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Whose playoff stock is rising and falling in NL playoff picture? | MLB WHIPAROUND

While the Cubs continue to falter, the Braves and Dodgers appear headed on a collision course. The MLB Whiparound crew discusses which teams are headed in the right and wrong directions as September nears.

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Whose playoff stock is rising and falling in NL playoff picture? | MLB WHIPAROUND

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  1. Will the Cubs make it to the playoffs?

  2. As a cub fan i really don't know very very dissoponted with them I blame front office more than maddon where's there leadoff guy ? Plus they have over valued there talent

  3. Braves fans hitting that thumb downs button after hearing that 🤣🤣

  4. Fox should’ve waited a little bit cause the braves won the series to day

  5. The 2019 season needs to end with Dodgers as Champs

  6. Dodgers might be getting jinxed hard

  7. As a Cubs fan i can say they've been a dissapointment. Ever since they won the World Series they've come apart as a team. It seems like they're just playing to get paid. The front staff have made some bad moves by signing alot of players to big contracts and have'nt paid off.(Heyward,Darvish,Lester and last year picking Hamels for 20+million.) Also farm system now one of the weakest. Will take quite some time again to rebuild this team back to contender mode.
    Indeed they were the 1985 Bears, a one hit wonder team.

  8. They could if they decide to start winning on the road it’s baffling

  9. NL Playoffs like this

    Wild Card

  10. C’mon my man Eric K … that’s a scary hair look 👀
    • btw, Charlie , Charlie ! the Phillies have Karma 👍

  11. Dodgers have to be winning by 5 to try to secure a win

  12. Giants will beat the Dodgers in the playoffs.

  13. Even though the Braves have an extremely good offense, the bullpen is definitely their biggest weakness. However, recently the organization has been focusing their efforts on improving the pitching, so the Braves may have even a better shot next year (I hope).

  14. Dodgers only weakness is their bullpen. Kenleys mechanics have been here and there and I think it's due to just being worked over the years and his heart issues. If the dodgers don't get this Joe Kelly in the playoffs, it's not as easy as people think. – Dodgers fan

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