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Who was Delhi's standout overseas performer?

#IPL2020 #DelhiCapitals #Delhi

Sanjay Manjrekar reviews Team Delhi’s performance this season

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  1. That was not a blunder

  2. People say manjrekar gavaskar will be happy with mumbaikar being Captain …I seriously doubt . When he can't see him captaining an ipl team how will they held him high in terms of Indian captaincy. 🤣 selective mumbaikarism

  3. Manjrekar…. DC didn't do any blunder…. Alex Carry had to play bcz they didn't have any other keeper

  4. Iyer did a fantastic job until now, bit there were s something that kicks always about sanjay Manjrekar,
    Why he usually gets involved in banter with players.
    Because he just becomes impatient and takes unnecessary conclusions.

  5. I am big fan shikhar Dhawan 💓💓💓💓💓💓

  6. Pant , Shaw, Iyer are 3 pillars in the DC squad( Dc expect carry the team through by their own growth) . Dc investing in them by giving chances and roles. They are in early years according to the roles assigning to them. 3 of them shows glimpses of that hope by their innings in previous seasons. But this year 3 of them in out of form ( except pant's innings in final and limited no of innings by Iyer and Shaw) . If these 3 of continued to shown what they have shown in previous editions, results would have been better

  7. Where is SRH season review 🤔

  8. But yes in 3 yrs he did great job.. No issues

  9. I have only issue with iyers tactics, In every game he followed same template, same changes like only one over from rabada, nortje, these changes were pre decided i think.. He should be more on instincts . it will help him alot.. Sometimes acc. To situation u need to play

  10. Iyer's captaincy & DC team management's tactics lacked imagination ..
    I can't pinpoint any move, decision which ponting & co took outside the ground or Iyer took inside the ground,, which can be called good.
    Instead there were many blunders committed by Iyer as captain.. In the match against KXIP , Bowling Deshpande (instead ashwin) against Gayle , took the game away from Delhi.. Nortje disappearing from the bowling attack after a over in powerplay in final..

  11. Some others needed to perform.
    Prithvi no Shaw
    Shim'run' no 'Hit'myer
    Ravichandran no Ash'win'
    Ajinkya no 'Roar'hane
    Rishab no 'Fun't
    Shreyas no higher

    Kagiso Not'bada
    An'rich' Nortje
    Shikhar Dh'aawww'an

  12. Why not dhawan as captain

  13. He leads his team into the final and Mr Sanjay has rubbish to say! What a pathetic guy he is! Let Shreyas do the job! Don't teach ponting! The only thing with DC is their players lost their forms! In the middle of the tournament

  14. Shaw disappointed everyone…hope he get chance against Australia and make us all happy with his performance. Everybody wants to see him scoring runs.

  15. I think rabada was good with bowl and he did win purple cap but I think he didn't take a lot pricey wickets as we all know he has taken most wickets in death overs than in power play so you can clearly know that many of his wickets are of bowlers or lower order batsmen than the top order batsmen also in dc vs srh qualifier 2 he just took the wickets of 2 batsmen i.e. of abdul Samad and Warner and the other two were of bowers but on the other hand stoinis took the wickets of three of the top order batsmen that where dc lags in the 1st 6 overs they don't take much wickets and because of rabada not taking much wickets in the 1st 6 overs is a think to worry about and the wickets he is taking towards the last are just numbers just for him only not for the team and most of those are not helping in wining matches they don't have much value

  16. Kagiso rabada was top in bowling
    Shikhar dhawan top in batting
    Shkhar dhawan back to back 100 then hat trick of golden ducks 🐤🐤🐤🐣🐣🐣

  17. What about rahane he disappointed lot he is experienced

  18. DC really disappointed me after the first half. Too much chopping and changing cost them. The 3rd seamer was the problem. They need to fix that at the mega auction. But 6/10 was really senseless. Can’t expect anything better from Manjrekar.

  19. As South African i was happy with the performance of Rabada and Nokia

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