Tuesday , June 22 2021
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White House deputy press secretary talks President Biden’s first 100 days

Karine Jean-Pierre, White House deputy press secretary, discusses President Joe Biden’s first address to a joint session of Congress and the administration’s next goals.

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  1. It’s now the criminal administration! Get Joe out NOW!

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  3. Roses Are Red… Kamala's Not Black… Joe's Got Dementia… And Hunter's On Crack

  4. Go watch the most transparent audit in American history! Azaudit not com but org. 9 camera angles live. Behizy on YouTube can tell you about the audit so you understand the process. American history being made!

  5. Congratulations Mr. The President

  6. YouTube is removing dislikes from Biden videos and pumping likes into other videos. Such a joke.

  7. Congratulations! The Biden/Harris team is representative of the diverse US social and racial mix.

    Democracy has prevailed – Biden. Anti-Chinese, anti-Islam and homophobic democracy does not exist.

    The Iroquois Nation's Great Law of Peace does not have right wing racist bias.

    Co-operation and Collaboration is the way of the future. Colonialism is history..

  8. BIDEN IS AN IDIOT!!!!!!!

  9. What a complete an utter sh!t show.

  10. Systemic racism is a figment of Joe AND mSM's imagination. I'm from the south. It ain't the 1960's anymore. What the heck do you think a white dude from DELAWARE knows about racism. Y'all will buy anything he says 😅

  11. Well all I got to say there's consequences for your actions and you people voted him in no you get to suffer with the rest of us

  12. Brainwashed uneducated idiots praising brainwashed uneducated idiots

  13. this entire “presidency” is like being tied to a chair while watching a toddler play with a loaded pistol.

  14. go ahead deputy press secretary lie to us and tell us he's doing a great job. He is a national disaster. He's a liar and a crook and will never turn America into the socialist country the far left wants. It is absolutely stupid to think that solar or wind energy can power our nation. The crisis at the border is unbelievable. Energy prices starting to soar. jobs disappearing as soon as he took office. Raising taxes like he wants will force small business out of existence and major corporations to leave. The biden cartel is ruining America.

  15. 100 days of the fraudulently installed puppet dictatorship is leading the country in the wrong direction. Well at least it will reverse the brainwashing in those that still have a glint of critical thinking skills left that they haven’t used in a decade.

  16. Biden most votes in history equals biggest joke ever in history. What a sham what a looser

  17. look at the comments and like to dislike ratio on everything biden is in vs trump…WE WANT TRUMP BACK!!!

  18. Trump is the president this is such a joke lmao!

  19. We are seeing the rise of socialism in real time..
    God help us!

  20. Open up the fucking country covid is BS

  21. the white house channel has closed all comment sections on every single video. Scared to see how much you are hated, huh Joe? Just when the left thought they had made Trump the most hated through pure propaganda here comes their clown and pick to be actually hated for the real stuff he does to this once great country and they plug their ears and cover their eyes. Pure sh*t!

  22. Lyin Biden. Still dumping on the Trump administration with his lies. Fraudulent president. Fraudulent administration

  23. This Is not an administration its a dictatorship

  24. Puke biden and hes wiches

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