Friday , September 24 2021
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White House downplays Texas Democrats' connection to COVID outbreak

Lee Carter, Jessica Tarlov and Jimmy Failla join ‘Kennedy’ to discuss the Biden administration’s reluctance to label the event a ‘super spreader.’ #FOXBusiness #Kennedy

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  1. Why are most of the people not Mexican but look black.

  2. Maybe those vaccines don't work.

  3. Uh… our previous commander in chief held rallies right in the middle of the absolute worst pandemic in a generation…how come Fox never reported on that?

  4. That broad would hand you butter and tell you it's ice cream with a straight face.

  5. They have a line for people that don't want to do their jobs it's called the unemployment line.

  6. Looks like a bunch of farm animals to me.

  7. People who live on the border should start a go fund me so they can hire a private security military to defend them . We use them all over the world why not in the USA

  8. Dems ditch their jobs to promote vote cheating and they spread covid even though they were vaccinated. 😂😂😂

  9. Ha ha ha democratic’s are so stupid ! Your not a flipping slave. You get paid a lot of $ and don’t even do your job

  10. Get that leftist off the show. This is disgusting

  11. My Body my CHOICE! How about you research the Lawsuit of 45K Killed 3 days after getting the VAX?

  12. I do not believe anything anyone says about this china virus and i do not believe these DEMs all got the shot!!! How can Americans believe anything at this point with all the LIES!!! PLEASE STOP LYING!! GOD HELP US ALL!!!!

  13. They need to be put in jail and held in salutary confinement for how long was there lock downs oct 2019 till 2021

  14. They are allowing children to be trafficked at the border and anyone with TB, or CV to enter our Country!

  15. Thought they were vaccinated!

  16. They should be arrested for supporting child trafficking, murderers and rapist with giving them stimulus checks!

  17. The same faces that
    support rapist, murderers, child trafficking with sending stimulus checks these inmates!!!!

  18. That'll teach you to share beers on an airplane…

  19. The demonicrats have gone so obviously completely insane…

  20. If you have to tell people that you're brave you're not brave

  21. You don't really believe that vaccinated people just caught covid do you? What its really about is the quarantine period So they have an excuse why they can't come back!

  22. Well when you allow thousands of people from the other countries blood into your own country what do you expect

  23. …it's more than 6 infected…likely more like 25 C19 super spreader.

  24. I think that the answer is really, just ask them to show the cards. Then we all know the facts. I don't believe that 'all' Democrats were vaccinated.
    I believe that Americans don't know what to think about what we see and hear. We have been told that the masks most of us wore didn't really protect us. Lock downs should never happen again. Democratic leaders love the idea, but it was horrible. So we live again without fear. We allow people to make their choice regarding getting the vaccine. I had a friend who died after having the second shot. These things happen so it needs to be a choice.

  25. Stop already with the slave bs, racist bs, and all the other bs these runaway dumbocrats want to focus on.

  26. Dear American brothers and sisters, after everything will be done with democrats please sent them somewhere very far and not safe.

  27. The Democrats went to DC with 1 case of Miller Light and came back with 6 cases of Corona !

  28. This fact checking shlt is garbage. Who are these supposed fact checkers? Leftist donation receivers I am betting.

  29. They attacked the capital with Covid a insurrection infection , and casualties are mounting will be covered up

  30. You guys are stupid give them all 5 years in jail

  31. Dems doing what they do best, spreading disease.

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