Wednesday , January 26 2022
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Why NASA Wants To Mine An Asteroid Full Of Precious Metals Worth $700 Quintillion | Mach | NBC News

For the first time, NASA is planning a mission to explore an asteroid. The space rock, 16 Psyche, is full of potentially valuable precious metals like gold and platinum, but that’s not why they’re going.
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Why NASA Wants To Mine An Asteroid Full Of Precious Metals Worth $700 Quintillion | Mach | NBC News


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  1. What a surprise? Humans want to take something that doesn’t belong to them… 🙄

  2. That's nothing you should see what is out there it would scare you it's so awesome God is amazing

  3. you do realize we can't just extract those metals overnight right nbc? so why are you panicking over market fluctuations? we could potentially stop mining on earth, and start mining on space rocks

  4. Yeah right – NASA (Never A Straight Answer) can't even go back to the moon.

  5. Space exploration should have been resource driven decades ago. Society doesn't advance on "don't touch the grass" signs.

  6. So the god of chaos wont hit the earth

  7. Omg leave the thing alone ! Thats why we dealing with the extreme climate changed now ! Russia and everybody else digging in the artuc. Wonder if thats the reason we have so drastic climated changed ?

  8. GREED is the only reason for space exploration, this is a peak at the real reason they want to go to other planets. EXPLOITATION GREED

  9. Why I want to say that 'the reason NASA wants to do this is in the title':


  10. What we need is oil, so mine Mars, there maybe oil there.

  11. Wtf does 700 quintillion even look like…

  12. If I can't eat it or drink it it technically has no value to me.

    But a small chunk would be nice.

  13. Aside from the monetary worries, I think it'd be great to have a better supply of these precious metals.
    Certain technology and engineering feats that are currently out of reach or extremely difficult due to the
    short supply of these materials would become much more viable.
    Plus, any sort of industry that becomes a reality in space would just bring our civilization that much closer
    to actually becoming a space-faring society. With eventual profits would bring incentive to begin working on
    establishing permanent settlements either/both on future space stations or asteroids within their vicinity.

  14. With enough platinum, we could make every vehicle a hydrogen powered vehicle keeping people moving while cleaning the air at the same time for space dirt cheap.

  15. Perhaps it would be a good idea to create a space based trading post?

  16. I heard Anthony Scaramucci mention this a few days ago. I still find it unrealistic to be mining on asteroids before we solve our plastics and pollution problems on Earth.

  17. How would that not crash the global commodity markets?

  18. It's always about the money, not science!!

  19. Finally.. I too can afford a solid gold toilet..

  20. $700 quintillion dollars what is there to explain?

  21. A couple of those could pay off my student loans

  22. The most valuable metal is copper.

  23. Please don't do it NASA!!!!! The universe cannot handle anymore mechanical uncleanliness. Please no mining in space, we don't need anymore gold or precious metals. Just leave nature and the universe be. Have you not seen the damage on our own planet from mining? Please rethink this!😖

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