Why the timing of Ron Klain’s departure, Biden’s docs scandal raises brows

Fox News contributor Charles Hurt discusses Biden’s ‘scandal’ and Ron Klain’s departure from his role as the White House chief of staff.

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  1. They got caught showing commies how to defeat UNITED STATES 🇺🇸🇺🇲. I have a great IDEA!

  2. What comes around goes around. Joe has time running against him and he did worse as president than most people thought.

  3. What's scarier than Biden is possible candidates the democrats could push forward. If someone like n we Newsom, Harris, Jeffries, Michael Obama, Oprah ever managed to get in office as president we will definitely see the end of America as we know it. Just look at what California is turning into and you'll have a good idea of what America would become.

  4. Fact !!! When Trump left the White House and landed in Mar la go with the Documents he was still the President AND the archives knew that they were there and were protected by secret service .! Nobody knew that Biden had documents stuffed away especially the ones going back to when he was Senator !

  5. Ron left cause he didn't want to get in trouble Ron work with Obama was still running the show

  6. Klain has his dirty hands all over the destruction of America

  7. Nothing is hidden from GOD" absolutely nothing… What's done in the dark shall come to the light…🤔 🏃Run Ron klain" run..

  8. Klain's mask is failing. Time to get out of town.

  9. I don't know, but Biden had me at Afghanistan. He should have been impeached right then. But he just won't stop! How is he allowed to continue being so incompetent?

  10. If you want to know what is going on with the Biden administration, you should watch The Dan Bongino Show episode 1935. Then you will know!!!!

  11. Here's the biggest scandal,… to be investigated,..

    With hunter biden's history of launderig tax payer money for senile ole joe,…. the open border senile ole joe let's the mexican drug cartels control,….

    …has sneile ole joe been bought off by the mexican drug cartels like the mexican government has been?

  12. Rats fleeing the proverbial ship.

  13. Biden will go down as the worst president in history

  14. Now should be the best time to buy and trade on Bitcoin because currently the profits are good and going up to a standard rate in less than no time

  15. Because he can't be indicted if he's no longer in office.

  16. Any democratic want to stand up and support the "BIG GUY " ummm I didn't think so

  17. Biden will resign.
    The political parties caused this – no Biden, no Trump. Must start to support solid candidates that don't take trillions of hours to convince people to vote…. reluctantly for the candidate they propped up

  18. Why would I want an 83 y.o. ( then) running for re- election to an office he has no business having??

  19. The Biden family are Terrorists?

  20. What really pisses people off is the fact that when people do discover they are being decieved, and lied to by our own president.

  21. Surely it should be, "If you live by the swamp you will drown in the swamp".

  22. I can see everything with biden's going through right now last up to hopefully the last month or two before the elections come out. I think I'd like to see Biden get impeached by that time the VP can't screw too much up if she's only going to be president for a month or weeks before the new administration takes over. Certainly the Republicans can slow everything down so much that she can't pass anyting before a new ministration takes over

  23. I don't see his chief-of-staff getting nailed for any of this I don't think he was working in d.c. all the way back when biting was in the Senate so. This is all on Biden. Biden can't pass this on to anybody just no way maybe the VP. Back when Biden was a senator that's all on Biden

  24. Will he receive justice as he is so old now as people take pity on old people. Is he the oldest serving American president not sure.

  25. I’m sure Hunter has his hands all over this docs !!

  26. It’s obvious that the globalist (Obama) put Biden in office to see how we all react, they are testing the waters if you will, so we need to make an example of all involved

  27. Very unhealthy situation: #1 Problem: Every bunker has an airhole.

  28. Sorry rats, you can jump ship all you want, it won't wash off the stink of your lies and corruption.

  29. I bet more will start resigning this yr

  30. I will celebrate the day when Biden is removed, impeached or resigns. Our country deserves much much better.

  31. "Keep it greasy so it goes down easy."

  32. Can't believe you question at this point he would run again.. Your weak. Retire broadcaster. Biden's done. You to.

  33. Biden has to wondering why they are not covering up his mess times have changed his time is short

  34. At this point it’s more of ‘Has Slo Joe done ANYTHING right???’ NO.


  36. Joe can say in his re-election bid, “I got us out of Afghanistan,” no one will remember the withdrawal disaster leaving Americans and billions of $$$$$$ in equipment behind.

  37. It's a swamp Mafia hit goodbye Brandon

  38. The classified docs wete planted by the Dems. He will resign and immediately be pardoned by Kamala Harris.

  39. I'm so excited 😊, I started eaming $ 34,970 profit every 14days lately.. Success so far on my trades , I have not witness any loose since I started trading.

  40. Whoa Charlie, I wouldn't make those statements BEFORE knowing what's in the documents.

  41. Donald Trump had rights to his document,s Biden did not.Doj knew mr Trump inspectected where he had the documents an asked Donald to put extra lock on them.

  42. Need an escape goat for Biden

  43. I think that's why Donald Trump near the whole time and why didn't he arrest him then that's because Donald Trump was working with Hunter Biden so obvious