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Why Rodney Reed was convicted in Stacey Stites' murder | Nightline

The 1996 murder of 19-year-old Stites, who was weeks away from her wedding, rocked the sleepy town of Bastrop, Texas. The case went unsolved for nearly a year until a DNA match changed everything.



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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  2. The husband was the primary suspect in the case he was investigated thoroughly at every possible angle more then a cop could cover up there was no possible way he committed the crime and to think he framed Rodney who wasn't even a suspect until months later because he tried to rape another women in the same area is laughable the celebrities and other major news outlets that are trying to defend him conveniently ignore the other DNA evidence found of Rodney that 100% put him there at the time of the murder not a day or two prior as he claimed and there were never any phone records ever proving Stacey and Rodney ever communicated or any credible proof found that they had any type of relationship prior to the murder.

  3. She wasnt just 'active' in her church, she was active and deceptive with men 😒

  4. Oh no let him go he only rapped and killed a girl better let him go Kim Kardashian just needs to shut the f up

  5. Okay bottom line is poor Stacey did not know how to pick her men…. Can we all agree both of them are people who did terrible things? I don't believe in the death penalty- it's wrong. But seems like Jimmy did this crime. And they really both belong in jail. Jimmy needs to go back to prison… He doesn't deserve to be free.

  6. 0:52 I love how he blames the community for being racist.
    Was it racist to choose white victims?

  7. I was actually more on Rodney Reeds side before I watched the 20/20 special. Now I believe be absolutely did it, and should be locked up for the safety of the community. All of the other websites that I had briefly searched on this topic failed to mention his previous sexual assaults. He is exactly where he belongs.

  8. Did they recommend an Lie Detector Test?? For both the side guy and the Fiancé??

  9. You roll around with dogs you get fleas 95% of the time

  10. Tammy is full of it. Stacy neither invited her to her wedding or the two showers she had. She may have known her in HS but there was no friendship or personal knowledge.

  11. Funny that he seen the news about that girl but knew her name immediately…sounds like he was paying attention to that story. They have his dna, that’s a wrap, what are they arguing, that the cops planted it because of her wife’s husband was going to be a cop. Whatever….it happens I guess, but that would’ve happened from day 1. I say he is guilty. But hey I haven’t seen all of this case yet. We will see but that’s my thoughts so far.

  12. Its not a person's color that defiles them. It is their heart.

  13. Carry out the sentence!

    I mean "come on" already.
    I'm sick of hearing these stories. How many more innocent civilians have to be executed before the FBI and ATF sweep in and employ the same tactics used against the Branch Dividian folks, or those at Ruby Ridge… hell even those used at the Bundy Ranch would be fine.

  15. Why did they have his dna in the system? Was it from the 12 year old he raped or one of the other victims of his? He dad multiple.

  16. Robert Kardashian got OJ off and his daughters have been doin the same ever since.

  17. yet another murder of "The prettiest one" and "The one who lit up the room."

  18. Hate to break it to you guys, but Mr. Reed killed her. This isn't that complicated. First off, his DNA is in her, on her underwear, and on her breasts. Yet Reed says he had consensual sex with her days prior. Does she not shower or change her underwear? So clearly his story doesn't line up, and he had sex with her shortly before she died. And whoever killed her seems to have raped her given the state of her pants and belt. The pathologist never states his timing of the death or semen placement were incorrect, just that they weren't as 100% down-to-the-minute exact as portrayed in court. Secondly, there's no evidence suggesting there was a consensual relationship (no phone records, no witnesses), except after to the Innocence Project scrounges up two witnesses out of the woodwork 20-some years later. Also, why did he perjure himself initially by saying he didn't know her? Never mind the fact that his semen was found in numerous other women who report being raped, and then he charmed his way into another woman's car before bashing her head on the steering wheel. Where's the doubt?

  19. If Hollywood says he is innocent, I guess he must be. They are good folks in Hollywood that don't commit no crimes.

  20. If you think he's innocent, then you're a moron.

  21. If you can find the video from AIU, thats the one to watch to get all of the facts of the case. Same with AJW. here is his latest one on the case

  22. Young girl active in her Church… but was sleeping with a black guy while having a fiancé. Lol

  23. Quit with the race baiting. He is very guilty. Shame on you for putting the family through this and besmirching the name of the deceased while calling everyone a racist. If things were normal in the world, this would be pulled down for hate speech.

  24. Because he murdered her

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  27. Hasn't Jimmy been convicted of rape in another case now?

  28. Peddling bullshit like this should be punishable by law. No one involved in making this actually believes the scumbag is innocent, they're just profiteering off a woman's death and unfounded accusations of racism.

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