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Who are Jeffrey Epstein's close female associates? | USA TODAY

The female confidants in Jeffrey Epstein’s inner circle.
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Following Jeffrey Epstein’s death, at least six women who accused him of sexual abuse have already filed lawsuits against his estate and associates.

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  1. these "women" is oppressed by having helped a pedo, so why aren't they atleast in court ?


  3. Sick of just seeing all bad shit on the media these days . I think the news should just focus on good stuff . And just let the families greiv over there bad stuff privitly . All this bad stuff on news and the internet makes me sick and depressed.

  4. where are the new girls pantys jeff bought in jail!! he wore them stunk them up real good we want those skivvies to sell 1000 bucks each.

  5. Go after Junkermann if you have the balls.

  6. Why aren't these enablers behind bars???

  7. Want proof of his death! Where? Funeral?

  8. It looks as there were no kidnapping and forcing. The girls were in a way employees of Epstein. The underage prostitutes. I do not comprehend public and media sentiments over poor little children. Not so little and not so poor after years of selling themselves to rich clientele. They are as disgusting as men who used them. Do not know who was more awful.

  9. Rest me my husband jaspal Singh ratual

  10. Deleting comments are we!!! F U!! Rip a great man, f me too and all feminist agendas!!

  11. The times are making her out to be a victim, she was he's Mossad controller,

  12. Be sure any women who were co conspirators with epstein will not be persecuted. Women righ org and media will portray them also as a victim of epstein now that epstein is murdered. more over mossad an cia will cover up all evidances .

  13. Help me please 98159.15506help me please am big problem please help me

  14. The queens dirty laundry🤓🤮🤢🤮🤢

  15. Stop lying to the public he was murdered by political figures who fucked small children on his island.

  16. All in hiding don't want to be on the Clinton hit list

  17. Epstein is a Mossad agent who had a lush career setting honeypot traps for the elites, mostly American lawmakers, keeping them duly blackmailed in order to keep the $billions flowing to Israel.

  18. Epstein belonged in a concentration camp. That would have been best for him.

  19. Oh. So those women are above the law, so what does that make his victims, under the Law? I'm confused why are you rubbing the blatant crimes of Pedophiles in our face? How is that news? We already know. We don't care. We are to lazy to plan assassinations to start killing Elite, society has a lot further to fall before we can have justice. Street justice.

  20. For sure they free him and he is somewhere els now with new identity! Big names involved with him. No way he killed him self or they got rid of him

  21. Business as usual. They voted he's dead. Next. Don't ever question God's authority.

  22. The FBI and judges protected this guy cuz he was so well connected and he donated to all their causes. That's how it works in america guys

  23. Pedophile island  – Home of the democratic party .

  24. He was involved with Hillary and all the democrat  hopefuls.

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