Thursday , November 26 2020
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Why Anti-Vaxxers Are Targeting Grieving Moms To Spread Misinformation | NBC News Now

Most parents in the U.S. vaccinate their children but a growing number do not. NBC News’ Brandy Zadrozny reports on the dangers of anti-vaxxers who are targeting grieving moms to spread misinformation online.
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Why Anti-Vaxxers Are Targeting Grieving Moms To Spread Misinformation | NBC News Now


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  1. Just let Dr. William Thompson and Dr. Zimmerman testify before Congress. What is everyone so afraid of? If vaccines are so perfect, why block them? Why wouldn’t we want to hear from the FDA-appointed expert in the Polling case and the CDC’s lead author on their 04 MMR-Autism study?

  2. Make vaccine manufacturers liable again.

  3. Vaccinated children are spreading diseases that there parents had them injected with. Science is never settled. No double blind placebo safety study has ever been done.

  4. 'The HighWire with Dell Bigtree' channel uses the data from the CDC, FDA, WHO, the vaccine manufacturers & the pro vaccine scientists.
    He breaks this data down accurately so that laymen can understand it.
    If you are saying the data he uses is unscientific then you need to complain to the CDC, FDA, WHO, the vaccine manufacturers & the pro vaccine scientists because that is where the data he uses comes from.

    I implore everyone to go watch –

    'the High Wire with Dell Bigtree' channel and see for yourselves.

  5. I’m a 5th gen Autistic Diagnosed adult… my father’s line as well as my Maternal line carries this.
    You’re born with Autism, my immunisation history has never affected me in any way, nor my children except keeping us alive.
    I function well, have achieved many of my goals in life, as an athlete, student and master of science in many academic fields.
    These babies grow up and achieve great things no matter how insignificant to the world, it’s great to those who are involved.
    No one is at fault, not my mom or dad… not my dr’s or my lifestyle. It’s something that can occur, like red or blonde hair, blue or brown eyes, specified by our genome.
    Nothing more. I’m fortunate I got to live both a normal life (truly difficult facade) and now accepted as an autistic adult.

  6. If my kids get sick because you didn't vaccinate them I will sue you and any school principal who let's them in the door.
    I will also include the school district, and it's board as individuals. I will sue the state, because " they should have known".
    This is a public health nuisance and we need Federal law to protect us from these irresponsible idiots.
    Vaccinate everyone, including tourists and illegal aliens. It's mandatory.

  7. I totally disagree with anti-vaccine folks.

  8. Anti vaccinators also believe Stevie Wonder can 👀 & The 🌎 is flat. Lol , announcer " Uh "

  9. Has anyone answered how the un-immunized can threaten the immunized?
    or the un-vaccinated threaten the vaccinated?

  10. and none of you have dealt with a vaccine injury. so please stop talking like anti vaxxers are jus hating for whatever reason. it doesn't take a doctor to realize your perfectly healthy child started to decline after taking a vaccine. I've been there. so please don't you spread disinformation about people like me yet you won't sit down and ha e a conversation with us about it on the news but your constantly having conversations with people who agree. that's hardcore propaganda and unfair stop being bias and speak to an antivaxxer on the news live for the world to see and let the world judge

  11. If you can't get your kids vaccinated to keep them little peckerwoods in the house.

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