Monday , November 30 2020
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Wilbur Ross: The whistleblower is not courageous

U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross discusses the whistleblower, China and why he thinks the House needs to approve the USMCA trade deal.

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  1. If true then there's no need to delay the sanctions. The Chinese are just trying to meddle with the POTUS reputation to get trade deals done & assist the Democrats in their bid for the presidency. I would not be surprised if the Chinese weren't funding the chaos in the Middle East as an attempt to tie up our resources & further drag down our finances.

  2. Schiff needs to step down. Term limits need to be on the ballot box.

  3. Gee, I wonder what Hunter Biden's up to…

  4. The “whistle blower” is a product of Sack of Schiff’s severe case of TDS. It’s merely his imaginary friend that agrees with him. I question whether the whistle blower even exists. There is no end to sorry sack of Schiff’s chain of lies.

  5. Maybe China should take a back seat for awhile


  7. Would rather listen to Hannity drone on with his repititious lists than listen to that lying litle POS

  8. Hey Adam, fyi, the Crimea conflict occurred during the Obama administration.
    And btw, the Obama administration overthrew the Egyptian leader and Egypt was threw into chaos.
    The Obama administration overthrew the Libyan leader and Libya was threw into chaos.

    the Obama administration tried to overthrew the Syrian leader and Syria was threw into chaos.

  9. If union leadership still support the Democrats after not signing the USMCA, I hope the union membership is smart enough to realize what this means. Trump improved the trade deal in favor of industrial workers. The choice for workers are clear….President Trump. Otherwise union members are mindless idiots who vote for whomever they are told. Are they that easy to control?

  10. Joe Biden bragged on live TV about strong arming the Ukrainian government to stop the investigation into hunter Biden, investigate THAT !!!!

  11. Mr Dobbs, invite me for an interview and I will explain to you why the deal is NOT accepted and renegotiated !! Lived and worked in HK/Shanghai for 10 years and worked with the chinese people. I reacted to an article by the Epoch Times some 6 month ago and predicted already then that Pres Trump has a fight on his hands going forward".


  13. Interesting that the Chinese have held up buying soy beans! What they really want is soy-boy Republicans?
    And there are plenty of them. How about someone name them all?

  14. Schiff! We know that your funder George Soros funded the anti-Russian revolution in the Ukraine. These people are traitors.. Look back to what happened to traitors in the First American Revolution?

  15. The whistleblower is not a complete moron, I’m betting on Melania

  16. WhaT IT IS NOW A criminal act TO INVESTIGATE POLITICAL CORRUPTION AND BRIBERY? Hasn't America had enough of these SCUMBAGS?? I know I have!

  17. Injustice is better than justice because the rewards are better.
    The public will never realize that the lawyers and judges, aka liars, decide in chambers who wins or looses before the trial begins.  Then the accounting splits up the profits of/from the victims. 
    When it comes to the narratives, Israel is playing both sides of the board, against those who don't know how to play chess.  Fools mate and checkmate using Adam Schiff.

  18. i wish your mom would have reniggd

  19. if you wathcing this you aint goin to heavens

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