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Who is the NL MVP frontrunner and Is this year's Dodgers team ready to win it all? | MLB WHIPAROUND

Who is the NL MVP frontrunner? Plus, is this year’s Dodgers team ready to win it all? Nick Swisher and Dontrelle Willis discuss those topics.

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Who is the NL MVP frontrunner and Is this year’s Dodgers team ready to win it all? | MLB WHIPAROUND

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  1. Who will be the NL MVP frontrunner this year?

  2. Yelich is better imo🤷🏾‍♂️.. without him the brewers would be nothing. Take Bellinger off the dodgers and they are still first in the NL.

  3. what about AL i think DJ should win it

  4. Acuña should be in the talk for MVP, he is 7 HRs and 12 SB from a 40/40 year

  5. Ws Champs: Astros
    NL MVP: Yelich
    AL MVP: Trout

  6. ronald acuña jr should be. He's going to get 30 HR AND 30 bags with the possibility to get 40-40. If he played in new York or LA he would be the front runner… He's a better overall players than both these guys.

  7. They owe after they steroid robbed us

  8. the dodgers are one of the best teams in the league but i think they will win this years world series

  9. Hahaha he said the Buffalo Bills of baseball…..😂🤣

  10. Wow Tory Hunter really let himself go

  11. And the 2019 World Series champions. The Los Angeles Dodgers

  12. Glad to see swisher and his stupid facial expressions on fox,, this way we in Cleveland know he’s really retired and can’t come back to Cleveland ever again!!!!! Between swisher and Bourne , they ruined baseball in Cleveland for four years,, when the Indians finally were able to trade these two do nothings, Way over paid players, to the braves, it was like Christmas , One of the greatest sports days in Cleveland history

  13. Mlb juicing up these rawlings. We're seeing guys barely swinging at balls outside the zone going the other way

  14. Dodgers play weaker teams with weaker pitching far more often, Dodgers are a shoe-in for the playoffs, while Yelich faces strong opposition more often and has single handedly kept his team in the playoff race. as the definition of the player that brings most value to their team, it's gotta be Yelich.

  15. Bellinger and Yelich are so close offensively, but hands down Bellinger is the better player. Because he is an elite outfielder in multiple positions PLUS is an exceptional elite defensive infielder at first base. That tips the scale for sure. Cody Bellinger MVP🏆✨

  16. Dodgers won't win it all because AL teams are far superior

  17. Right now it's Bellinger, stats are nearly identical, Cody's WAR is 1 full percentage point above Yelich & unlike the Brewers who can possibly miss the playoffs, the Dodgers have had a top 3 record in baseball all season long!

  18. JAVIER BAEZ IS THE GOAT!! But of course, Americans needs an American Role Model a Hero, like Trout, etc,etc…. but we all know who's the Best player since He WON a Championship back in 2016, Thanks God I understand this fraudulent activity coming from The $$ mafia, but To Us around the world, We all know who's the Best player to Watch…. Javier Baez, BAEZ Baez, BAEZ

  19. Bring Fox Sports Wisconsin back to Dish!

  20. Go back to the unbalanced schedule. Beating up on weak teams does not prepare you to play elite teams in the playoffs. As somebody who lives in a MLB town, I'm sick of seeing the same division teams, over and over and over… You want economic parody, make the AL East play the NL East, Central play the Central, West play the West. They have the same payrolls. Make them beat each other. There is your parody.

  21. The fact the Yankees have the best record is amazing me. Ik there great but they didn't have a great start and there lineup was injured sice forever 🤣

  22. Would the Dodgers have made the playoffs if Cody did not play at all this year??????

  23. I’m taking belly, better with the glove, just as good with the bat and he’s 3 years younger

  24. Look at our bullpen numbers. We better than the media say we are

  25. Bellinger is top3 defensive player in baseball to go with offense. Bellinger almost 2 points higher in WAR.

  26. The know-nothing media talking-heads are going to look/sound stupid again after pushing the Dodgers again this season to win & they flop! Stacking the deck is usually done by the simpletons too lazy mentally to actually evaluate talent vs. what you got!

  27. Yelich is so over rated how are you third in your division and still be called mvp smh rigged

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