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Home / News / White House press secretary Jen Psaki holds a briefing | 9/23/21

White House press secretary Jen Psaki holds a briefing | 9/23/21

White House press secretary Jen Psaki holds a briefing. #FOXBusiness

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  1. Why are you guys in the comments so mean and nasty towards Jen Psaki and Joe Biden?

    They have done the best they can for this stupid country and Jen Psaki seems like a sweet,gentle lady. If ya'll notice…she sometimes smiles when people ask her questions.😍 If she does answer a question a certain way,it's because they grill her with certain touchy and controversial questions. You would probably answer that way too if you were up there explaining the world's terrible behavior. Think about it.💭

    But anyway,you all must be Trump supporters and are still mad/upset that Trump lost the election. Get over it,people! Thank God he lost!👏

    This administration isn't perfect,but they are better,have done more and have handled things the right way,unlike Trump's people and his base. If Trump were still in power…this pandemic,the political and racial tensions,Critical Race Theory,the border crisis,etc etc would be Hell on Earth right now a lot more than it already is.

  2. How does this person sleep at night? Lies Lies and more Lies!

  3. Why even do this every day? She never answers the questions.

  4. Psaki is an alcoholic. She sticks her tongue out a lot, licking her lips. Alcoholics usually do that.

  5. Jen's BAIT N SWITCH tactics with Peter Doocy FAILED when asked why Biden's letting illegals claiming to be pregnant free passage into USA without pregnancy or Covid tests.
    She tried to make it appear that Doocy had a problem with PREGNANT women.
    This is a perfect example of how a DECEITFUL FAUX ADMINISTRATION works.

  6. State run media is no media why waste our time asking question to a known liar?

  7. My entire life changed when I met here they’re such a rare gem. And I’ll be forever grateful for all their help

  8. THE Worst Administration ever in the White House!!!! Excuses and More Excuses.Totally Unacceptable Hippocrates. Condescending Clowns. Let ME finish………

  9. Yeah Biden just believes in rewarding the lazy and the rich. He does nothing for middle class and the people that have continued to work during the pandemic.

  10. "its not deportation because they are coming here illegally" Ugh the hypocrisy

  11. Didn't put mask on b4 leaving lol

  12. Her response on the border is repulsive

  13. Lier's they will burn in hell God is watching

  14. I live in michigan…if you want to ckme across the bridge from windsor to Detroit you have to show proof of vaccination!but not at the southern border!

  15. Now when covid kills people its on you!liar…how do you sleep at night?

  16. Liar!biden pushes mandates but releases civid positive migrants!

  17. Actually really surprised that if the Democrats want to keep track of Americans purchases over $600 dollars that people are still comfortable having their money in banks.

  18. She is a puppet for Sippy cup and and top leaders of the swamp. I trust nothing she says. She is part of the failed administration that's destroying America.

  19. Wow is she really saying that? Do you not believe they are pregnant? Hell no we don’t believe them! What is with this admin! I have to stop watching her she is so full of shot. Trump sure lives in This admin heads rent free. When they do something wrong or just FU as they have done since 01.20”21 just blame Trump. He did the Job 100% better than they have done. Everything they touch turns to crap.

  20. Her smile is so forced so evil so diabolical. LYING GASLIGHTING DEMORAT!

  21. Is she catching flies with her tongue? Ewwwww.

  22. It was a big lie about the border patrol on horseback. That was fake news to blame Americans doing their jobs while protecting illegals and making up a story to take the blame off Biden. They hit no one! These people are illegal and they are not being nice at all. Why don’t you tell how they took a bus over from border patrol and escaped into our interior Psaki! Or does that not fit you lying narrative? Citizens are seeing exactly who this admin is and what they are truly about,

  23. You have no president wake up sleepyhead

  24. Oh that’s is easy give China joes hit list
    Oh well know that Joe is in bed with China
    Hey I did not say with kids so have joe order more china chips we know where they come from after all North Korea works help make them so look at you mother board welcome to China hey we need a better spokesperson for the unfit prez

  25. The broken system is the biden administration's fault including you

  26. Should ask her who’s babysitting him tonight

  27. Double talk they are placed on removal which is put them in ice facilities or send them with a court date to cities all around the United States. In fact very few are going any place. They must think we are stupid.

  28. I have such a problem with Jen. She is a a prolific liar and it has been proven. She needs to watch Conservative media. She might learn something that is not misinformation. No Amnesty, take care of the problems before non necessary plans and money be spent. I don't believe anything this Biden and this Administration promises. YEAH TRUMP, PLEASE BRING BACK.

  29. Joe's approval rating in Iowa is now 31%.

  30. Press secretary to the worst President in history

  31. The US displaced them, the US can house them.

  32. She is a master of smoke and mirrors and full of deception. The only people she is convincing are her cronies in DC!!!

  33. No point in journalists attending these briefings .all about Psaki lying and avoiding questions.just leave her with an empty room to preach to

  34. God please help us all! Listening to Peppermint Patti spin the narrative just makes me sick! Your nose is growing!!

  35. Three years from now they’re gonna blame the previous administration

  36. Referring to workers as infrastructure really epitomizes the problem — you don't want to abolish slavery, you want to legitimize it. It's disgusting and bald-faced and unAmerican and it shall not pass.

  37. Hey Jen, here's an idea for the Canadian border question…..why don't you suggest our Canadian cousins fly to Mexico and cross the wide open southern border….there are no restrictions down there….

  38. Hey Jen, take the questions seriously, answer them, that's what the American people expect of the Biden Administration….

  39. health information is private.

  40. What you get the most of from the Biden administration is lip service .

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