Saturday , February 27 2021
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White House Holds Press Briefing: February 22 | NBC News

Watch as White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki holds a briefing.
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Live: White House Holds Press Briefing: February 22 | NBC News


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  1. Is the real world, the only questions are the one's her and Harris would ask: "DO YOU WANT FRIES WITH THAT?"

  2. Y the fences and weapons of war being put in place on American soil against the American people. I thought y'all were against that. Thought we were for peace and unity not division. We need strong leaders not cowards behind fences.

  3. Do you think she could snort a little more!!!

  4. The violet responsibility philly squeeze because quince unknowingly label apud a loving soprano. fantastic, zonked degree

  5. Trump is my president❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. Hate Biden and All corrupt democrats In WH… Stole my vote 🤮🤮🤮🤮

  7. What a truly amazing, professional and genuine contrast from the previous press briefings from our white house! God bless our new White House staff. May they remind us all how we conduct ourselves as the professionals we are!

  8. Comments on the White House channel? Intern screwed up again. They should have learned by now this administration doesn’t tolerate accountability

  9. What a bunch of liars! 👆🏼

  10. Looks like WH is on fire? And, rest of DC. What in the world?! Circle back to that tomorrow, I guess. I miss Kayleigh so much. This lady is scary.

  11. Circle Back .. 😂🤮🐍

  12. Only the GOP would work to block positive changes in the Senate. It's so typical of them. 😡

  13. Jen has her stuff together, she actually has notes and references, thank you so much, such a nice thing to see

  14. 😂😂😂😂sometimes ALL YOU CAN DO IS LAUGH!!!!! The bigger picture is dim for far too many.

  15. Biden is a fraud, elected by special interest groups who have alot of money to lose when Trump gives back to the people

  16. It is so nice to have a press secretary that doesn't spew lies like the previous bimbo did.

  17. She sounds sick and took off her by mask , uh hello dummies that be real good , and didn’t she just violate a mask mandate rules for the not for me

  18. Really boring compared to trump!. plus everyone is looking to take advantage of Biden's incompetence and willing to take a payoff.
    Chinese president is saying that he wants the tariffs removed, and Iran is saying that you got to do it our way. Who the heck voted for Biden

  19. I love the choice of colors everytime , Jen looks professionally and experienced

  20. She is sniffling and wiping her nose.

  21. Couple things at the top is yes Joe dropped the N word in munich, remember he just celebrates black history month directly

  22. Where do the Mexican and African Americans who can’t use a computer go Jen?

  23. Wow watched the whole update.No yelling,sarcastic comments a professional woman 👍🇺🇸🙏

  24. Freedom of speech concerns…LMAO🤫

  25. All lives Matter , only two genders , Abortion is murder .

  26. Call the white house…. they do not answer ¿¿¿…. ];)p

  27. Neera Tanden pick is one of the most obvious examples of insider ball I've seen in a long time. Pretty shameless.

  28. Does Anyone believe Anything from Biden ? Come on man!
    Circle back helps alot
    Flip a coin A mask or no mask. Kids are fainting in schools from wearing masks all day.
    We won't hear the truth about. the votes that were lost or rigged and that worked so well for the democrats that they want to send mmail in ballots to everyone. I got a mail in ballot. I didn't ask or want it.

  29. Bless you Ginger Jesus!! Full support!!

  30. She’s super hot 😘🥰😍

  31. Hey trump supporters..this what government sounds like…

  32. Dogs and pigs also express gratitude to their owners.

    How can they say that they have a religion and do politics?

    Can they thanks to JESUS with a soul?

    In the BIBLE said that those who receive grace and do not appreciate are wicked. They are only Satan and Devil. by Prophet Yi /


    Biden wanted to become president in order to hide the crime for himself and his son. Naturally, he wants to use the power of ex officio so that he and his son are not punished by the law for crimes. Bill Clinton and Hillary, and Bush and Obama are in the same situation as Biden.

    바이든이 대통령이 되기를 원했던 것은 자신과 자신의 아들에 범행을 숨기기 위해서이다. 당연히 그는 직권남용의 권력을 사용을 하여서 자신과 자신의 아들에 범죄에 대한 법에 처벌을 받지 않기를 원하고 있다. 빌 클린턴과 힐러리 그리고 부시와 오바마도 바이든과 같은 상황이다.

    For Biden of the United States, a strong countermeasure against China is a drama of lies and manipulation to be shown only to people. Already, Biden of the US is signing laws and policies for China.

    It will be very easy for you and your family to beg to die in the pain of God's punishment, Coronavirus 19 and mutations.


    US open investigation of criminal Barack Hussein Obama !

    obama was via @YouTube

    버락 후세인 오바마의 충격적인 과거

    미국은 범죄자인 버락 후세인 오바마를 공개 수사를 하여라

    What did Obama in America do for black people in 8 years?

    Only he is shouting 'I can do it'.

    Was he dreaming of becoming a comedian?

    He doesn't seem to be able to do that. If he weren't the president, would he really make people laugh?

    Was President Obama's mother white?

    Obama of the United States is a citizen of the United States because his mother was an American citizen, right?


    This is retaliation between Hillary and House Speaker Palosi for Trump.

    It's a retaliation for Trump's saying four years ago that he's imprisoning Hillary. Trump had to imprison Hillary at my command. But he did not work. It is Trump's mistake not to follow GOD's orders.

    Biden's vice president, Harris, used the phrase'I have a dream' (Martin Luther King) in the Democratic Party's primary. And she is the one who said she would make that dream come true.

    When I said that Obama had already been president for eight years and that Obama did nothing for the black man, she didn't speak any more. Harris is not black. She is Indian and Indonesian.

    But Obama put Harris next to Biden and she became Vice President. The United States must now obey the orders of mixed-race children in India and Indonesia.

    이것은 힐러리와 하원의장인 팰로시에 보복이다.

    트럼프가 힐러리를 구속을 시킨다고 4년전부터 말을 한 것에 대한 보복인 것이다. 트럼프는 나의 명령대로 힐러리를 구속을 시켜야만 했다. 신의 명령을 따르지 않은 것이 트럼프의 실수이다. 바이든의 부통령인 해리스는 민주당의 경선에서 '나에게는 꿈이 있다'는말을 이용을 하여서 자신이 그 꿈을 이루겠다고 말을 한 사람이다. 이미 오바마가 8년동안 대통령을 했고 오바마가 흑인을 위해서 한 것이 아무것도 없다고 내가 말을 하자 그는 더 이상 말을 하지 않았다. 해리스는 흑인이 아니다. 인도와 인도네시아인이다.

    그러나 오바마가 해리스를 바이든의 옆에 있게 하여서 부통령이 된 것이다. 미국은 이제 인도와 인도네시아의 혼혈아의 명령을 따라야 한다.


    Keep proving what your American leaders are. With your evil crimes.

    Criminals are always talking about themselves.

  33. Joe Biden is the Messiah. He doesn't need a Marine.

  34. Thanks for back to real briefing's. Thanks Jen.

  35. i can see the sincerity and authenticity in this white house speaker.

  36. A real President, a real Vice president and a real Press Secretary. I finally sleep at night knowing life is going to be okay.

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