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Wilbur Ross confirms US will delay Huawei ban

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross on the Trump administration adding 46 more Huawei subsidiaries to entity list, the 90 day delay for U.S. telecom companies to wean themselves off any dependence on Huawei, concerns about the impact of 5G, the protests in Hong Kong, President Trump’s conversation, Apple CEO Tim Cook, Federal Reserve policy and the outlook for the U.S. economy.

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  1. China's plan working exactly as planned.

  2. Every time I watch Fox News, I feel my IQ is lowered

  3. Mainland China knows nothing of fair competition.Only aggressive invasion.

  4. This is like draining the water and refill again for the fish you bought from the market ready for dinner !

    Salutations from España.

  6. Ha, ha, ha, ha………pathetic.

  7. We cannot do business w them- Huawei. They are weaponized to work w the 5 g. The furniture shipments would be a way to smuggle in my opinion. Wise up. Freeze it. Let the chips fall for them.

  8. Now everyone realizes that Huawei Ban is a pawn of Trump for his trade talks with China. I hope that Samsung would not be the next one when he wants to have a trade deal with SK. Of course, Apple would be happy to see this. However, American people would not enjoy the products with lower price and higher quality. Who hurts? Probably the whole world. Sad to the mess this government made so far.

  9. While American actions in this regards are despicable it is difficult to illicit any sympathy for Huawei's management that they didn't see this coming.
    It should be a sobering lesson to the Chinese in general; you got into bed with the devil, don't be surprised when he gouges your eyes out.

  10. Not sure if Trump realizes Huawei has replaced all its components with non-US suppliers, including CPU. Also why would the world want to use American chipset such as Intel or Qualcomm, there maybe be a national security for other countries!

  11. Ahh, delay now yeah? No, carry on!
    Huawei: we release our own OS!
    USA: Hold my beer!

  12. Mr coke can. Maybe he can calm the farmers down same way!

  13. I want to buy huawei furniture

  14. Obviously, Trump is showing his love for Huawei by using his presidency to advertise Huawei globally. National security can wait. More important to rush people to buy Huawei equipment with a fake deadline. 🤭

  15. US:you blocked,three month delay

    Huawei:no need

    US:I need

  16. Wow wait now theyre saying that companys cant say that rhey have to disclose information?? Nice of them to change what theyre saying now 🙂 4g to 5g isnt really as different the use case is. Maintenance and updates can be done without huawei and telecom providers monitor the traffic and what the manufacturer has done.

  17. Trump has hepatitis, that's why his skin is so Orange. He got it when he should have been in Vietnam

  18. Meanwhile … TRUMP BACK FLIPS ON CHINA TARIFFS ..as the stock market crashes…

  19. Looks like someone in the White House staff finally told Donnie that trade wars aren't good or easy to win

  20. Huawei: let's sign a no backdoor agreement.
    US: no. if so, how can I spy on other leaders like German Chancellor and our own citizens?

  21. let's tell a joke, Facebook, tweet and other companies like Federal express are not under control of the US government. there's no evidence that Huawei has backdoor, then how we US spy on other leaders like German Chancellor? that's too bad. let's talk about Prism.

  22. totally misleading headline, and that's what made the stock markets rally

  23. is it still a national security or just a excuse? no credit. no one believe a lier anymore. it's a laugh for the whole world.

  24. don't do business with them at all.

  25. side with the devil, the dumbest decision this president has made, what a fuckin joke, these elites want control of the world forever fuckin disgraceful!!!!!!

  26. ROSS sounds likes he's on his last breath

  27. Trump: Huawei is a national threat, so I give you three more month to leave the country.

    Huawei: No need.

    Trump: I need.

  28. Years ago readers digest had an article on how the Japanese government were subsidizing Honda to sell cars in America. How does a private company compete with that?
    This is just what China is doing NOW!

  29. USA is a joke now the whole world is watching and laughing

  30. Tim Cook is playing the president. If he wants a level playing field with Samsung, MOVE to Korea and there you have it, Tim. Samsung has LOTS of competitors, not just apple and Cook's arguments are vapid.

  31. Ha Trump can’t handle the heat from China

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