White House Holds Press Briefing: May 17 | NBC News

Watch as White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki holds a press briefing.

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Live: White House Holds Press Briefing | NBC News


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  2. Buyden is gone just an actor

  3. What a clown show joke. We are in a bizzarro world

  4. More lies from failure administration.

  5. Buy a man eat fish, the day. Teach man, lifetime to end.

    -Joe Biden

  6. This is a 🥔free zone … thanks for your cooperation.

  7. I request/gain/submit to/receive/keep presidential level decommissioning as if I have become aggressive to the president(though I have not & have guarded myself from being that way my whole life with aspect-like dedication). my 5th of kol is used to make this post a (combat) defense to ensure it gets done.

  8. George Floyd is coming for her, she'll like it. Bigger than Hunter. Tell her to buy lube and we know Joe doesn't need any. His brain is so fried he doesn't care now.

  9. Lmao..lier in a blue jacket

  10. Fraudulent president. Fraudulent administration

  11. The only thing more pathetic than this illegitimate, fraudulently regime is our disgusting Pravada-like propaganda press that deserves no respect and only scorn. The Press are the enemies of truth and the American people!

  12. It doesn't matter they have waited to long to audit andf the states, and both partys are negligent in their oath of office.

  13. Dear Lord shake the white house not by human standards but only by your infinite grace, wisdom righteousness and justice. In Jesus name!

  14. She is MORE Pathetic than BIDEN, if possible!!!!

  15. NutPsaki is such a loser and liar

  16. Why won't anyone ask her why xiden released money to hamas a month prior to firing 3500 rockets?


  18. Fear and Fud the final froes of a failed system

  19. Proverbs 29:2
    2 When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice;
    But when a wicked man rules, the people groan.

  20. Anything to weaken the united states puppet joe will do.
    Anything to destroy American jobs puppet joe will do. Puppet joe is the president to the illegals criminals human traffickers and Beijing. Joe is working for beijing because he is a weak sellout

  21. Biden takes his orders from Beijing. Thats why they paid hunter and joe millions so they can control them like puppets

  22. Self-president and the worst gangs who are demolishing the true value of use and killing the true hero who made usa great.

  23. What lies will she have for today. The auditors found all the deleted data. Tick Tock Communist Pedophiles Your time is running 5,4,3,2,

  24. Fraudulent administration

  25. Phony Administration. Maricopa County.

  26. Arizona's calling and it isn't looking good mister potato

  27. Why call for cease fire???..Israel is destroying potential American Attackers..

  28. Wow scripted questions and pre-prepared responses..What a farce this administration is …America is in BIG trouble