Wednesday , June 23 2021
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Who Is Behind The Saudi Oil Attack? | NBC News Now

U.S. intelligence suggests that Iran is behind the attacks on Saudi Arabian oil facilities, although Iran has repeatedly denied any involvement. NBC News’ Emmanuelle Saliba reports.
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Who Is Behind The Saudi Oil Attack? | NBC News Now


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  1. Who knows maybe al queida has made a comback. After all they came from that region & after ISIS down fall they might spark THE region once again with 15 years of civil war,terrorism. Lets pretend that the world leaders have Been on THE A list of leaders. Why not launch WW3 as soon as possible?

  2. They should demolish this terrorist state, not enough damage done.

  3. Those who benefit… Not Iran

  4. Im no expert but what kind of weapon would create a puncture hole in those spheroids without obliterating them? Wouldn't a cruise missile or bomb from a drone detonate after punching those holes? Wouldn't that explosion blow the spheroids apart in some way? How is there just a hole?!

  5. You cannot all ignore the fact the Iranian government might not have total control over all their forces. The Revolutionary guard could be acting without the knowledge of the permission of Iranian government

  6. How come a cruise missile reaches Khurais thousand of kilometers away from any border of Saudi without being detected and destroyed? I worked in Khurais project in 2007 to 2009 and it was too remote at the middle of Saudi Arabia.

  7. Good job NBC News, good solid story!

  8. 😂 USA involved. We are so used to sabatoge here, even the citizens know we do dirty bad things in governement but we also know NO ONE is gonna do anything about it. I always tell my friends if gas prices get to cheap, an oil accident will happen to spike price up

  9. She is lovely. She needs to do more reports.

  10. Bombs, hate, fighting and stupidity! Hello world 🌎 we are all in this together. Working together is the key to our success as the human race. Things like this make me 😞 unnecessary actions

  11. Hitler planned a fire to be set on the court house. They blamed a mentally impaired man who just happened to be Jewish. A Roman King did that too. He set fire to the city and blamed Christian's for it.

  12. Who cares .let the arab league deal with it.were dealing with an impeachment and were not going tobget distracted with a war so that this traitor president can try to save his presidency .this is an atab league problem and i for one dont trust those pimps in saudi arabia or those extreme muslims in iran .its there problem and its not that serious .neither country can invade each other with troops so stop trying to make it into a big deal .its an arab league problem period .

  13. Trump needs to attack Iran to avoid impeachment 👆It’s all political games

  14. This is SELF INFLICTED. Just to jump PRICES.

  15. it's the cia and the mi6 and mossad plus iran who are 100% behind the attack.
    to destroy the united states economy.

  16. Pretty sure iranian missiles are not so accurate

  17. the United States behind this attack. It is proven throughout the world that it upsets the politics of the United States. but the people of the United States do not know the truth. the news is controlled by the world leaders

  18. Trump has a thin skin and everything has to be sugar coated for him, –
    We live in a world were people can't tell the truth about the monsters who rule.   America and what it once stood for no longer exists.

  19. So all this missiles and drone , and none was intercepted with all they missile defensive toys there….? Hahahahah you better start talking……. M🤓😜😜😜😜💥💥🚀🚀🚀🎤🎤🎤🎤

  20. who gains if Iran Falls …. israel has called for Irans demise… nations are great at making it look like their enemy has attacked their ally. i wonder….

  21. USA . ISRAEL and SAUDI attack other country and comets many crimes against civilians and properties …. And no one from the international community say anything they just ignore what happened …. Since the hothy did it and they make the claim … The international community they whant to accuse IRAN because Mr Trump make a big mistake pulling out of the nuclear deal … And now IRAN have a free hand to do what they whant and refuse to do new negotiation with USA … Unless USA do what IRAN wants … Mr Trump know if US attack IRAN it going to be a big price to pay and they going to achieve nothing …. Like what happened in Vietnam …. On top of that IRAN in 24 hours well destroy all the petroleum fieldes in all the golf countries including the fieldes in AL JASIRA AL ARABIA …. And i believe once this happens it binge the 3 World war …. Witch the government of USA wants this war but they dont want to be involved …. And this war it realise US from the economic problems .

  22. Notice the obvious Apple advertisement. How much did Apple pay for that?

  23. It was a little too precise 🤔

  24. I believe the Saudia Arabia royalty was behind the attack…
    If, in fact, this satellite imagery is true then they targeted diesel production. WHY???


  26. Just like 9/11 there is the "Official Story" and then there is the Lack of Evidence .
    Follow the money… who benefits from war ?
    Who has backed 2 sides of the same war. ?

  27. how everyone forgets, the high-jackers from 9/11, were all Saudi terrorists. And when their are at least a dozen satellites monitoring this region, they cant tell me they didnt see exactly where the missiles came from. Good thing my gas/oil doesnt come from from here

  28. Iranians in the U.S. are likely to be forced into camps if Iran chooses war with America.

  29. It's refreshing to see a story that has actually been researched. Journalism is very sloppy nowadays. Thanks for the work.

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