Thursday , August 11 2022

Why going to the moon just got a whole less expensive

American physicist and author Michio Kaku says 3D-printed rockets has lowered the cost of space exploration ten-fold. #FOXBusiness

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  1. Why isn’t it a transgender woman and person of color? Hmm?

  2. I fell asleep as soon as this video became woke.

  3. What a bunch of horse crap. The elites and corrupt politicians just want to steal more money from the taxpayer with their phony space missions.

  4. Clowns clowns every where is cownes!

  5. What happened to "we don't have the technology to go past low earth orbit"? And if they rediscovered the technology then why not put a man on the moon again?

  6. Woke NASA. Send Kamala, and leave her there.

  7. Roll up ur pantleggings leggings folks…

  8. Closer to truth,that 4-letter word is FAKE…satanasa=female demon. NASA is a gov.psy-op..that's it.

  9. Send Kamala and forget half the fuel

  10. Factor of cost reduction: 10.
    Eventually: 100+
    Result: space tourism replaces all other forms of tourism.

  11. No one can go to the moon. This is FAKE BS.

  12. NASA will have paid its reparation share with this.

  13. Nobody has ever walked on the moon, and they never will.

  14. NASA is a farce, a way to generate money to be funneled into elite hands. Landing on the moon has been debunked. The moon is inside our dome.

  15. FFS… now they are making going to the moon political. "A woman and person of color"? Just say 2 people… ASSHATS!

  16. Spend bilions just to put a person of color orbiting the moon take some pictures for IG and send them back. Sounds like a great and useful project. Since there are no communits racing us to space now., we gotta race with the white people with toxic masculinity. Mr.Kaku… please stay in theoretical physics and stay away from the woke agendas.

  17. How do they get past the dome?? Space is fake…

  18. Ten million ICBM two hundred thousand to fill SpaceX a rocket watch the terrorism on 3D printing????.

  19. And "color politics " strikes again…. Why the hell not have the most qualified person for the job circle the moon?
    Why the hell do they have to interject identity politics into the moon….

  20. A women and a person of color what is the women and what color of person will it be micho

  21. They will never go. And has never been.

  22. the human race is a mess but our spaceships are progressing successfully

  23. A person of color and a woman? What about the trans folks? Here is a novel idea, how about a "qualified" person!! I think most people could care less about the Moon, they are just trying to get through each day here on Earth!!

  24. Slated for the moon shot following the woman’s and POC’s will be a transgender and a homosexual. Third up: a handicapped person and a dwarf.

  25. Do you like your name😂😁

  26. I read about a man in his 50s that started investing in stocks and real estate, then retired in 2years with over $6million, that right there is my utmost goal and I'd really appreciate clues and tips on how to reach this goal within 5years

  27. It's clear that the moon is too white and therefore we desperately need to put a person of color on it. Mr. Kaku, isn't it wonderful to have a woke space program.

  28. Carbon Footprint much ?