Friday , January 15 2021
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Who won the VP debate between VP Mike Pence and Sen. Kamala Harris? | USA TODAY

The Vice Presidential debate had less arguing and a lot more talk about the issues, but there were still a few heated moments.
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  1. Pence won, Harris doesnt know what she's talking about.

  2. How do I explain to the world that their is no spell caster

  3. How do people vote for trump iam not from USA but trump is the worst

  4. We need another candidate this choice don't seem like the going forward motion

  5. PENCE 2024 !!!! He slayed the socialist!!!

  6. Who won the debate?
    Who conducted professionally , maintained tone emotions & spoke as leader, exchanged courtesies & was well prepared etc …I think that's what we see right ….so……. Is it obvious that someone hit it out of fence !!!

  7. We got a "Karen" running for VP .. Yikes

  8. Straight up I’m voting trump as an overall. However. She is completely correct. Private prisons are the CORE PROBLEM with our officers. When your money chooses your prison, officers are forced a double life. It causes a mess of psychological problems and in turn they abuse for the protection of the agency and not the protection of what matters the most people. VOTE . This was my first time. Gather facts as a person. Which candidate helps you, your situation, and family first? God Bless! ☝️👣💕💸💸💸💸

  9. All more hot air, they are all in bed together

  10. All the polls say that kamela won by a big heap, but when she answered the question they change the clip because she didn't answer it, she just called the House racist!! America stop being stupid! Don't fall for this and let's keep our constitution!

  11. Pence just man it was so bad . Pence's new nickname should be Mike "big willy brown" Pence because he was nailing her to the wall all night long.

  12. Kamala all the way! 🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵

  13. Lets talk about packing the court proceeds to talk about some other shit

  14. Kamala spues nonsense pence explained why its nonsense news: reports the nonsense but not pences answer to it this is bs

  15. If doctors tell me I will take it if Trump tells me I won't. That alone shows how ignorant she is

  16. I am new to this channel. Why was this video given more unlikes?

  17. "We would ban choke holds" and "George Floyd would be alive if we did that"

    –> How would banning a choke hold end systemic racism (which doesn't exist in the first place)?

    –> George Floyd didn't die because of a choke hold.

  18. "Operation warp speed" 😂

  19. All talk from the dem and then no action in the end. She talks down on VP Pence, dems do that a lot to Republicans. From the creators of WOKE no blessings flow.

  20. I saw a clever, articulate, facts focused man versus a hysteric, selfish, unprepared woman

  21. I remember when Hillary Clinton invoked Abraham Lincoln to justify her blatant lying. (She claimed Honest Abe lied to the public to get bills passed). Now Kamala Harris is invoking Abraham Lincoln to justify her bullshit too.

  22. "how panicked were you when u were thinking where you would get your next roll of toilet paper" -Kamala Harris

  23. If you can honestly believe yourself if you say that Harris won this debate, we clearly didn’t watch the same debate. Pence owned the stage even with Kamala having more speaking time. Dare I say, Pence exuded Presidential qualities.

  24. I dont believe pharma and vacines
    Trump try to make the vacine non synthetic
    No side effects
    The democrats are controlled from bug pharma and big bankers
    I used to like them not anymore

  25. Oh those condescending smirks & skin crawling smiles. Pence by a landslide!

  26. Harris won in my book. The fly came in second from what many have said.

  27. such a slimeball politicizing corona deaths and the george floyd death

  28. You can’t talk to a VP like that no matter what.

  29. Trump has done so much harm in the country. No matter what pence was trying to defend Trump it's not going to work. We all know What are truths and lies. It's time to change a new administration.

  30. Kamala for sure ..Pence lie as the President..Americains all of you T & P OUT.. give you this gift..

  31. Well i recieved plenty of responses FACT watch BIG WIND a documentary now on YOUTUBE about a small eastern ontario town which is now BUST watch what happens to peoples lives with failed green energy plans BILLIONS OF TAX PAYERS MONEY IN DEBTS & FOT MULTIPUL years ONTARIO had to pay other provinces and Michigan to use energy that was not used makes no sense RIGHT watch the video all turbines are in disrepair all ķilled muçh wildlife cost many people there health & lost livelihoods BIG WIND watch how a asian BILLION dollar company treats small town peoples sickening and saddening

  32. Pence stump her. Pence a beast.

  33. Stop playing politics with people's live

  34. Kamala is sad! she can't answer any question that make her feel uncomfortable, just show how unprepared she is. Pence is solid! Hands up! BTW the moderator again… garbage! Go Trump GO! He is not perfect but he is fighting for American Freedom, this election is much more fundamental than never. If Biden win will be the path to turn america to a socialist country and sell it to China. What about ObamaGate??

  35. Well I thought Kamala Harris won by a country mile, but it would appear that Mike Pence really impressed the Taliban, so now I’m not so sure.

  36. Kamala got destroyed and got called out for her lies.

  37. I want EVERYONE to know that the CDC, the nation's office of disease control, says that only 16% of all the people that died from covid-19 (all 213,000 of them), died DIRECTLY from covid-19 and not some other form of disease such as heart disease or CANCER!! THAT MEANS, IDIOTS, THAT ONLY APPROX. A LITTLE OVER 34000 ACTUALLY DIED FROM COVID-19!!! STOP SCARING PEOPLE AND GIVING THEM MISINFORMATION!!

  38. VP Pence destroyed the witch Kamala Harris, despite having less time than her and being constantly interrupted by the moderator. I do admit, though, she did a much better job than that idiot Chris Wallace!

  39. No contest who is the better person. Pence (1) Defends his boss (2) Sons in the military (3)Loyal to his wife.
    Kamala Harris (1) Threw Biden under the bus and accused him of being a racist and incompetent during her bid to be President (2) No kids, no pets, no values (3) Cheated on her husband to get ahead in her career as a prosecutor.

  40. Can any anyone tell me who won the debate please

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