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White House Holds Press Briefing: June 8 | NBC News

Watch as White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki holds a press briefing.

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Live: White House Holds Press Briefing | NBC News


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  1. Secretary Bootiegysser likes secretary Ballsack?

  2. This is the most evil and AntiAmerica administration since the Declaration Of Independence.

  3. Hunter Biden calls people the N word! He's a disgrace, a racist a bigot and a criminal, just like his father!
    BTW, President Donald J Trump, Won the Election in a LANDSLIDE!! The whole world knows it!

  4. Psaki and Fauci have something in common they are both terrible at their jobs and lie constantly.

  5. i tried to watch a whole briefing, but couldn't do it. This lady sucks! I remember Kayleigh. Kayleigh was awesome.

  6. Another press conference brought to you by the I DONT KNOW administration

  7. This world nuts. Talk talk talk while everything gets worse. EVERYTHING

  8. This first woman is horrible at public speaking

  9. So comments were off until after the live feed. why

  10. I’m not offended cause this country is and will always be built off Bs …..

  11. People of color who is that ? What type of rhetoric do this government help….people of color refers to whom??? She tried to slip that in ….I can’t stand tha governance of these people …


  13. Trump won and every sane person knows it

  14. shape abc in all letters guns with Triggers on sites of the gun to honor a name of a veteran throwing it in the air and catching it

  15. I wish that apprenticeships would return instead of having to have a college degree. So many talented Americans who can’t afford the cost of college, are being left out of the job market. Poverty could be defeated if people could have on sight training for better jobs. If Biden is serious about building wealth from the bottom up, then he has to provide other avenues, besides college degrees to train Americans in upper level jobs.

  16. No wonder china advances more than America when you have Republicans opposing President Biden on everything

  17. Investing in crypto is a more lucrative way of making money

  18. 중국, 인도,한국,일본,등등,학교들의 도덕책들과 윤리책들에, 십계명들도 넣을 필요들이,있는듯 합니다.예절들 관련한,죄들에 관한 감소들 필요.
    십계명중에 4계명에서 10계명까지는,예절들이 많이 포함되어있기에,들어갈 필요들 있는듯 함.
    God(Our Lord),given this messages.

  19. Her hijab and necklace are beautiful 💚

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