having the last was what got him killed. What will happen to anyone with the Trump last name when he is no longer the biggest traitor and criminal in USA?

  18. This is old news reported well over a month ago….why are they rerunning this now? Oh wait…Don't tell me…it's Twhitler's me too moment🙄 He hates Obama but loves riding his coattails👐

  19. Is this real news that's not political-????

  20. Nothing like a fair trial. Nope…not for America.

  21. He is not considered a terrorist or the most dangerous man in the world, he just has a legacy of billions of dollars that Saudi Arabia wanted to seize but couldn't with him being alive.
    A mutual agreement between Saudis and Americans settled the issue once for all.

  22. Trump: I killed 1 of 30 Bin laden's son
    Obama: I killed Bin laden
    Trump: but

  23. Fake News for Elections, 2020. nobody pay attention.

  24. There is no Terrorism, Huge Conglomerates are using USA military might along with a few well paid Mercenaries to go after sovereign nations' oil facilities and the hold outs are called Terrorists.
    Notice how sense there is not that much oil in Afghanistan they are called Taliban and not terrorists. Tax Conglomerate war profits,especially from oil and Peace would soon be at hand.

  25. 'He wasn't actually guilty, but might have been someday. It was mostly the name'.

  26. At-least this time US Govt didn't lie that Osama killed him before committing suicide like they did in case of kids of Nazi generals hehe

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