Thursday , May 13 2021
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White House Holds Press Briefing: April 16 | NBC News

Watch as White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki holds a press briefing.

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Live: White House Holds Press Briefing | NBC News


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  1. I thought shootings
    We’re because President Trump was in office…

    I’m confused – is he still really POTUS? Because all the Dems said they were as a result of his “rhetoric.”

    Meanwhile… back at the wall…

  2. What are u doing.
    Ok put the TV show. White House.

  3. When are Americans gonna get stimulus money? Anything you've given us has been eaten up by the higher gas prices the past three months. It's fun watching this administration burn. Clearly only wanted one term to screw things up.

  4. Well now, Jen's worked up today. Deep breaths…. Repeat… fyi the FBI has a universal back-round check already and your talking faster than normal.

  5. Little orphan Annie……..

  6. Who else thinks that Jen Psaki is actually kind of hot? ❤❤❤

  7. I know this is a little off the subject, but something that constantly bothers me is how black Biden’s eyes are.
    Like I’m serious, I don’t see the whites of his eyes at all, it’s just very odd to me.

  8. Please don’t believe her

  9. Don’t believe her don’t believe her don’t believe her

  10. White house who is stupid never can be a world leader.

  11. This government is the most corrupt government we have seen in years! Stand up and shut this administration down!

  12. Fake president, fake ballots and fake administration

  13. Dictators i hope you all hang.

  14. Is this our new president? She speaks far more then the president and vice president.

  15. Dislikes being deleted lol. Your a fraud.

  16. 👩🏻‍🦰 Jen Psaki… 👍

  17. Ambassador 2 the UN is 💯 CORRECT… Reporter who asked about this SHLD know the history of this COUNTRY ☑️

  18. Most folks don’t watch this for information most watch this to see the administration burn

  19. Apparently nbc is going so broke they have to put over a dozen ads on a single 30 minute video🙄

  20. Evil Democrats I pray the WRATH OF GOD ON YOU ALL

  21. Is she High On coke today sniff sniff

  22. I'm not an economist either but people save most of this stimulus each time because we don't know what the government's going to do and we have bills when we can squeeze out a couple of dollars to buy extra things we do the money that's been spending to the economy is been stimulus money the numbers are going to come up all wrong everything is built on the stimulus right now people are still scared to go to work they are too many variants coming out too many vaccines coming out skepticism is a free thing they need to quit feeding us the falls in and feed us the truth real pimps on the way show it and prove it

  23. What is he waiting for he's been in meetings bipartisan for days

  24. Pr BIDEN, Why are single MOMS tortured on your watch by US FBI? I am an abused, persecuted American MOM, TORTURED mentally daily, placed in prison and it continues years and years.. for.. UNproven Overstay on vacay!!! An American Mother placed in PRISON before even proper Trial!??? No wonder we have Unrest – this is NO Democracy – this is KING GEORGE – model of TORTURE AND PRISON as a solution to Custody Dispute!! I asked EVERY News Outlet for Assistance and NO HELP from my Country or Humans! So HOW can I say we live in Democracy? Or its for my kids Benefit? I am getting sicker and about to die.. HOW does it help ME or my Kids brainwashed by the Monster MORMON Father and Corrupt MORMON FBI? USA continues to REWARD Abusers and Torture me… And NOONE Helped Not a soul!

  25. Anyone who voted for Biden is a traitor I don't think it's half the country though but the people in power are certainly not for the people on the streets

  26. This country is not racist this is all propaganda put out by the Chinese Communist Party Through The Manchurian Candidate Biden

  27. What a person should do is listen to the police when they commit crimes.

  28. Is she straight? If so does she want to ride this mustache?

  29. What a pleasure to have adults in charge again!

  30. Another fabulous dress! Great colors and sleeve cut – a few cartoon birds singing wouldn’t be out of place. Wow, so good to hear someone articulate actual government policy in detail on a regular basis instead of 3rd grade level “biggest and best” words…and so calmly and pleasantly – I know I would not have the patience. Don’t make me pull over this car!

  31. Before watching, I plan to count how many times Jen sticks her tongue out at the reporter while they are speaking. I’ve noticed it’s done when the question being asked is usually trying to pin down an actual clear answer.
    Jen’s style is to answer questions about the topic in the question without actually answering the specific question. When the reporter follows up she will say “that is all I have,do you have another question”. Unfortunately this group of reporters simply MoveOn without any pushback. Her other tactic is to turn around and question the reporter instead of answering their question. During the situation, I know it sounds ridiculous but she sticks her tongue out! So now I will watch and pay attention if and when it happens.
    And yes, I do have a lot of time on my hands right now. I was exposed to Covid so I am self quarantining.

  32. We need police reform. Traffic stop procedures must be reviewed and reformed. Congress do your job!

  33. Without your smirk and goofy smile my day is not right.

  34. If ar-15s, standard capacity magazines and walls are good enough to protect joe then they are good enough to protect my family.

  35. Where do the media find these low-wattage "reporters"? They have 24 hours to get their questions in order, yet they mumble their way through an approximation of a grammatical sentence. Do millennials not get a functional education these days, or they all too busy blogging to learn to perform up to standard?

  36. Wasn't this FEDEX facility a gun free zone? Didn't the gunman read the signs before he entered? The real question is what did FEDEX do to protect their employees in the gun free zone? Was there armed security in the parking lot? Was the parking lot controlled access? Was there security on site monitoring the area? I bet you there is armed security at the FEDEX main office but the little people get a sign with some harsh words. I hope the families SUE FEDEX FOR FAILING TO PROTECT THEIR EMPLOYEES IN A GUN FREE ZONE THAT FEDEX CREATED! Also wasn't it against FEDEX policy for the employees to have their phone with them during their work. So FEDEX you disarmed everyone, you took their phones away and then you failed to protect them with the same security measures that you have at your home office.

  37. Love me some Jen. She has answers, if not she funds out and reports back. She handles reports with confidence and professionalism. Thumbs up!


  39. God Bless President Joe Biden, God Bless America and its Democracy!
    Finally leadership we can have hope and believe in!!
    Students Loans should be forgiven.

  40. "This is an issue that is not partisan, it should not be political, despite the efforts of the NRA over time". You just made it partisan and political.

  41. Dear White House sound tech: Ms Psaki's mike level is way too low. Please normalize next time!

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