Sunday , September 27 2020
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Why did Chuck Schumer vote 'no' on USMCA?

Fox News congressional correspondent Chad Pergram breaks down the vote on USMCA and explains why Sen. Chuck Schumer is voting “no.”

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  1. I've got news for you, Chucky, you're outvoted.

  2. Dems have proven they are the enemy of America….. vote these RATS OUT PLEASE

  3. It's easy if you sound it out –
    Chuck Schumer ~> "CRIMINAL" <~ Chuck Schumer
    Stay tuned for more of "Scottz Spelling Lessons" Impeachment special.

  4. He voted 'NO" because he doesn't like Pres. Trump winning at anything……..OR………he really doesn't care about how it will benefit the people of this nation with jobs.

  5. Chuch Schumer is very closed-minded.

  6. Because chuck is a hateful moron

  7. CuckSchumer hope it this is a meatball , parasite

  8. schumer would sell his mother for "dirt" on Trump…that worthless maggot will harm America to bring President Trump down…can't wait for the TRAITORS in congress & senate to go to prison.
    TRUMP 2020 KAG & drain the swamp

  9. Because he was told to… it’s obvious he doesn’t make his own decisions..

  10. Because Schumer is a WORLD CLASS HYPOCRITE amd LIAR.

  11. Because what? Climate Change? HA! I call BS!

  12. He can't stand a win for Trump. He has Trump derangement syndrome.

  13. Who cares what he thinks? No one ever has before.

  14. Schumer voted no because trump got this past . To hell with climate
    He is an idiot. This is jobs we need to retire this old geezer.

  15. Really Chad?, show one news clip where Chuck Schumer has shown appreciation for something President Trump has done.

  16. hey chuck, I'm a big big fan of yours, my name is Cliff, drop over some time.

  17. Because he is a traitor

  18. Cryin' Chuck's NO vote against favorable trade practice for the USA is proof that the Dems are uninterested in farmers, workers, and business owners. It's also further proof that global warming is a scam cooked up by the left to buttress its own power and to refuse to deliver sensible government policies to the people it is supposed to serve.

  19. He’s just like the rest of the Democratic Party – COMMUNIST

  20. Because Chucky is Evil and on top, Stupid!

  21. Schumer owns a gang of Slaves & mojados to tend his Vineyard & Mansion….! Shumer could give a crap for U.S. citizens….!

  22. Schumer is a negative old fart..that is why.

  23. Because Trump wanted it. That's all

  24. Chuck won't make $ on that?

  25. Schumer is one of “them”. His cult will be crushed in due time. America won’t fall easily, like many of these rodents believe. Come get some Chuckie.

  26. how does this traitor continue to be re-elected?

  27. If he is afraid of climate change, he’d better repent

  28. Because Schumer is a hack who doesn't care about America or jobs for Americans. Trump 2020

  29. Has anyone read the dam thing and reported on water it says and means??? I heard section 23 nurtures Washington DC.

  30. Because he's a butt hurt crooked POS Dem Rat.

  31. Man you so right, Trump is small and petty…oh sorry your writing about Schumer. Hell I got to this good guys bad guys thing straightened out.

  32. Schumer is a cry baby,his time is limited.

  33. I am going to lose faith and hope for what this country stands for if Trump is impeached and removed from office! This MEANS WAR!!!🇺🇸😡🗡🛡🔫🏹💣💥

  34. look at his face we can tell the air head

  35. Cryin' Chuck is a sore loser. He so wanted to be the Senate Majority Leader, but he lost.

  36. Schumer voted no because Soros told him to. He wants to implement the carbon tax hoax.

  37. Schumer is a prick — Trump 2020!!

  38. Chuck Schumer is a traitor, he was an Obama’s Puppy

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