Who was one batter Dale Steyn felt bad bowling bouncers to?

And who’d win in a staring contest between him and Virat Kohli? Steyn talks surfing, skateboarding, and a team-mate he could totally see on Love Island

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  1. Dale Steyn is my all time favourite bowler. He's the only bowler at least I've seen who has both pace and swing

  2. He has completely changed.
    When in prime, he was such a fiery bowler and person. Top pace and swing. He was too much to handle.

  3. What a cool guy . One can't hate Steyn 😎

  4. Steyn gun Best South African bowler all time

  5. You know you are Ab de Villiers when the greatest bowler is feared of you🔥

  6. One of the nicest guys in real life ❤️

  7. Favourite south africa bowler 💯

  8. It would be amazing to see ABD and Warner answering these types of questions

  9. Omg the only episode i have missed😲,9 months has passed.

  10. At 04:46 dekock crying in corner while watching 😂😂

  11. Dale Steyn, Brett Lee, Shoaib Akhtar & Wasim Akram Fab Four of our childhood

  12. Why is no one talking about the fact that Shia Lebouf looks EXACTLY like Dale???

  13. 3:42 every bowl which does feels like to go to the boundary ✨

  14. I like the count of indians here.

  15. GOAT in test format among the bowlers

  16. The guy asking the questions has such a masculine voice for a 7 year old.

  17. Dale Steyn Was Equivalent To Brock Lesner Of Cricket

  18. I have scroll many comments…feeling very happy that we have seen stey-gun era in which he was lethal not only him but south africa team as well
    H Amla
    G Smith
    J Kallis
    A b devilliers
    Ashwell prince. ,,Morne ,philander,Albie, 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  19. rubbish host. rubbish questions.

  20. For that bouncer question i would have taught sehwag may be the right person

  21. You are my all time fav bowler Dale Steyn the legend

  22. Probably the most worst Q nd A video of espn.. So boring questions 👎👎👎👎 waste of time of steyn as well as of viewers

  23. Probably the greatest fast bowler of the 21st century

  24. Wtf, be sensible, that dog breed question is just shameful. Do some good work to ask good questions.

  25. Dale Steyn 2.0 will be Umran Malik…..Student of Steyn

  26. Who won’t love this bowler … he is the best pacer of this decade

  27. aww thats so sweet…he dont like giving bouncers to kane…he says' hes the nicesst guy and after knewing him i felt bad,…. that was sweet..

  28. Shia LaBeouf looks more Dale Steyn than Dale Steyn himself

  29. 4:34 he looks more like dale steyn than dale steyn himself😂

  30. Such a down to earth person he is

  31. Please. Search this bowler.

    Varun Singh patel — matches-12 wickets-167 economy-5.6

  32. 5 years plus no 1 ranked test bowler, if Legend has a face, then this guy will b d 1, Steyn Gun 👏👏👏👏👏

  33. Now that he says it I can see the similarities b/w him and Shia Lebouf.

  34. The man has got good taste in music….Respect….War on drugs is one of the most under rated music bands with amazing music

  35. My favourite all time

  36. My icon..
    A bowler with pace . swing. aggression