Wednesday , July 28 2021
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Why did Trump keep James Comey around for so long?

Washington Examiner correspondent Byron York on the fallout from the Department of Justice IG report on former FBI Director James Comey. #FoxBusiness

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  1. And why would you float a story like that to Trump? To see who Trump would call to discuss any tie to Russia they could use against him…because phones were tapped and sources in place under FISA warrant.

  2. He kept him round to get an accurate bullseye painted on his back !!

  3. How can William Barr let comey off the hook?
    Barr made a lot of excuses not to indict Comey

  4. The FBI has been destroyed beyond repair. Don’t come knocking at my door.

  5. The DOJ and FBI are corrupt they are covering up for Comey Hilliary and others! Their is no Justice. In America!

  6. Bigly mistake. Lots of other personnel mistakes as well. Too trusting.

  7. Comey has a memoire??? Breaking news given all that he doesn't remember in front of a jury!!!

  8. What about Obama and hiss husbands..?

  9. Here is why Trump was slow to fire Comey. Firing a criminal investigator to protect yourself from prosecution is potentially a crime, called obstruction of justice. It also might be politically damaging, like when Nixon ordered attorney general Elliot Richardson to fire special prosecutor Cox who was investigating the watergate burglary of the DNC headquarters. Bork fired Cox after Richardson refused and resigned. Those events, called the Saturday Night massacre, hurt Nixon politically.

  10. Russia isn't meddling, US institutions got it covered

  11. He kept him until he would not promise to cater to trump before the US. He leaked the truth the public had a right to know.

  12. We need more FBI directors that keep their mouths SHUT when the President breaks the law.

  13. This was set up before Trump was elected.

  14. Fox News so scared of this story

  15. Anyone thinking that Comey has been let off the hook by Barr, will be pleasantly surprised with the upcoming release of the Huber and Durham reports.

    Indictments for everyone from Obama to the Ohrs who were part of the the treasonous plan to take down DJT both before and after the election will be held accountable.

    KAG 2020.

  16. I screamed at Trump,( all caps.), to get rid of Comey. Did he listen to family over me?

  17. If you can't trust your FBI director you don't have much of a government. How many FBI employees knew this and sat on their hands? How deep does this go?

  18. What people are (NOT SEEING HERE) is that James Comey has made it CLEAR to (all) FBI employees is that THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH ANYTHING….NOTHING HAPPENS TO YOU. All any employees now have to do if they are going to be charged , disciplined , sacked etc is point to the James Comey case and it’s game over .

  19. All Clear move op 2. We defer to President Putin

  20. Hillary paid Fusion GPS to build a dossier that would trigger the FBI into investigating her political opponent. She hoped that investigation would come out in public, raising doubts about Trump and swinging voters towards her.

  21. And what if this ruined Trump chances for the Presidency. And then after Hillary won this information came out? And he certainly wasn't looking out for republicans! He was on the Clinton payroll. No doubt about that.

  22. U keep your friends close and your ENEMIES CLOSER.thats why and this is only the beginning for Comey and many others.

  23. Government officials should be held to a higher standard, not equal justice, and CERTAINLY not above the law.

  24. Democrats were angered when Comey brought out the truth about their darling HRC. In the end, the court of public opinion prevailed. I guess that's why they're now mad at the entire country.

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