Friday , November 27 2020
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Wilbur Ross on China trade: October tariffs are off the table

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross discusses the China trade war, bringing USMCA to the floor and making a deal with the UK.

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  1. Lagarde is a globalist thief, we don't need to lead the world, we need to do as Trump is doing, America First!

  2. China is NOT USED to playing fair. EVER

  3. CHINA lost their selfish ways in their own mess , china communism government have no idea what going to happen after 2020 , Trump first priority sink communism and exposure of XI JINPING madness.


  5. Trust is the key word. Can we trust them to play fair. I doubt it.

  6. It would be best if we had nothing to do with China… they hate the USA. Everything we do to help their economy will only give them more strength to oppose the US in the future.

  7. The fact that Dems will not pass USMCA proves again that they are anti-American.


  9. China is so so so EVIL that China will pretend that they agree on USA demand but CANCER corrupt communist China can't be trusted at all because eventually when China is more strong and rich then China will be turn against USA and USA will never be able to win on any thing against China practices so the only solution is ZERO trust ZERO TOLERANCE ZERO trade ZERO dealing ZERO China in USA life.

  10. All that's going on with this impeachment BS We Fought Other Country's have any Respect for 🇺🇸 Exp CHINA

  11. hey USA if China takes over Taiwan then China will take over lots of technology companies also the will be telling the world that now they really are the owners of the south China sea 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🙈🙈🙈👹👹👹😱🙉👎👎👎👎🤬🤬🤬💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩🙏

  12. please USA don't allow any product or any parts or materials from any other countries if China is even 1% of ownership, ZERO TOLERANCE FOR CANCER corrupt communist China, so USA should made in USA only using parts or materials that are ZERO CHINESE.

  13. Trump likes to play games with China.

    Because of China, his life is so interesting.

    The old man is most afraid of loneliness.

  14. please USA do not allow any product from any other country to come to USA if the owners are from China because China is moving thousands of companies to MEXICO, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, India, Vietnam and many others countries using all these countries to continue killing usa economically. ZERO TOLERANCE FOR CANCER corrupt communist China

  15. Teachers Unions support to elect “Democrats” in the cities and states public offices, then go on strikes against them! If that’s not mental disease, then it must be the way to “milk” taxpayers money through the Backdoor deals and kickbacks!

  16. AMD is at risk because the CHINESE lady president is a CHINESE puppet of China

  17. China is disgusting like North Korea any country with slave labor I will not buy anything from

  18. USA should stop AMD from being taken over by CHINESE just like BlackBerry, and Motorola and many more technology companies

  19. The EU and their talking heads can take their opinions about the US and shove it. We’re done caring what you think and don’t want to be globalist like you.

  20. If the god damned Democrats and Pelosi will ratify the USMCA we won’t even need China.

  21. Lagarde is an ignorant clown who likes to think she’s so talented. Laughable!

  22. Wilbur “one foot in the grave” Ross is a blatant criminal, you might want to research his background, the man should be in prison for fraud, theft and insider trading as well as failing to divest assets and falsifying his disclosure papers. I guess Trump supporters prefer criminals in the administration.

    No excuse for the lie that it was a spontaneous uprising!
    BIG ARMS SCANDAL: Smoking gun docs uncovered by

  24. We need to deal with we the people going against the democrats and we the people want democrats gone!!!

  25. Pelosi wants to do everything in her power to hurt trump , that's why she hasnt signed the usmca

  26. Trump is Francis from pee wee movie 😂!Nothing got done with china,trumps regime just feeding their cult their 💩 of lies🤮

  27. Tariffs are off the table? China must've granted Ivanka more trademarks.

  28. Here we go again, #45 walking back previous bluster – this govt. is just a "bluff patsy" ! 🤣

  29. Christine Lagarde was NOT brought up as "a citizen of this world", she was brought up as a citizen of France. Somewhere along the line, she became a hardcore globalist.

  30. When is Pelosi and the Democrats going to pass USMCA America is lost a lot of money.

  31. Time to stop all trade with China they will never change, China makes nothing America needs.

  32. LOL.. Mexico just has to tell pelosi she gets no more dirty money unless she does her job..

  33. don't believe CCP,不要相信中国共产党

  34. Trust only western 5G networks like Nokia.

  35. Lagarde is a globalist snake. She acts on behalf of Soros and other globalist power mongers.

  36. Decoupling needs time. Every thing they buy, represent more profit. The key issue is holding at what line?

  37. Here is the UK deal: Turn over the royal pedophiles and we wontvcome in and get them.

  38. Great Job…BUT…I hope we just didn't trade more soy beans from the USA for more manufactured goods from China. AND..we wanna see MORE goods manufactured in the USA going to China. We also want to see the 4:1 trade imbalance cut down to something closer to 1:1. And Wilbur Ross hit it RIGHT on the head. That European lady "defines" US "leadership" as allowing THEM to have all kinds of trade barriers while the USA drops its pants and lets them sell anything and everything in OUR markets….while we're shut out of their's. THAT kind of "leadership" we don't want and we don't need. Europe…China…Mexico…Canada just have to accept the fact we're DONE with the "old ways".

  39. the chinese are not going to change they will come to an agreement and break it ,so do not bother with them they have had a free ride for too long and if they could not be fair and try to buy some stuff from america on their own initiative and have a balanced trade they wont ever

  40. There is nothing US can do to China. And they know it.

  41. 🔴 Manufacturing is not coming back. Stop dreaming about that. Capitalism abandoned this country a long time ago, it went to China, Brazil, mexico etc. The private companies that left nobody told them to leave, they did it because is more profitable. They don’t care about you or being American. Wake up and start accepting they don’t owe you nothing. Want free markets? there you go. Companies are privately owned and they can do whatever they want. It’s unfair you say. Well, that’s the real world🙄🤷‍♂️

  42. …what? sorry..I fell asleep..

  43. China was desperate to buy food products. Buying from Brazil they do not know the quality of food products and bugs shipped to China, just like African swine flu.

  44. Let’s end China while we can. Slowly pull out. Maybe on the way out they will agree to reforms. If not oh well. Let’s just bite the bullet for the long term.

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