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Why is Brazil’s Amazon rainforest engulfed in flames? | Just The FAQs

Brazil’s Amazon rainforest, known as the “planet’s lungs,” is burning at a record rate. The fires are no accident, and we need to face it. How does this affect our planet Earth? We explain.   
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The Amazon is burning at an alarming rate as tens of thousands of fires lay waste to the world’s largest tropical rainforest.

Brazil’s National Institute of Space Research said there have been 74,155 fires in the Amazon this year as of Tuesday, according to its satellite data: an 84% increase from the same period last year.

The Amazon is often called “the lungs of the world,” absorbing greenhouse gases that would otherwise harm the planet. It also is home to a number of indigenous people who rely on the forest’s resources.
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  1. Please pray to Our almighty god to save this rainforest

  2. Why do we always keep approaching tipping points ? Why never we cross ….. that means all these tipping points are a big lie

  3. There are parts of Africa burning twice the Amazon but it seems like no one cares about Africa.

  4. Why do I have the feeling they are trying to clear the forest.

  5. Its their forest let them do with what they want , then in future when they come to Canada, we can show how to get to Ottawa and the trudeaus address.

  6. Just Cargill extending it's soy industry profits. Where is the mystery here?

  7. For animals died because of bad people

  8. Most of these animals are only found on amazon rainforest and they burned the forest

  9. the attitud of Bolsonare is very poor this is a disgrace and what he said ? : you want me to blame the indians ??, I do not much of Brazil, but what I know is that this guy prefers the forest to be remove so more ranchs can produce cattle and beef , one important industry for brasil, but why not think on protecting the amazon and look for other ways to produce meat, this stupid predator mentality is what has been causing the devastation of the nature in pro of wealth and non-sustainable explotaition of the natural resources, just destroy, build and devastate because we are the lords of the earth….. and we own everything, shame on us………

  10. The fact that no one is trying to stop it. Their sending abt 30 fire fighters a day and they only say for a few hours and leave. That's not helping at ALL

  11. Get rid of the trees, more room to build for homless.

  12. Trump suggest using H-BOMBS to put out the fires.

  13. These fires have been occurring for years now. The media covered it up because a leftist ran Brazil. Now it’s the end of the world… scum reporting. If it’s a ‘crisis’ then why cover it up for years under leftist rule?

  14. Futurama predicted the extinction of the Amazon when Fry found out that only Mars has jungles

  15. There are more fires in Africa's rainforest than in South America right now. All you keyboard tree huggers have been fooled by fake news to worry about the smaller problem in Brazil while missing the bigger problem in Africa completely…Suckers!

  16. Let’s put it out by pouring buckets of gasoline on it

  17. When the fire gets put out plant the trees and leave the Amazon forest alone

  18. It's ALL about $$$$ … Human greed will be our DESTRUCTION!! WE MUST pay off WHOMEVER to make the Amazon Rainforest a PROTECTED World Ecosystem!!! Lets start a world FUNDRAISER TO SAVE THE RAINFOREST!!!!

  19. A wrong leader can lead to destruction of the earth and humanity

  20. I pity the animals, sad these people don’t realize how this is important to our existence. All this for money

  21. Bolsonero did not start the fires in the rain forest. It was started in retaliation against Bolsonero, when he cut government sub-sties to the ranchers and farmers.

  22. 1000 comment ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  23. Brazil has 63% preserve green area
    And Europe has 43% preserve green area
    So easily we can say

    Czech Republic


    San Marino
    United Kingdom (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales)
    Vatican City
    Has less green preserve preserve areas than Brazil

    How so many countries can dictate against Brazil ?
    (G7) issue

  24. Dammnn Humanity destroying our beautiful Mother Earth..

  25. Us humans need to go, We are destroying our planet and doing nothing to fix it. Money will mean nothing if we are all extinct.

  26. Lungs don't produce oxygen they produce co2 idiots!

  27. I bet the masses of people don't even know that 50-85% of the oxygen we breathe doesn't even come from trees, it comes from phytoplankton and algae floating in the surface of the ocean. So calling the Amazon "The Lungs of the Planet" is a very misleading name

  28. Guys it’s just population control…

  29. Change your plans area 51 stormers

  30. Is someone gonna do something? Are we going to watch how the Amazon disappears before our eyes and than cry??

  31. The president cut the billionaire budget from the press. He opened the BNDES black box. Even a billionaire banker has bought jets at interest rates of 5 percent a year, when his bank charges 80 percent interest on consumers and customers. The president is fighting the taxpayer money thieves. And this is generating a nasty campaign against him.

  32. We don't wanna know why we wanna no why it took 3 weeks for everyone to start talking about this

  33. Let's pray it won't get worse, for now, if your far away from Brazil, try and plant some trees or plants or recycle, and putting stuff in biodegradable and non-biodegradable correctly not just putting it wherever you want. And don't throw trash anywhere, I know I'm not your mom or dad or something, but we need to fight for what is right, don't make it more worse, or you'll get the consequences later. I hope the amazon fire will stop, and I will pray to God that they'll be okay in there, and please, work as a team! All we need is teamwork!

  34. Put down all the selfish Presidents. 😠😠

  35. Disappearing> ??? ridiculous. That's the difference between serious and serial liar mimi media. Fake news!!! Fake news. Fake news Fake fake fake fake…heard it enough….Hear it again:L FAKE sensationalim, CHeap sensationalism.

  36. Im only a kid and unfortunately , I wont get the experience of life…

  37. But when Notre dame was burning all millionares were spending lots of money on it. Now when heart of the earth is burning they wont help. Frickin world.

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