Why the Mediterranean diet is actually a lifestyle change

ABC News Medical Contributor Dr. Alok Patel explains why the Mediterranean diet is beneficial and why people in the Mediterranean live longer, healthier lives. SUBSCRIBE to ABC News on YouTube: https://bit.ly/2vZb6yP Latest Updates: http://abcnews.go.com/ Watch FULL EPISODES on Hulu: http://abcn.ws/3bzvQQn #abcnews #diet #Mediterraneandiet

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. You still need to limit fats ❤

  2. I love salmon and going on a healthy diet.

  3. i have started the keto diet .

  4. What about the Japanese diet? They have the longest life expectancy. I don't discredit the med diet, but the Japanese diet is on the same level

  5. Veganism is still the best diet and it helps the environment…veganism is the way

  6. Haha naps during the day in the US?! 😂

  7. You’ll hardly find avocados in Italy. Also, Europeans do eat meat, but not in large quantities like in North America

  8. easy in the sun 🌞

  9. Yeah microplastic in those fishes and water creatures you consumed multiply if you forgot😅😅

  10. Why this people still have caste name as surname.
    Patel is a Brahmin surname that slaved millions of Dalits in India.

    The pagans comes to west but still hold their cast discrimination..

    It's time to boycott Indian with caste name

  11. How much of the Mediterranean Diet is living in a place with no winter ice and plenty of year round sun?

  12. I guess I have the body of a goddess…Definitely plantbased is the way