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Why It’s So Hard To Get Mental Health Care | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix

This episode of Patriot Act includes the topics of mental illness, self-harm, and suicide.

Mental health is finally having a moment in the national conversation, but insurance companies, like Blue Cross and UnitedHealth, are finding ways to deny mental health treatment to thousands of patients. Hasan talks about his own experience with mental health therapy and shines a spotlight on the fight to bridge the disparity in treatment between mental and physical health.

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About Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj:
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  1. this guy really knows how to keep us engaged enough to actually watch videos on really serious issues too,hats off,

  2. He should really run for president gawd this is awesome

  3. Please bring back Patriot Act 😭!!!

  4. This is one reason why we should have universal healthcare. The mental health crisis is out of control, especially in the pandemic

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  7. Man the american health system is scary.

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  9. Who is watching Patriot act even the show ended

  10. His name is Joan Dickson 😇

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  12. I mean ppl ain't wrong when they say social media is the reason for ppl getting depressed and shit.

  13. as a Malaysian, I don't get how the US government can't just subsidize health care.
    It costs about $0.25 here for basic healthcare in government clinics (meds included). I have a friend who goes to the government hospital for her depression and her 1 month worth of anti-depressants costs about $20.

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  16. In my building, there is a state-run mental health facility and no I do not live in a hospital. It is free for people UNDER 18 but you have to pay a small fee of 10 dollars for a 30-minute visit. I don't go there but it is cool to see how the Swedish government takes mental health very seriously.

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  19. Can u run for president already lol


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  24. I fixed my depression by SMOKING WEED EVERYDAY

  25. my favorite part about this is that the laugh track makes it nearly unwatchable

  26. Our country has 2 mental health centers. What a time to be alive

  27. I don't know if anyone noticed but one of the placards held up in the intro is
    – Kennedy

  28. Burger King is encouraged binge eating from that tho

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  30. that purell line was just a few days ahead of its time lmao

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