Why Apple's Board of Directors should be looked at amid China protests: Kissel

Mary Kissel, former senior advisor to State Secretary Mike Pompeo, discusses the ongoing protests in China and the role corporate America is playing in the expansion of the Chinese government.

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  1. These MFers look for the Chinese communist government. Any Americans on that board is a traitor. The CEO is a trailer and everybody down after him is a trailer.

  2. A lost opportunity for Apple to bring freedom of speech to the world, all it had to do was do nothing…. Apple leadership needs a reform with regards to how it deals with PRC government! I wonder what Steve Jobs would say if he was alive!

  3. ALL Globalist based companies are the problem. Global Trade is the problem. The world does not operate under the same rules. Trade should only occur between countries with similar rules.

  4. Bill Clinton made a stupid mistake allowing Communist China into the WTO. The corporate elite in the USA are anti American and anti-freedom.

  5. as an australian living in china i can tell you there are no riots. its all bs. i know a handful of people protested. maybe 50. i am against lockdows but can tell you there are no riots. in fact the police are very good unlike to violence perpetrated by australian police on protesters there.

  6. Obama & Joe Biden disappointed to lose a Communist Party member Xi Jinping now China is a coup now Obama propaganda for socialism who listens to Obama

  7. China could replace leader Xi Jinping as an adviser to the Politburo. Li Keqiang will replace Xi Jinping because the entire Chinese people demand the return of freedom to the people. China may be subject to a government coup.

  8. CEO Tim Cook born in America but living in China he product Apple IPHONE from China without freedom of speech no work in America American people don't expect him bring them to America let them back to China

  9. Send all the American BLM protesters to China to burn down their cities like they did ours in 2020/2021…

  10. Apple and google needs to be investigated by usa for their crimes

  11. Hello! Get over the cover story: The Rockefeller Foundation published a report in May 2010 in cooperation with the Global Business Network of futurologist Peter Schwartz. It was called Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development. The first scenario, titled, “Lock Step”, describes a world of total government control and authoritarian leadership. It envisions a future where a pandemic would allow national leaders to flex their authority and impose airtight rules and restrictions that would remain after the pandemic faded. (So, follow Faucci, Gates, Rockefeller etc. Sometimes conspiracy theories are real)

  12. Apple is in bed with the Chinese communist. Period! They are so morally corrupt, it staggers the mind.

  13. Tim Kook: China is doing so much for human rights. They told me they allow the uhygurs to choose which slave labor camp they would like to toil in. Having choices is a plus in my book. Hehe.

  14. Tim Cook…. Congressional Investigation, the sooner the better…. Who are these people?

  15. Indictment for the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act…Tim Cook? Apple? Hmmm.

  16. All these companies are in bed with China. They value profits over loyalty to their country.

  17. Apple stopped service for the Chinese protestors

  18. Tim Cook supports Chinese slavery in all Apples plants in China. These people are housed in huge apartment complexes, and must pay rent and food costs, yet they are paid less than those expenses, so they owe The Company Store more and more, thus they are indentured servants to master Tim. Just like the robber barons did in early America. America did away with slavery but Apple led by Tim still practices it. Tim also approved software that doesn’t allow Chinese citizens to access the internet on his products. That makes Tim is a communist sympathizers. A very bad man, protected by our Politicians and media.

  19. Tim Cook threatens Twitter with removal for free speech and deliberately works against CCP protesters. At least they’re consistent.

  20. We talk about China lying to its citizens, and that is true, we should all so include the lies and propaganda that come from the Biden Administration and the woke corporations, who at present time seem to be ruling this country and parts of the world

  21. Held Accountable for slave labor and deaths

  22. Lockdowns do have scientific basis, they reduce covid reproduction number, because they reduce the number of susceptible people un population. Depends only how they are implemented and do they cause more harm than benefit. Vaccination does not have scientific basis when vaccines don't give immunity. Fox news is asking for fact checking, i wonder if they even know the correct metric for infection spreading…

  23. People who look at this should also look at Kamala's husband, and what he does for a living.
    Where his money came from.
    He has gotten rich taking CCP money, and investing it in Sports franchises, Technology firms, Hollywood, US Real estate, etc.

  24. hmmmm Apple limiting Air Drops to prevent communication between the protesters …….. weird, we may have something like that going on here in the Great US of A on several platforms these days ………

  25. Maria is the best, World Government is disgusting. Fellow Americans, PLEASE Support our fellow Humans, Don't buy APPLE, or ANY other American Woke Corporations that HATE US. Rebuke the Reset

  26. Never owned any apple product and never will.

  27. CHRISTIANS STOP THE HOLLYWOOD POLLUTION OF OUR CHILDREN -Motion Picture Association film rating system-demand that a movies ratings need to include that it contains homosexual content

  28. Google needs to go on the advertising attack over the airdrop scandals.

  29. If I had a dog in the fight I would advise Apple to get to work on identifying Tim Cook’s replacement.

  30. American has supported This evil monster for over 30 years

  31. As a fellow Auburn grad I give Tim Cook two thumbs down. Everyone should boycott apple products and send their stock to caveat emptor.

  32. I’ll never buy anything Apple again. It’s just the beginning of the end for them I believe.
    Companies like this are destroying our democracy because of greed.

  33. "any tactic to put this protest down"…. sounds exactly like the Canadien regime…

  34. All American companies that have factories in china are traitors to America including elon musk.

  35. Steve Jobs and Tim Cook are traitors to America for propping up china's economy with their manufacture of Apple products there.

  36. Apple never valued freedom, they always wanted control. All their hardware is proprietary., they control the platform. They hate openness and want to be like China.

  37. I love how after the election, it's 'The CCPs main goal is to overtake the United States'. If this was objective reporting, the democrats would've lost because 'the CCPs goal is to overtake the US'. And we don't want that, right? Newsflash; Most of us do want that, and the elections outcome proved it.

  38. It's not arbitrary. It's mandated. That's why there's riots. And if there's no scientific basis saying the govt is lying to the people, there's also no scientific basis which suggests they're being truthful.

  39. Apple threatens to shut out Twitter from its Store because of Musk's stance of Free Speech, but then supports the ChiComs as they actively suppress speech in their country. Cook is a flaming communist at the helm of the world's largest company. He is the picture on the big theater screen now, not IBM, who should have a sledge hammer shatter his image. Steve Jobs has to be rolling over in his grave.