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White House dismisses fears of a recession l ABC News

President Donald Trump’s economic advisers have a singular message that the economy is strong, but other experts are concerned.

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  1. Liberals care nothing about the American people, and only about holding on to selfish, lustful power. Liberals are the CANCER of America.

  2. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain Dorathy!

  3. Meh….
    Sometimes I think these recessions begin all because a group of economists with bachelor's degrees, PhD.s etc., etc., etc. wallpapered from one end of their office to another so much as breathe the word "recession" then the clowns in the media go into full afterburner and run with it!

  4. Unbelievable, the media is in a conspiracy to try and convince or worse cause a recession. Maybe time to break apart the media monopoly!

  5. Your killing us please change

  6. Georgie, here you go! There is no recession! Fake news is perpetuating this hoax!

  7. Well…I am so angry 😡 ..,PISSED MORE LIKE IT!! NEWS AT 5pm
    Channel 2 Works For You
    P.O.S Local News…😠 The only real news that comes on about our President is always negative…. People, like me , still suffering the effects of the Democrats for 8 blackened years…I have to suffer the loss of my 35 year old daughter whom I was so close to.
    Shawna passed away
    8/28/2015 I couldn't even buy flowers or have a funeral for her…I had to buy her medication's pay her bills..😥 it was just really bad….no medical insurance….so it would be a happy day if my local news would start broadcasting what our president does, and has been doing. 😢

    News media have created falsehoods amongst us AMERICAN'S….fighting the president every step of the way. Mental Democrats have no idea what responsibility is to the American people.
    I wouldn't give a damn if President Trump blew this country to ashes !! He will still be better then The Clinton's , news media and every person that calls themselves a Democrat!!

  8. Trump is a total looser and Americans know this and 401k down the tubes if we don't vote for him is another way he tries to hold our country hostage… we Americans are smarter than this pathetic president… Hey TRUMP your a looser, liar, and a crook.. fuck you.

  9. “It’s still growing, it’s still producing jobs, and consumers are spending….” but if anyone believes the economy is doing well then he’s very worried? Hmm I smell so much bs

  10. A recession is a correction between wages vs high cost of livings .. if wages can’t keep up with everyday basic needs.. then a recession is must have to correct and balance things out .. as the USA is the main economy engine of the World .. this is necessary..

  11. I thought we were already a recession? The one from 2008 hasn't ended yet.

  12. Such Fake News!! President Trump NEVER said he wanted to buy Greenland! Someone jokingly said to him that he should buy Greenland, and he replied with “Is that even possible?”
    Quite different from the story you people are pushing!! 🤦🏻‍♀️

  13. You mean tax cuts for the super wealthy doesn’t help ?

  14. We'll see weather there will be, or won't be, a resceccion.

  15. Trump should side with Chinese protesters. Democracy is american way of life. If he smart 😒

  16. These are the same news people who told us over and over again there was evidence of President Trump colluding with the Russians to fix the last election and that Trump committed obstruction of justice to cover it all up. This is the same people who assured us Mueller was the right man to head up a 2 year investigation only to find out he has dementia. So now they want us to believe he is a racist and a Great Recession is just around the corner. Russia…..racist…..recession. These are unintelligent people if they truly expect Americans to believe what they say.

  17. What we need is a lying prostitute

  18. Go ahead and start Armageddon moron Trump. Putin's bitch

  19. Two Libtards reporting LOL

  20. Denmark will build a big beautiful wall along the Greenland border and America will pay for it.

  21. If the economy crashes, Trump will go down like Stormy Daniels on an orange orangutan.

  22. Why do these news people root for us to be the end 'tre'said the economy is great,still growing …but a totally neg. makes me sick as a afro American.

  23. Trump is causing the economy to crash. Especially the stock markets. People dont realize he made some huge mistakes and stupid decision making. By the end of next year america is estimated to lose upwards of 2 trillion dollars because of his dumb ass choices to rip up foreign policies and put tariffs on foreign goods. Yeah Obama was worse and lost 20 trillion during his time as president but this dumb clown keeps racking up more debt for america. You people who support this dumb ass dont know half the shit he's doing. The fact that he said global warming was a hoax and is being caused by fake news is a fucking joke. We have around 12 years before the planets ozone layer has irreversible damage yet he doesn't give to shits cause of all his money invested into oil and power plants that are pooring out toxic gases into our enviornment. I'd almost prefer anyone else over trump other than Joe Bidan cause he's a pedophile. Bernie sanders is the only candidate who wants to help the fucking environment. I wish he wouldve been impeached but no of course that cant happen cause he's a wealthy cunt who has all his wealthy billionaire buddies on congress so how could that ever happen. People wake up

  24. The stock market is very deceptive to your longevity of living



  27. Dwayne Johnson just got married, I knew all along he was going to be the front runner for the Dems. Yep this is the well kept secret that's coming, in fact you know the Dems they will try their best to CHEAT Mr Johnson in as president. Be a a real circus folks, you watch.

  28. Wait a minute. When the Dow tumbled 3% (800 points) all was lost! (Btw, 3% is nothing! – see the 1980's and 1990's)
    So now that loss has been recovered. Are we in another economic boom? Unbelievable how stupid the media thinks we all are.

  29. The Left, and its spindoctors on ABC, are hoping for a recession — anything to stop their enemy Trump.

  30. I'm sure a recession will eventually come (because they always do) but, not any time soon… this is just the media trying to change votes in the 2020 election.

  31. LOL! By the way, Trump is going to win, Trump is going to win, Trump is going to win, take that you frigging crybaby bas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. More democratic propaganda. Trump 2020. 100%

  33. thinking of government functions, we need to start burning our trash to keep with purity laws.

  34. Trump is the most cognitive dissonance inducing person I’ve ever seen…. He’s basically saying: “Don’t believe your lying eyes!”

  35. Trump Is Right On…Hell Of A Lot Smarter Than You People.

  36. Republican's want people to; be the best they can be, maximize their potential, and be happy. Democrat's want the opposite.

  37. If liberals ever stop hating Trump, I'll call for his impeachment.

  38. Russia hoax failed. Impeachment failed. Now they are trying racism and hoping for recession to get rid of Trump. Their best candidate is Ukraine "Dementia" Biden! See what happens.

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