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Why are Kenyans so good at distance running?

In the last two Olympics Kenyan runners have won 25 distance running medals. Find out why.

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  1. Western European are lazy especially these millinials age biologically faster with low vitality and infertility

  2. It has nothing to do with altitude or food they eat. How about the Ethiopians, Eritreans, jamaicans, Ugandans and many many other countries in Africa or outside of Africa but they all happened to be black. Simply it's genetic in blacks they are good at any sports always dominate the field with no questions..

    I'm talking about all blacks around the world and all have in common they all the the descendants of African. God bless mama Africa 🙏🙏

  3. Why are Americans so good at making bullshit?

  4. Poor Ryan Hall wrecked his body from his years of running at the levels of the Kenyons. His testosterone crashed and he was permanently exhausted in his early-30s. He grew up at high altitude, just like the Kenyons, but he could only compete at that high level through his 20s. There's just no beating genetics and generations of adaptation to the perfect runner factory of that part of Kenya.

  5. I wanna get into running but I have no idea if I’ll be any good at it. Fractured both of my knees and still have pain. But I wanna run! Give me tips 🙂

  6. Always been fascinated by the Kenyans running since I was young

  7. African are great runner and very bad swimmers

  8. Kenyans are good at running because there are less technology. They are doing what humans have evolved to do over thousands of years. The moment you bring modern science, you screw up the whole process. For example, the Kenyans run bare-foot where the toe hits the ground earlier than the heel. That is how humans are naturally evolved to run and so it causes less injury and makes one run faster and longer. This is exact opposite of what all the leading sports shoe brands like Nike, Adidas, Asics, etc promote. They have all stupid things like gel, foam, etc in the heel area and so the runners land on the heal earlier than the toe. Even if one wants to, it is impossible to land on toe first wearing those shoes. It is obvious that it will not only reduce your efficiency in running but also cause injury because you are doing something which is exact opposite of what you are evolved to do. Nature always evolves to bring the best out of it's species. 20 or 30 years of laboratory research by scientists is not going to prove something wrong that has stood the test of thousands of years. If you want to be good at running, forget the technology and run as naturally as you can. I know that I will be laughed at because of my comment, but still I ended up commenting.

  9. My brother am from north kenya…i used to run….to school…5km away..untill the government built school…now why should i ran….???

  10. God loves Kenya. We don't mine Gold, But our children are simply Gold.

  11. Kenyans might be good at long distance but us Jamaicans can run too.

  12. That's it! the secret is right in front of our faces! in order for the US athletes to be competitive they have to train their kids to walk & run great distances in order to condition them for the future, no dropping them off to school in the car or riding the bus just walk with them to school, anywhere they go they have to walk or run, that's the ticket! easier said than done but that's the only way, it all starts @ the early stages of childhood in order to develop the right way.

  13. It’s cus they are black

  14. so they don't get captured

  15. West Africa – Sprinters
    East Africa – endurance runners

  16. Now im become envy to kenyan

  17. 1:38 me pretending to actually do work at school

  18. All bs. They are good distance runners due to evolution. The only reason.

  19. 2:50 this running method helped me shave 1 min off my 3 km run time very quickly

  20. Unstoppable doping is the reason.

  21. i'd like to see them sprint

  22. Didn't the Ethiopians surpass the Kenyans in distance running dominance, or do I just watch the wrong track meets?

  23. All these fucktors…all of them….there isnt any one fucktor that…

  24. Comment what’s your PB in 5k mines 20:00 I’m 12 btw

  25. Ethiopians are better. Majority of Ethiopians have high altitude genetic advantage compared to 0.1 % of Kenyans

  26. Wonder what their diet is like?

  27. Because they’re ‘blacks’

  28. I can’t even run half a mile straight

  29. Because it's there national sport, what else are they good at

  30. Everybody can run but Kalenjin ran better! There are kalenjins in Uganda and Ethiopia and they are all runners.

  31. i thought the way to run better is the more mass u exert on the ground the better u run? so how is them having less mass on the ground help them?

  32. Because they all ran with no shoes when they were young…..simple.

  33. Friggen comment section is full of running experts. 🙄

  34. Maybe because they weigh 80 lbs

  35. Am I the only Kenyan bothered by how he pronounced 'kalenjin' ? 😂

  36. You heard it hear first folks, "the high altitude has the advantage of the high altitudes."

  37. I don’t understand why in early times there was no africans winning races, they were from poland, spain, etc, and now 400 or more make the minimal time for the olympics and they are all over the world

  38. Because black people in general just have bigger noses therefore they can Inhale more air.

    It’s just a joke.(but seriously, did anyone else ever notice that?)

  39. I love to run barefoot 😂😂😂

  40. They have tigers and lions chasing them in Kenya. Ofc they are fast

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