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White House extends olive branch to China with Huawei delay

Chris Garcia, former deputy director of the Commerce Department, gives his take on the White House giving Huawei another 90 days to buy from American suppliers.

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  1. Huawei success is also US success.

  2. USA: I'll give you 90 days extension.
    Huawei: I don't need extension.

  3. Olive branch 😂, they gave China a stick so they could put it in Trump @ss :-). Let's hope the American Trumpski voters are not tired of winning yet 🤣.

  4. in the old days american(indian ) use wmoke to communicate and they are doing just fine. today without 5G usa still can do well with second best 5G aka third rate 5G

  5. Huawei given 90 days to buy from American suppliers. China-Russia-India and other islamic-communist-hindutva Nations can take away their huawei baby stuff and raise in their playstores.

    What NoKo Kim basketball friend doing inside foxbusiness? He removed piercing pins?😂🤣. But remains haircut. Grown weight. NO more games inside TV world?🤔

  6. Huawei needs America more than America needs Huawei.

  7. Apple, IBM, Qualcomm, Cisco are all national security concern to China. No access for these US companies. Continue to choke the farmers. See who can last longer.

  8. Is that a white rag tied to the end of that ‘olive branch’?

  9. It's the same like apple spy on world leaders for the U S which the government of the U S addemited and did apologize you know that, give a prove that Huawei is spying not just beating the drums

  10. We look so weak to the Chinese.

  11. It is funny to hear the descendant of slave arguing for a slave state! Fox hires the dumbest people.

  12. Olive branch? What utter arrogance. If Trump have the guts to ban 100% of Huawei he would have done so. He did claim Huawei is a big national security risk right? Well, if true ban it outright.

    No other country in the world (except little puppet Down Under) have banned Huawei on anything. In fact Huawei have signed up even more 5G, overall sales jumped 30% over last year. Nobody else see Huawei a risk on anything. Rest of the world continue to do business with it.

    Trump have gone to the toilet and he is going to eat what he throw out. Huawei is proceeding to exit the U.S. market which today is just some old 4G wireless gear. It is working to be 100% independent on American technology. Given Huawei considerable capability and financial power it will succeed. The single biggest hurdle is the operating system but which Huawei recently announced its own called Harmony. Harmony is of an advanced design, a multi-platform for many kinds of devices. There is nothing like it.

    When this is done in a year's time 1) U.S. will lose $16 billion of Huawei business; 2) U.S. will lose far more as other Chinese businesses also begin to de-couple from American tech; 3) there won't be any 5G in U.S. without Huawei because equipment from Nokia does not work.

  13. Huawei's CEO has said Chump's stance has given Huawei more publicity than any money could buy. They don't need the US. How is it that the US hasn't announced that there is a US company ready to step in and roll out the technology Huawei is blocked from providing? The 'olive branch' offered by the US isn't benefitting Huawei at all, so who will benefit from the 'olive branch'?? Seems like more American breathing space to me..

  14. Satan and his demons can't win anything by bully, illegal war, sanctions, killing innocent people,killing unborn babies, gays,lesbians.

    GOD JESUS CHRIST is destroying usa with the evil satanic spirit that the citizens embraced ,when they rejected GOD JESUS CHRIST.

  15. …"…shifting away from China is the long run…"…@0.59
    Game ~●~
    Principally speaking ~○~

  16. The Best deal with China is leave China a lone…..let China play with themselves……Americans no needed China to stay alive…….

  17. Since when do we call surrender an olive branch? First he caves on the tariffs, now Huawei.

  18. Fox donna brazil juan williams comment blocking i smell a fox that became a rat

  19. Atte Iván Alejandro Cortés Aceves
    La posición geográfica de México pieza clave para la Victoria de Rusia y de china.

  20. Huawei is ok without US market, American companies are good without China market?
    doubt about US policies, the new president may cancel all after coming power. so current negotiations mean nothing.

  21. Isn't it funny now that proof is coming out that Hillary Clinton and the Democrats try to overthrow a sitting president by setting him up saying he colluded with Russia. Ever since Mueller testified, how come we don't hear much about that anymore? It's not going to just go away, these people have to be prosecuted for what they did. They tried to overthrow a sitting president! That's unheard of in the United States! The whole leadership of the FBI during that time was corrupt, that was Obama's FBI! Hillary Clinton selling secrets to China! All this is going to come out!

  22. Aaannnd China extends electrified forks…Basically cattle prod tech on people.

  23. If china was a country of dignity it would have never back out of buying our products and would lower its trade briar but wait why would they? If they are not fully incontrol it shows weakness in my humble opinion I believe China has to much pride and that clouds there judgement if China was seriously trying to make a deal they would fly to the USA and sit down with the president and work out a deal that is beneficial for both countries don't wait for trump to come to you get serious about what this market could be and start working with directly with farmers and companies to keep this economy going or are both sides just scared of a true bull market that pushes the boundaries like the world has never seen?
    PS Scared Money Don't Make Money

  24. "China is a sleeping giant. Let her sleep, for when she wakes she will move the world."
    Napoleon Bonaparte

  25. Trump is such a stupid person.
    America became such a joke since he's the "president" 😂
    Good luck getting out of that shitty position

  26. Fox is acting like the leftwing media, They Shut off the comment section. Where is freedom of speech? HYPOCRITES!!

  27. What are you all talking about…it's been pretty clear that in the West we're only free to agree. We were never really free. Look around you, look at our lives today, and tell me it ain't so. Stop kidding yourselves, and wake up. I don't know if we'll really ever be truly free. Look at what's being done to Venezuela. If you believe the hype you're being fed about the evil there, not noticing the evil within your own borders.. you're in big trouble.

  28. as if google, facebook, amozon
    is not collect data and spy on everyone

  29. Say a Democrat wins in 2020 God forbid, then what? The Democrats go back to letting China rip us off like they have been for years and years! And the people on the left will call this a win.

  30. US bites the hands that feed them.
    Its time the monster suffers

  31. This won't work… cuz China is communist. When they slap it down, everyone will see how unreasonable China is, but nothing will change that.

  32. It will never happen China will never give in unless they can get what they want

  33. And once again we passed on the additional 400B in goods being subjected to tariffs.

  34. The delay gives Huawei more time to become independent of US technology.

  35. Huawei only exist by stealing American technology. Why would you cave Trump? Screw China and the horse they rode in on.


  37. Naive and stupid. China will only view this as weakness and further vindication of no compromise. Trump wants a win-win, but China wants only China win and US loss. Wrong move from Trump. Now he has only 2 options left: surrender, or hard split.

  38. Who's the real chicken now! The clown in the oval office needs to start crawling to President Xi and ask for mercy.

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