Thursday , June 4 2020
Home / News / White House holds press conference as U.S. confirmed cases rise to 290,000 | USA TODAY

White House holds press conference as U.S. confirmed cases rise to 290,000 | USA TODAY

White House coronavirus task force provides an update.

Americans know they are facing a threat, but they aren’t sure exactly how it may impact the economy, the country’s politics or society at large. Public health officials can’t say when social distancing or quarantines will end. Some people don’t know whether they’ll have a job to go back to or a business to reopen. No matter how often someone washes their hands, they can’t ensure they won’t get sick.

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  1. So the president agrees with the firing of Commander Crozier, yet, he'll step in to save a f–king war criminal!!! Disgraceful!! Worst president ever!!!

  2. Welcome to stand up comedy USA!!!!

  3. Wots with the grand entrance🤔

  4. OMG,

    It's like listening to a drunk man talking in a pub

  5. Just by reading the comments this must be a Trump Derangement Syndrome crowd ! Vote for Biden you idiots ! lmao

  6. Yes, reopen the country. People can wear masks, still continue social distancing and if you're already sick or struggling with a disease, you should probably stay home. However, with a 99% recovery rate, we need to send people back into the world. Small businesses will never recover, people are committed suicide, murder/suicide and hospitals were informed to mark "covid19" death regardless how the person died. If they have even a small amount of the antibodies in their system, they're included in the death total. This is not accurate and purposely making it look worse than it is. How do people still trust these alphabet soup organizations and government?

  7. There's a lot of people thinking hard about things and we have a great future ahead of us. Good to know😂

  8. Why did he say there would be less death if this wasnt done??

  9. If you DON'T like TRUMP leave this GREAT country!

  10. USA next to Spain and Italy no contingency plan

  11. Who the hell is the camera man WTH 😡 your fired lolol

  12. Why are these fake news reporter are here? They should be quarantined at home like the rest of the Americans people.

  13. The Mexicans has build a hospital in 3 days for covid 19, even better than us( USA)

  14. now you hear him telling make it great again,actin like it was so great back then,oh man….

  15. i miss that dumb PBS lady…………….I think Trump slapping her around a couple times got her mind right.
    I remember how stupid she was with past Sarah Huckabee questions.

  16. 3m in the middle of a m massive lawsuit over bad ear plug devices given to military and probably being delayed by lobbyists & congressmen

  17. Governor Cuomo for president. He’s leading the nation in this coronavirus epidemic. At least he’s good at something. When Trump wins in 2020 you people are going to say the coronavirus was a plan to rid the demon rats from this country. Oh well you can try to impeach him again if there’s anyone left.

  18. What's with the black latex gloved screensaver as video image, instead of live stream, on youtube hdtv stream the last 25min?

  19. How does the president keep trying to rush to open the country when the country is losing more and more people everyday!

  20. Scolds reporters for all raising their hands at the same time and wasting time. Immediately goes on 2 minute tangent about shaking hands.

  21. God Please give us a Real President in 2020!

  22. Donald Trump, You are the Only Corrupt Politician there is in this World!

  23. Nobody can follow, Rambling,

  24. 52:19 He was referring to the fools at fox.

  25. Choke… Rambling…. overwhelmed !!!

  26. trump bringer of Death and Pestilence.

  27. His hands look especially small today. The big Wartime President wants to blame everyone but himself. He got off too a slow start.

  28. Oni mówią o naklejkach w sklepach, teraz.
    Świat zwariował

  29. 300.000 now. No nationwide quarantine, no all airtravel banned, no closed borders, sad.

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