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White teacher suspended after racist rant against black man

The parent was dropping off his child in the parking lot of a Pennsylvania middle school when he and the teacher got into a fender bender.

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  1. Who the heck needs a truck that big? The bed is almost as tall as a person!

  2. I hope she don't get fired and one of her black students hits her with a one punch knockout. Just drops her bitch ass.

  3. From the way that the guy was talking, I doubt he makes 6 figs. He was pushing her buttons and filming her while he was doing it. I bet that a black girl would have acted the same way as her or anyone for that matter. Let's see how any of you act after a day of trying to teach a bunch of disrespectful kids some asshole hits your car on the way out and then sticks a camera on you.

  4. Suspended ?? She should of got her ass fired

  5. See this is the problem; ABC News is not journalism‼️

    Tell the whole story and inform the public, not deceive and spin the narrative to further an agenda!

    This was a small/petty argument. Happens everyday in America! This story is irrelevant compared to someone getting shot in their own home 🏡 ‼️

    This is Her YT Channel. Yall give her your 2 cents.

  7. First of all, my hat is off the the gentleman who so candidly modeled dignity and self control. Second, just give a person a little time. He or she will show you their true level of intelligence…. or in her case, the lack of.

  8. Trump has the wypipo out of pocket

  9. What these types of teachers do in their break room is gossip about all the kids.. Teachers should want to shape and mold young minds. Her hate started w/her upbringing/home life.

  10. I would fk the shit out of that teacher 😂

  11. Suspended, no the appropriate word is FIRED

  12. Fire her period, she should not be around children .

  13. Her name is Renee Greeley

  14. How many black students did this whore fail?

  15. She should be fired. Racist bitch teaching our kids. No to that!! Keep your ignorance yo yourself

  16. He goaded her into this. He thought (after causing her accident) I'll make a viral video!

  17. don't let anyone record you out of context. this can happen very quickly and you might not like it. I hate watching these videos the media releases without the ENTIRE video. Her actions were not appropriate considering, but none of us were there either.

  18. How does she still have employment with the school system. A place where you work with and are left with the mental, educational care of children of all races.

  19. Where’s the original video?

  20. She was only speaking the truth.

  21. First of all, he pulled his phone out and starting recording her before instigating by bringing up the "because he's black" thing! Based on that video, he made it into a race thing so that's the new thing now. But who said what before that recording? Who's not to say he was a smart ass to her before the recording? I've Seen people plenty of time instigate an argument with someone that's trying to ignore them, then the person that tried to ignore them being the one whom ended up in trouble because of their actions when they got fed up of that instigating person! How is that right? And she never even said anything racist, she just agreed to his remarks! He created the black and white thing because he's the one that brought it up in the first place! Based on that video he set her up and that's ok though right! This is merely a liberal agenda and why I can't stand them! And him being a Dad doesn't means he's credible!

  22. Hey Daniel McGarry! FIRE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!. There are plenty of teachers out there who are eager to work with kids and parents that don't have a racist bone their body.

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