Thursday , June 4 2020
Home / News / White House holds press conference as U.S. death toll tops 6,000 | USA TODAY

White House holds press conference as U.S. death toll tops 6,000 | USA TODAY

White House coronavirus task force provides an update.

The world soared past the 1 million mark in confirmed coronavirus cases, jobless numbers skyrocketed, Democrats delayed their national convention and the nation’s preeminent infectious disease expert required a security detail on Thursday.

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  1. Trump…you are over your used by date….please approach the Dustbin of history

  2. a month ago our USA government were promoting divisions everywhere: Anglosaxon people vs Africans, Latin people vs Anglosaxon P ,Asians vs Anglosaxon P, and now we are all together in this, for this reason and others China is now the new world leader along with the Russians and We(USA) are in clearly and fast decline !

  3. Which age group is dying in America

  4. I want Texas BBQ🔥🍢🍗🍢🍡

  5. Not sure what's worse, having to put up with this bombastic blowhard nincompoop for another 4 years or dying from the virus in a few weeks…

    – ok make it in 2 weeks and it's a deal..

  6. Trump: It's good, everything is good, it's great. It's fantastic, everything is fantastic. Look at the bump, take a look at the bump.
    Very bad, very hard just very bad.

    Am I the only one who thinks Trump looks like Jeff Dunham's WALTER?
    I'm sorry Walter, but on a positive note you don't look like you ran you're face through a jar of powered TANG!! ROTFLMAO

  7. Why still in USA no disinfection goods , short with higiene goods , masks , what happened with # 1 Superpower in the World ? We see very poor administration in our beautiful country !!! Rich Lobby i Congress destroyed our existence !!! What happened with Egypt ,when Moses taking People , who hated God thru Red Sea ? What they left in Pharaos Land ? This bad nation never exist ! They were just slaver and destroyed Egypt !!! Today , khazars , who just took rules from this bad people , are not slaves , but bilioners , they own our Mother Earth & destroy by our eyes societies of whole World !!!!!God bless America ! 🗽🙏🏻🇺🇸 Jesus called – come with me !!! Over 2 thousend Yrs agou !

  8. What's the difference between a US REPUBLICAN and DEMOCRAT?!?!? NOTHING, THEY'RE BOTH THE VILLAGE IDIOT!!!!

  9. This has been one huge cluster f@ck from the very beginning with Pinocchio Trump!! Lets not forget: "it's only 15 people and it will be down to zero soon" or "we are fully prepared and will stop this virus shortly". That was back in February. Even then they took very little action except to blame Democrats and hold press conferences claiming how "great" they were doing. It is all Bullshit. Trump only cares about Trump….period. He only recently started listening to Fauci and the other Dr's because he had to. He could no longer spin it to his advantage!!!!

  10. They are doing a really good job…

  11. Did anyone ever hear of euthanasia it’s here wake up they’re controlling us totally and completely

  12. No one (except the Dr's, first responders, nurses , s/market workers & cleaners) are doing a fantastic, excellent, or very, very good job. Not YOU or any of your sycophant muppets! And every one saw this coming, everyone but YOU! Your are only the best in the world for your inaction, lies, stupidity, infection and death stats. That is all. But here you are, again, blowing sunshine up your own ass when you have the worst record in the entire world & your people are dying in droves because of your mishandling and total incompetence.

  13. I love you uniteded states will be together leave tho this ¡Viva United States!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️❤️

  14. 6 feet of social distancing he preaches is not what is practiced

  15. There’s none of them wearing mask not even the ones in the press

  16. Be careful don't infect the president I heard someone cough now plssss I don't trust some evil Democrat at all they are members of 666

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